ARF Urges Closures on April 24

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation

GLENDALE—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US Central Committee issued an appeal this week, urging community members to take the day off or close their businesses on April 24 as a fitting gesture to commemorate the 98th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Below is the translated text of the appeal:

The Armenian Genocide anniversary is upon us and every Armenian, once again, is preparing to honor the memory of the victims of this heinous crime by attending commemoration events or protests and expressing the commitment to our demands and the cause.

We are all mourners. We all have demands. While the struggle for justice is a daily matter, for all of us April 24 remains the day to honor the sacred memory of our martyrs. It is the day when we appreciate the extent of our personal and collective losses and a time when we must reevaluate our present and determine the course of our struggle, in the name of justice and the restoration of our rights.

By taking a personal day from work or closing businesses on April 24 many people instinctively express their firm stance befitting our national day of mourning.

However, some of our compatriots have veered from that tradition and, just like any other day, they go to work and keep their businesses open.

April 24 cannot be considered an ordinary day for any Armenian. Hence, we call on our community to assume responsibility for our martyred ancestors by closing their businesses and taking part in the day’s commemorative events.


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  1. Hagopian hagopian said:

    This is an an absolute insult to urge the community to commemorate the death of our kin. This is what has becom of our community, we are going to be urging businesses not to operate. The proper urge should be BOYCOTT these greedy businesses. I was shocked to see Super King market conducting business as usual. I hope they choke in the money they make. However, kudos to Zankou chicken for honoring the memory of our martyrs.
    If the power of the dollar is so strong they they can easily add an extra hour 5 days out of the week and make up for the 8 hours lost on April 24th.
    Any Armenian organization should create a public list or post any Armenian business that’s open on the 24th on you tube or any social media. The Hell with these traitors. In a way the turks are right let historians debate the genocide, and I bet many of the ancestors of these greedy business owners have blood in their hands and pockets.

  2. shanto said:

    Asbarez should provide widgets for websites for shops that are closed.

  3. An Armenian said:

    Mr. Hagopian:
    You forgot to mention all the Armenian owned and operated business that carry products made in Turkey. That is the ultimate insult.

    • Hagopian hagopian said:

      Trust me those companies are very aware and sensitive to the communities awareness. However, they justify it as if we don’t import turkish products, a Turk or someone else will, therefore it’s better for an Armenian owned company to profit than an odar.

  4. George said:

    I am going to school on April 24 because I think the best way to remember the dead is to conduct life as usual. Would that make me a traitor, hagopian?

    • Hagopian hagopian said:

      Are you politically correct, in your day-to-day interactions in our society. Of course you are you have no choice. This society that we live in today demand and expects it from every individual that lives in our country. And if you don’t, you risk getting reprimanded, prosecuted or man handled.
      If you disagree, I dare you to walk up to an African-American and call him the N-word, or walk up to a cop and call him up PIG, or make an anti-semetic comment to a jew.
      As an Armenian, I have every right to criticize a business owner, who can exercise his/her choice to show respect on April 24th.
      If that bothers you bro, then you have major mental issues that you need to seek help for.
      Take a second out of your busy life and think how a turk or a non Armenian looks at the utter disrespect we as a collective community.

      • George said:

        I am not attacking your right to criticize anybody. You said that if any Armenian is open for business on April 24, then that makes him a traitor. I see how that would make absolute sense in Armenia where I am pretty sure there are some businesses open part of the day, but you are saying that conducting business on April 24 is an insult to the memories of the dead. In some ways it is true. I am simply saying that living our lives normally is much better than closing a street and marching, for that is what the Turks do not want us to do. I pray for the victims of the Genocide every day and every Sunday when I go to church. The Turks do not want you to live a normal life. They want you to live in fear because they prosper from it. I realize how others look at our community as a whole. I hear it from them everyday. Anyways, if I still come to be a mentally ill person to you, then so be it.

        • Mariam said:

          George, years ago as a student, I thought as you did. I thought that attending school and bettering myself is the best way to honor our martyrs. However, as you mature in life, you will come to realize why there are Memorial holidays around the world; the Armenian Genocide was a great catastrophe to our nation in many ways. What the Turk wants is that you continue business as usual and forget about it so that it no longer needs to deny and make up false excuses. I think you can take one day off from studious life to remember and honor those who perished. If you go to any of the events commemorating the Armenian Genocide, you will learn more and grow as a person. Educate yourself and educate those around you. Know your culture! I wish you the best of success in life.

          • Shant said:

            Miriam, I don’t mean to pick on semantics, but the genocide wasn’t a “catastrophe” like some sort of natural disaster. It was a planned and orchestrated mass killing targeting a specific ethnic group. Politicians, including those in the U.S., frequently use this word and similar phrases to describe the events that occurred, as if there was no perpetrator involved. It’s a convenient way to omit mention of Turkey’s role and the Ottoman Empire. May be we all need to educate ourselves better.

          • George said:

            Returning to my main question, does choosing to keep open your business on April 24 make you a traitor? I used to stay home every April 24 and actually went to the marches one year. I have educated myself and those around me on Armenia and issues facing our people for as long as I can remember. We protest one day, and spend the rest collecting funds so ANCA and AAPAC can lobby Congress unsuccessfully. I hope when 2015 rolls around, we protest for an entire week or a month, because one day is not going to force the Turks, Americans, or anyone else, to do anything. April 24 is special to us but other people could care less what we do on one day. Raising awareness takes more than just protests on one day.

    • A.G said:

      Now asume that you are a Jewish, asking this question to your people on a social network.
      What do you think tha answer would be? I even have doubts that you go to school.
      I think Armenians with your thinking are having difficulty understanding the sensetivnes of this issue. But in your case, I think you just want to make a provocative comment.

      • George said:

        Im 17 and I attend high school. No Jew was absent on April 2 Holocaust Day or whenever it is around that time. I understand the sensitivity. I just question calling people who dont close their businesses traitors. In response to another portion of hagopians comment, what does PC have to do with anything?

  5. hi said:

    If any armenian individual from any corner of the world opens business on April 24 ;not only he or she is greedy business man or woman but also a full blast turk and traitor.

    • aramik said:

      Wow, so he who opens shop on April 24th becomes a Turk? I don’t think that is scientifically possible. I believe that the problem is that we are way too emotional and that hinders clear rational thought. Think about it my fellow Armenians, you guys are wasting time debating whether or not we should open or close businesses on that day! Lets focus on getting the genocide recognized

  6. George said:

    People should stop going to Casinos or to take a trip to Disney land, it is not a fun day, it is a commemorative and sad day

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