Artsakh Hero Assassinated

Hratch Mouradian

The head of Proshian village was a long-time ARF member

YEREVAN—The body of Hratch Mouradyan, the head of the Proshian village in the Kotayk region of Armenia was found Tuesday in front the village municipal headquarters by his brother.

Mouradian, a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and an Artsakh War hero was reportedly gunned down as he was headed to his job and suffered injuries on his right temple.

Mouradian had an exemplary career from the onset of the Karabakh liberation movement until its end. He was awarded the Military Cross and several medals for his service to his country and heroism on the battlefield in Artsakh.

Police reported that shrapnel from a bullet was recovered from the 50-year-old village leader during preliminary forensic investigation by the medical examiner. To identify the make and caliber of the weapon used to shoot Mouradyan an investigative task force has been assigned by the prosecutor’s office.

The head of Nairi unit of the Armenian Police Force, Arsen Sargsyan told reporters that a criminal investigation was underway.

“At this time, we do not know what type of weapon was used and a criminal investigation has been launched to determine the motive and other facts about Mouradian’s murder,” said Sargsyan, who did not reveal more information to reporters.

The ARF Supreme Council of Armenia issued an announcement, in which it called the killing a “pre-meditated and planned killing.”

“Regardless of who the culprits are, it is evident that the crime occurred in an atmosphere of impunity and lawlessness,” said the Supreme Council announcement.

Mouradian served as the head of the village since 2005 and enjoyed the support and popularity of his villagers, which, according to the ARF Supreme Council of Armenia, had made certain circles unhappy.

The announcement stated that during his tenure, efforts were always made to destabilize his administration of the village.

“In condemning this crime, the ARF demands the quick and complete revelation of the crime and due punishment for those responsible,” said the announcement.


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  1. Art said:

    This is sad. The azeris couldn’t take him down but he got gunned down in his own soil? this is really sad story. I hope the person or group who did this get caught and prosecuted to the fullest of the law.

  2. MK said:

    When you have a corrupt regime serving the interests of their Oligarch friends this is what you get, a country based on terror, fraud,corruption,thuggery,injustice,no wander people are leaving the country in their thousands,soon there wont be many left apart from the pensioners.

    In the past five years over 20000 have left Armenia,so far this year 20000 have left the country.

    What a disgrace to our country and nation.

  3. bayrakiniyakan said:

    your headline says ( Artsakh Hero Assassinated ) how did you know ? maybe just murdered ? why rushing before the investigation results ?

    • HArutuyn said:

      what difference does it make for you killed or assassinated and dont teach me about the meaning of the words either hero got killed-stabbed to death-assassinated or was hanged same thing he was killed murdered you moron.

  4. catherine Yesayan said:

    What a sad news. I was there at Proshian village this summer. I was so impressed with the improvements I saw there. What a shame.

  5. hi said:

    arf should demand quickly to get rid of these turks with armenian last names from armenia.

  6. An Armenian said:

    Wow, this is so patriotic. It is Armenian nationalism at its best. How can we take pride in being the first nation to accept Christianity as our state religion when we encounter things like this? This is so barbaric. However, I am not surprised. It happened in the Armenian Parliament in 1997. It happened again after the elections in 2008 and it is happening now. Serzh Sarkisian and his Oligarchs should be held accountable for any crime committed against the Armenian people and nation. The Armenian nation suffered tremendously under the Turkish rule for 600 years and now it is suffering under the rule of Serzh Sarkisian and his Oligarchs. This is Mr. Sarkisian’s legacy and history will judge him very harshly.

    • lobo said:

      ??? Please look up the words patriotism and nationalism before commenting again.

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  8. GB said:

    When a politician is not part of Oligarchy brotherhood, then your life is worthless in Armenia!!

    amot mez, menk mer tshanimin yenk!! shat tsavali loorer kan Hayastanum!!

  9. shahan said:

    Sarkissian is held accountable, These oligarchs are practically killing anyone who does not agree with them.
    Unfortunately there are not many people left to get rid of these bastards, we are stuck with these pigs forever!!!! R.I. P. What azebaijan could not do the assholes perfected it. Well done Sarkissian pig!!!!