Obama Proposes Record Reduction In Aid To Armenia

Proposed US aid allocation chart

WASHINGTON—The Obama-Biden Administration budget released on Wednesday includes a 38% cut in Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14) economic aid to Armenia, a proposal that, if approved by Congress, would reduce U.S. assistance to Armenia to its lowest level since the 1988 earthquake, reported the Armenian National Committee of America.

The President’s proposal of $24,719,000 in Economic Support Funds for Armenia was dramatically less than last year’s actual economic aid allocation of $40 million, and less than half the $50 million in FY14 aid requested earlier this year in an Armenian Caucus letter and ANCA Congressional testimony.  The White House’s proposal did, however, maintain parity in terms of appropriated military aid to Armenia and Azerbaijan, with International Military Education and Training (IMET) assistance set at $600,000 and Foreign Military Financing (FMF) set at $2,700,000.

Combining all the FY14 appropriated assistance to Armenia that the President is proposing, including economic, military, law enforcement, and health, his current request represents a 14% reduction of his last request of Congress, as part of his FY13 budget.

“President Obama, who came into office pledging to maintain aid to Armenia and increase bilateral trade and investment, has consistently cut Armenian assistance programs, while failing to take any meaningful steps to promote the growth of economic relations through investment treaties, tax accords, trade missions, or other commonly utilized policies and practices,” said ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian.

The Administration’s budget does not include any figures for aid to Nagorno Karabakh, although, over the past several years USAID has allocated $2,000,000 annually for this purpose. This level of Nagorno Karabakh funding is considerably less than the intent expressed by Congress over the course of many years – including the minimum level of $5 million approved in the House Appropriations Committee’s version of the FY13 foreign aid bill.


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  1. RIta said:

    If it was Mexico the president will help them, but since it is Armenia we are talking about there is no way the president will help.

  2. lobo said:

    Please cut it down to 0. That money is not going to make one difference, except for having some rich crook get richer. Instead put it all in narcotics control in Azeristan, that would make a difference. Also, where are you hiding the hundreds of millions of $$ going to Georgia?

    “failing to take any meaningful steps to promote the growth of economic relations through investment treaties, tax accords, trade missions, or other commonly utilized policies and practices”
    This is the important part.
    Then again, Obama does not money for that, after all he has to give Russian NGOs his the last few $ of his monopoly game-money which the Fed just printed. Neither does he have the time, with Erdogans c*** down his throat.

    Just out of interest, could someone please evaluate why the US has such a large embassy in Armenia – and how long the lease is.

    Also: When the hell are you going to bring something on Azeri accounts uncovered during offshore leaks?

    • shahan said:

      A very important point you raised there lobo. It is the third largest US embassy worldwide.
      You campaign against us, you deny the genocide and yet again you take refuge on our soil???!!!!
      Can someone blow that embassy to pieces, honestly I feel US and Armenian interests are going in a diametrically opposite way.
      Anybody taking note of this

  3. Georgek said:

    I suggest we start a campaign to have aid to Armenia increased to the level Georgia receives. Also have aid to Artsakh be increased.

  4. Zareh said:

    Now lets us see if the Armenian Democrats will continue supporting this sharlatan President, including the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.
    When will all the Obama Armenian supporters realize that this man is a disguised Muslim and the closest friend to Erdogan.
    The ARF by not taking a stand during the last presidential elections virtually supported this Muslim and Armenian hater.
    Since his presidency no Armenian delegation has visited the White House, both from the Diaspora or Armenia and yet he has met Erdogan countless times.
    Let us all stop pretending that the United States is a friend of Armenia. The only friend that Armenia has Russia and Iran.
    End of Discussion.

  5. bigmoustache said:

    ama poor georgians, they really need the most money. having a busy port on the black sea, having all of armenias export go through georgia, and through their ports, azeri oil flowing to europe through georgia.
    while armenia is blockaded by 2 countries and the third is under economic sanctions.
    yalla serjig how long before you bow to obama again and start kissing ass to hilary clinton. they might legitimize you because youre their puppet but you are not a president to armenians. republican party and prosperous party goons go home

  6. Satenik said:

    Yes, we can!

