BREAKING NEWS: Ruslan Tsarni Apologizes to Armenian Community

Ruslan Tsarni

From Armenian Mirror-Spectator

WATERTOWN — On April 30, Ruslan Tsarni, the uncle of alleged terror suspects, Tamerlan and Djokhar Tsarnaev, contacted the Mirror-Spectator directly to issue an apology to the Armenian community for his recent statements referencing Armenians in his discussions of the Boston Marathon bombings.

“Armenia has a very strong culture, therefore, I want to stress that his [Misha’s] ethnicity has nothing to do with it,” Tsarni said. “I wish I had never said it.”

Tsarni added, “I felt for you [Armenians] and wish I had never done it.”

He once again apologized for connecting the Armenian community “to this evil event.”

In previous media statements, Tsarni had discussed  a recent convert to Islam named “Misha” — now reported as Mikhail Allakhverdova —  stressing that he was of “Armenian descent” while implicating the man in the possible “brainwashing” of Tamerlan Tsarnev with notions of violence against non-Muslims.

Tsarni spoke briefly on the matter via phone, but said he was unable to comment further or answer additional questions.


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  1. Minas said:

    Send it to the Boston Globe, New York Times, CNN and every other news outlet not just to the Mirror Spectator!

  2. Մարի Մերտխանեան said:

    Այս ներողութիւնը պէտք է յղէ այն բոլոր լրատուական միջոցներուն, որոնց միջոցաւ Միշա կոչուածի հայկական ծագումը տարածեց:

  3. Diana said:

    Մի՛ խառնէք մեզ ձեր վայրի, արջի ցեղերին,-
    Մեր երկիրը աւէրուած, բայց սուրբ է եւ հին։
    Որպէս լեռն է մեր պայծառ տեսել հազար ձիւն,
    Այնպէս նոր չեն մեզ համար դաւ ու դառնութիւն։

  4. An Armenian said:

    Why did he start this smear campaign against Armenians in the first place?
    Who is this Mikhail Allakhverdova? Is he truely Armenian? Did he change his name? If you ask me, the name is a Russian sounding name.
    When will the world community stop dragging Armenians into every dirty deed that transpires around the globe? There are good and bad guys in every ethnicity and culture.

  5. a said:

    Not much of an apology, Mr. Halliburton contractor, ex-son-in-law of former CIA director by way of his daughter Samantha ANKARA Fuller! Holy Moly. I knew I smelled a Turk.

  6. GB said:

    He was paid to say the words, then he apologize, when he found money in his bank account!!

    This man should be prosecuted and Armenian-American community has right to know about the truth behind this Chechen oligarch, who live in US !!! This is a good case for Mr. Geragos to go after him!!

    • said:

      Somebody needs to find out how he got to the US and who paid for his education at Duke.

      According to his former father-in-law, Tsarni could barely speak English and they had to communicate in Russian…

  7. Knarik Meneshian said:

    Ruslan Tsarni certainly knows a lot about his infamous nephews, their mother, father, and the entire family, even though he claimed during news interviews after the horrific Boston bombings that he had had no contact with his brother’s family and nephews–no contact for years. Soon after, Ruslan Tsarni talked about who his nephews had been associating with. Then, Ruslan Tsarni brought about false accusations. And now Ruslan Tsarni contacts the Armenia media with apologies about those false accusations by saying, “I felt for you [Armenians] and wish I had never done it.” And then he once again apologizes to the Armenian community.


  8. Hasmik said:

    It means nothing when Ruslan Tsarni apologizes to an Armenian paper. He needs to apologize to everyone via the American papers and the Internet!

  9. Vasken said:

    “Tsarni spoke briefly on the matter via phone, but said he was unable to comment further or answer additional questions.”
    Irresponsible Journalism By “Armenian Mirror-Spectator” to rush and print this Stanching news, without investigating the caller. He took a cheap-shot and he is getting away with another cheap-shot today…

  10. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    We thank the uncle Ruslan Tsarni on the alleged Marathon bombings Tamerlan & Djokhar Tsarnaev for his previous false statement that a convert to Islam named Misha was Armenian. We hope the world gets wind of this false statement that Armenians had no way been involved with the two Chechen Brothers. Armenians are Christians and would never back Moslems in attacking & bombing innocent people by fanatical Moslems.

  11. Arziv said:

    Our lawyers should hound this character for defamation and calumny . This guy is either a nincompoop, or a hired stooge, or a bumbling chancer. The apology is not enough. The damage was done in the first place. Needless to say the irresponsible and utterly corrupt news media who reported the diatribe of this man is an accessory to the denigrating statements.

