A Call for Justice in a Time of Mourning

Proshian mayor Hratch Mouradian during an AYF Youth Corps camp event in the village

It is with great sorrow that the Armenian Youth Federation of the Western United States mourns the loss of a dedicated ARF member, Hratch Mouradian, who was assassinated on April 2, 2013, in a premeditated and planned act of murder. Members of the Armenian Youth Federation and participants of the AYF Youth Corps program have had the pleasure of working with Hratch Mouradian on a day camp in the village of Proshian for the last three years.

Hrach Mouradian was born on July 1, 1963 in Proshian and received his education at the Mesrob Marshdots University in Yerevan. Hrach dedicated his life to the independence of Artsakh from the fist days of the liberation movement.  After the war, Hrach continued to serve his country and dedicated his career to becoming a community leader in Proshian.

This tragedy has resonated with the members of the Armenian Youth Federation and has shocked the entire Armenian population, within both the homeland and the diaspora. The Armenian Youth Federation recognizes the gravity of this saddening incident, and extends its deepest condolences to the Mouradian family, the citizens of Proshian, and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

The AYF calls for a transparent investigation of this assassination, as well as the prosecution of responsible parties on all levels. We resolutely stand with the people of Proshian and recommit to the work we have started within this community.

Founded in 1933, the Armenian Youth Federation is the largest and most influential Armenian American youth organization in the United States, working to advance the social, political, educational and cultural awareness of Armenian-American youth.

Armenian Youth Federation – Western USA


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  1. Vatche berberian said:

    I have know heat h the last 10 years every year I visited him we spent lots of quality time my children are friends with his spend time with him the day he won his first victory as a mayor to all the trips that we took to karapagh went hunting with him to kelpacar yegegnatour all the ideas we discusted about having sister city about supplying an ambulance, he always asked questions about the diaspora and how he could learn and benefit his small city , he was brave friendly very honest full of ideas for proshian , I miss him I can not believe he is gone , god bless his soul the work needs to continue , justice has to be dose by the government or tha ARF

  2. bigmoustache said:

    a dose of tashnag justice is whats required. i despise the republican party and their thugs and criminals.

  3. RK said:

    Do not expect any justice from this corrupt regime,as they are a bunch of criminals.

    RPA party of serzh has become the nest of all criminality where criminal acts are planned and executed from there.

    serzh is on top of that criminal pyramid.

  4. Garen said:

    Enough is enough, the thugs in Yerevan must pay, evbery single politician in Yerevan is tainted and corrupt, if our Hayrenik is to prosper and move forward we must clean the soviet era thugs once and for all otherwise our republic is doomed.
    The average Armenian citizen lives below poverty line, while every family member , body guard and friend of the current controlling families who also control government live a life of luxury, and then we critizise Azerbaijan, we are no better and unless something is done urgently in 20 years time the turks will simply walk in, or a major reveloution will occur to clean these keghdot traitors from our ruling parties and allow Armenia to be ruled by true Armenians.

  5. Garen said:

    Astavats Mer Hratchin Hogin Lousavoreh, this will not be forgotton, pay back will come in many forms that is 100% guranteed.

  6. Haygaz said:

    Պրն Սերժ Սարգսեան, այս էլ ձեր ապահով երկիր կառուցելու առաջին քայլը: Խօսքի տէր նախագահ էք:

  7. ruff said:

    Tashnag style justice sounds good , lets see how the criminals face up !