ARF Will Not Take Part in Sarkisian Inauguration

The ARF Parliamentary faction

YEREVAN—In a statement issued on April 8, the parliamentary bloc of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation announced that it would not participate in the parliamentary session dedicated to Serzh Sarkisian’s inauguration.

In its statement, the parliamentary bloc noted that the presidential regimes that have concentrated power in their hands have undermined the statehood and national unity, ignoring injustices, poverty, social polarization, emigration, and loss of confidence in the leadership and future.

Despite these realities, the authorities remain unresponsive to the popular demand to conduct structural, radical changes,” read the statement.

The Armenian National Congress and Hovannisian’s Heritage Party will also not tale part in the said parliamentary session.

Sarkisian will take oath to office on April 9. In parallel, a large rally will be held in Freedom Square where opposition leader Raffi Hovannisian, who argues that it was he who won the presidential election, is also expected to take the presidential oath.


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  1. Baron's said:

    Well seems like Sarkissian is lost the voter of confidence….he should go back to NK and remain there…

    • Sarkis said:

      “go back to NK”

      This dangerous bigotry against Armenians from Artsakh was thrown around by that scum ter-petrossian as well during his own coup detat attempt in 2008, and it led to the deaths of two security officers in Yerevan, the deaths of several Armenian soilders in Artsakh when the emboldened but military-feeble azeris launched their failed attack on Mardakert a few days later, on top of the death of 8 civilians in Yerevan who had been duped into protesting for that charlatan ter-petrossian. Another casualty was Armenia’s diplomatic, political, social and negotiating stance on the international scene in the face of an organized campaign by the “Armenian” “opposition” in the persons of ter-petrossian and raffi hovannisian and his heritage clowns, turkey and azerbaijan to destroy Armenia’s international image.

      I’m not surprised that Asbarez allows smut like this to be published while censoring any criticism of their patron saint raffi, but the Armenians of the world, diasporan, Hayastantsi, Artsakhtsi or other will not stand for this inter-Armenian divisiveness.

      They failed to turn Armenians against Artsakh, they failed to turn Armenians against the glorious Armenian Armed Forces, they failed to start an upheaval in Armenia on a platform of “gay rights” or restrictions on western religious cults running around in Armenia, they failed to turn Armenians against its allies Russia and Iran, and they will fail again when they try to exploit Armenians natural growing pains to further their own agendas.

      ps while I question the editorial board of Asbarez, the commentators that follow the articles calling for “revolution” and subversion in Armenia are amazing accurate in calling out that “enough is enough, you didn’t win raffi and this is not constructive and a dangerous game to be playing in our homeland”

  2. Baron's said:

    Well seems like Sarkissian is lost the vote of confidence….he should go back to NK and remain there…

  3. Gazzo said:

    It is churlish, parochial politicking, unbecoming in our present critical conditions. Unity above all, quarrels and disagreement, It’s fine, but it does not have to go to a neurosis stage. Raffi does not have a magic wand, nor a bottle with a genie. His personal political vendettas can be waged without plunging the country into a divisive schism. The enemy is at the gates, it gives a pathetic poor impression of Armenian politics. Raffi is very much influenced by his American upbringing. A useful tool in the hands of the USA, an ideal pawn to turn Armenia into an American theme park.

  4. Satenik said:

    I bet Serzh Sarkissian is “crying” because they will not attend his inauhuration.

  5. Sam said:

    Arc needs o make up its mind. Can’t NOT participate then be upset about the results and then, NOT participate. If you want change you must work for it.