Tehran Angered by Anti-Iran Conference in Baku

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia and Oceania, Abbas Araqchi

TEHRAN—The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Monday summoned Azerbaijan’s  ambassador to Tehran to protest an anti-Iran conference held in Baku, official IRNA news agency reported.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia and Oceania, Abbas Araqchi, conveyed Iran’s protest against the Azeri government for what he called the failure of Iran’s northern neighbor to take suitable measures to prevent convening the anti-Iran meetings in Baku, according to Iran’s Foreign Ministry Media Diplomacy Department.

Speakers at the conference, held last week at a hotel in central Baku, said Iran is in the throes of a deep economic and political crisis because of western sanctions against the Persian Gulf state’s nuclear program. Ethnic Azeris were urged to seize the opportunity to build a state in the northwest provinces bordering the Republic of Azerbaijan, reported the Associated Press.

The conference was organized by the so-called South Azerbaijan National Liberation Front, bringing together groups and organizations seeking greater rights and independence for a community that makes up about a quarter of Iran’s 75 million population. The event also featured academics, Azeri parliament members and former officials, including Nasib Nasibli, the country’s ex-ambassador to Iran. No current Azeri government officials took part, the AP added.

“While Iran has made all efforts to help consolidate bilateral ties, such moves can deal a serious blow to the development of relations,” Araqchi was quoted as saying.

During the meeting with Azeri ambassador Javanshir Akhundov, Araqchi slammed the distribution of “fabricated” articles and offensive caricatures against Iran in the conference, the semi- official Fars news agency reported.

“The move only serves the interests of Israeli circles and violates the agreement on friendly relations between the two countries and is totally unacceptable,” Araqchi said.

For his part, Akhundov said Tehran’s message would be conveyed to Baku as soon as possible and a response will be relayed back to the ministry.

On Sunday, the Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan strongly condemned the anti-Iran conference, saying that “Despite Tehran’s policy of bolstering friendly ties with Baku, respecting Azerbaijan’s sovereignty, and not interfering in the domestic affairs of the country, certain anti-Iran elements have regrettably carried out aggressive and offensive actions in Azerbaijan and have made unfounded territorial allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Fars reported.


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  1. GB said:

    Very shortly fake Axerbaijani oil Sultanate will be collapsed with her Sultan and corrupted officials!!

  2. Ararat said:

    Iran should test out its nuclear weapons on the artificial state of Azerbaijan as soon as they have them ready and operational.

  3. George said:

    This is the result of Dictator and traitor Aliyev’s startegey in the region, instigating the Azeris in Iran to build their own state and split from Iran, this only serves the interests of the West in the region and Turkey. THIS IS TREASON to the Muslim world, this empowers to devide the Muslim world instead of uniting them

  4. Satenik said:

    Aliyev is stirring things up hoping to create divisions in Iran, but I think that Iranians are far more intelligent whatever their ethnicity and are not going to fall for this fake ruler and his useless family. Iran’s strength is in its unity and that is how they have kept their country through thick and thin. Aliyev has become a liability to his own country and to Iran and Turkey.

  5. Ara said:

    I find it sad that some of my country men are so badly educated about their enemy.

    Iran has a massive population of Azeris, 16-20 million, in fact Armenian borders the Iranian province of South Azerbaijan. On top of this Iranian Azeris are deeply entrenched in Iranian military and of course the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei currently sitting as the Supreme Leader of Iran is also Azeri.


    As I have mentioned before, the Iranian Azeris want reunification away from Iran and to Northern Azerbaijan. We need to deeply consider this, as this in essence means that we will be fully surrounded if such a reunification takes place. Considering speculative US plans for Iran, if the current Iranian regime falls, the repercussions for our homeland may be devastating.

    • Armanen said:

      You are sorely misinformed. The overwhelming majority of Azaris in Iran want nothing to do with rhe republic of azerbaijan. As you mentioned, the Azaris of Iran are well integrated into Iranian society, they are not being mistreated and suppressed as some biased western outlets and azerbaijani outlets claim. There is not serious threat to Iran in regards to losing Atropatene (Azarbaijan) to the sultanate of baku.

      • Ara said:

        “The overwhelming majority of Azaris in Iran want nothing to do with rhe republic of azerbaijan” – Did you miss the massive protests during the last elections?

  6. Ara said:

    An “axe” and a “turkey” make perfect combination. Will wait until the Christmas.

  7. Ara said:

    Sorry John: Gadafi was not a Donkey. He was a warrior. But Aliev is a Pig.