  12. Kevork said:

    When will that racist zionist prick Wolf Blitzer also apologize, after he foamed at the mouth with repeating over and over “an Armenian named Misha” with emphasis on Armenian, as if he made such an amazing discovery.

  13. anna said:

    if I was the head of the Armenian community…I would not let this go. if armenians let this pass then we are #1 damage to ourselves honestly how many times can this be done to us and we then move on after a lousy apology….first of all persecute him, but the minimum we can do is have him send this to ALL the major networks and newspapers!! i have no idea what the Mirror is nor have I heard of it…this is basically a piece of meat the turks threw at us and we are supposed to be happy and sit back and relax now…nooo! This is more of a smirk to us than an apology. I knew something of some sort (the apology) as coming, but I would have been shocked to see that he also asks the CNN to report this and come live on TV and apologise to us.

  14. Hratch said:

    Is he Armenian or not? It was reported he is half Ukrainian half Armenian. Armenian journalists can investigate the background of Allakhverdova, but what if he really turns out to be part Armenian?….somethings are better not to unearth.

    In any case, the uncle most likely used it to describe ‘Misha” as an Armenian to help investigators locate him. Remember that initially no one knew who ‘Misha’ was, not even the local Mosque. Now that he has apologized, I think we should move forward and stop the negative publicity. Trying to find conspiracy theories in everything is very immature.

  15. yan said:

    What’s the big deal, I do not get it. Misha is half armenian, so Ruslan was not making things up, he was just trying to tell all he knew about him. I am Armenian and I do not feel that he has done any damage to the image of armenians. Every intelligent person knows that you can not judge nation or ethnicity just by one bad apple. Why all the fuss?

    • Hratch said:

      As I always say, we don’t need more friends, what we need is people with rational and logic around us. 90 percent of the posts here are irrational and baseless. It’s just the same old victim mentality that we Armenians have acquired from each other. Think outside the box for a change. Everything is not a conspiracy, the world revolves with or without us.

  16. Arto said:

    His initial statement was a very calculated and well thought out move and so was his apology. As we know now, he is very deeply connected with the CIA and Turkish intelligence, as well as some Jewish organizations. The entire media apparatus was used against the Armenians on their most sacred day of commemoration and now every idiot will associate us with moslem fanatic terrorists. Armenians have some powerful enemies in the US. Dear Armenians, please finally learn who your true enemies and friends are.

    • Hratch said:

      Please cite some examples. How do you know his statement was calculated? How do you know he is connected with the CIA and Turkish intelligence? How do you know he is connected to Jewish organizations? We don’t need baseless conspiracy theories. If you have proof, please let us hear it, otherwise I suggest you get help for your conspiracy phobias.

  17. Sona simonian said:

    No way! Not again! We don’t need the Armenian media to know. We need to get Mr. Anderson Cooper to know and he has to correct himself publicly right on CNN.

  18. Christian manoukian said:

    Since when we have Muslim Armenian . Armenians do not do such things we are much more beyond this .

    • Hratch said:

      I hope you are being sarcastic. Why is it not strange to have Armenians that are agnostic, atheist or Buddhist. Heck I even know a couple of Armenians who converted to Judaism. It is very naive of you to think that all Armenians are on the same wave length. Do you really know what ever Armenian wants or is on this planet?

  19. Hagopian hagopian said:

    I am still waiting for William Bairamian to make a statement. Another Inept Armenian at the helm.
    The objective was accomplished, we weren’t allowed to commemorate April 24th, but we were left on our own to defend the concept that an Armenian couldnt have masterminded thr brainwashing of these chechen turks.
    Any Turk should reflect that it took a “Armenian” to make these two Chechen Turks to understand their twisted religion.
    Thanks again William

  20. Vindicated Man said:

    The large news outlets (the mainstream media) that initially published this story based on nothing else than family gossip should show their integrity and principles, and publish this apology as well. Otherwise, it appears that they are only happy to be “breaking news”, and they don’t care when the news actually turns out to be rumor.

  21. Badal art said:

    Who cares for his apology, the world already heard the word
    (ARMENIAN ter) each person thinks and believes the way he/she,or maybe (IT) wants to
    It’s horrible

  22. armenag manoukian said:

    an apology is only worth it’s weight in feathers if the damage has been done,are you telling me cnn did their due diligences before reporting the news? Both Blitzer and Anderson Cooper know Geragos is Armenian,could they not have spoken to him, before a whole nationality was slendered?

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