    Quite honestly ,the amount is so pathetically small that it’s better if they give nothing!This way, they will have no claim on Armenia. Those who support the Americans puppets in Armenia, should take note!

  7. Alex said:

    My President has already let me down by not keeping his pledge to appropriately recognize the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Turks. Same goes to his predecessors, who had pledged to do so.

    As for the Foreign Aid, in my humble opinion the United States has to cut its commitments, like it or not.
    The point is who is being favored. For many reasons including but not limited to political and petroleum we know who gets the high five!!

  8. danoog said:

    Baaaa, baaaa!!! Calling out all you low information Armenian voters who voted for Obama because left-wing propogandists like Garen told you what a great friend of Armenia Obama was. Wise up!!!! I will tell you don’t vote for any politician in the US based on what they will do for Armenia. I’m a fourth generation Armenian-American and that means I have been here long enough to know that ALL politicians do what they have to do, say what they have to say…to stay in office.
    Use your precious votes to put the best people in office and don’t waste your vote based on what they will say they will do for Armenia. I’d tell you Obama is like all the other politicians, but actually he is a lot worse. Garen and those of his ilk have their own agenda and it has nothing to do with the betterment of Armenia.

  9. George said:

    Maybe Mr.Obama is trying to pressure Armenian’s, they should not give importance and make a fuss of this issue, Armenia can live without this Aid, usually very little arrives the destination after deducting administrative and unrelated expenses. Armenia has a bright future with or without Mr. Obama’s help, soon he will be gone, however Armenia and Armenian’s will be around for some time to come.

  10. Gurgen said:

    Wake up Armos! Uncle Sam is doing this to punish Armenia for its continuing close ties with Moscow. But look on the bright side folks, ending American bribes to Armenia (with virtual money nonetheless) may be a blessing in disguise! Less IMF, less USAID, less Washington in Armenia means a healthier Armenia in the long run.

    PS: Did you guys hear about Raffi going to Moscow? What a CLOWN! LOL!!!

  11. Fredrik Fuller said:

    Are we surprised? When is everyone going to understand and accept that the US/Israel are not supporters of Armenia?

  12. Ani said:

    Do you really know where this money go? I bet US knows. Think before you write and make silly comments.

  13. Kirk said:

    I don’t understand why everyone is blaming Obama and United States.
    This country has national and international security interests,period.The United States will not sacrifice it’s national interest for Armenia.They will help Georgia with more monetary aid,because Georgian politics now favors western and US interests.Azerbaijan gets more aid,because day by day it is distancing itself from Russia.
    Armenia?Everyone knows is stunch ally to Russia.So why Armenia should receive more aid.
    Just imagine that one day Armenia distributes aid to different countries of the world.Suddenly Turkey and Azerbaijan start complaining that why they are receiving less aid than Iran or Greece.
    Now go and figure it out….

    • john goncuian said:

      Dear Kirk:Armenia knows her interest very well, WITH RUSSIA !!! Let’s analyze the reasons, Secretary Kerry suggesting greater TURKISH role in KARABAG conflict ,the most pro AZERI and anti ARMENIAN neighbor.US foreign aid to ARMENIA reduced to record low amounts.When it comes to ARMENIAN genocide recognition, The US congress always manages to side with TURKEY year after year.For US politics in caucausus, GEORGIA and AZERBEYCAN will fit well and ARMENIA will not.The last reason that the US aid at any moment can be stopped.

  14. Ed said:

    i am glad with what obama did. ENOUGH ALREADY. armenia has become a welfare state. every year the american armenians send over 800 million $$$ to their relatives in Armenia. Over a billion $$$ the armenians from russia send to armenia. where the hell all the money is going to???

  15. Hagop said:

    I’m more concerned about his track record on reduction of life, particularly in places like Afghanistan.

    He’s a monster.