Armenian-Azerbaijani Summit ‘Called Off’

Then-President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev (right), President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan and President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev continuing talks during a working lunch at a ski resort near Sochi in early 2012, the last time the two countries met.

BAKU—The presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan were due to meet last month in accordance with an agreement reached with international mediators, France’s ambassador in Baku said on Thursday.

“A meeting of the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents scheduled for June did not take place,” Russian and Azerbaijani news agencies quoted the diplomat, Pascal Meunier, as saying.

Meunier gave no reasons for the alleged cancellation of the summit, which the U.S., Russian, and French mediators hoped would revive the Karabakh peace process. Nor did he say whether Presidents Serzh Sarkisian and Ilham Aliyev plan to meet later this year.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry could not be reached for comments on Meunier’s statement.

Visiting Baku and Yerevan in late May, the three co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group said they are now “working intensively” with the conflicting parties to organize a face-to-face meeting of the two leaders. Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov said afterwards that he will meet with his Armenian counterpart Edward Nalbandian in June to discuss preparations for it.

Mammadyarov did not hold talks with Nalbandian in June, however. Nor did the parties announce agreements on the next Aliyev-Sarkisian meeting.

Aliyev and Sarkisian most recently met in the Russian city of Sochi in January 2012. They pledged at the time to intensify their efforts to agree on the basic principles of a Karabakh settlement put forward by the mediators. The negotiation process has remained essentially deadlocked since then, however.

In a joint statement issued on June 18, the U.S., Russian and French presidents criticized Baku and Yerevan for making no decisive progress in long-running peace talks. “We strongly believe that further delay in reaching a balanced agreement on the framework for a comprehensive peace is unacceptable,” they said.


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  1. Alex Postallian said:

    I hate to say it,there is no settlement,its either war,or forget it…….aliyev the big,ugly cowardly turk,its only conversation,we are tired of hearing.He is not going to fight until he brings in his big bastard brother,jerky turkey to help.Then the two biggest cowards in the Middle East will be ready.They are afraid of the European response,and retaliation. No war just talk,what else can COWARDS DO.

  2. Ararat said:

    The Armenians should have nothing to negotiate about other than the liberation of occupied Nakhichevan. The liberation of Artsakh from the pseudo-Turkish fabricated state of Azerbaijan should be a done deal already.

    Armenia must stand tall and speak from a position of strength and remind the Azeri criminals there is no room for negotiation. Armenia must remind Azerbaijan that those who start ethnic cleansing by imposing a war on indigenous people to continue their illegal hold on their homeland and are defeated and humiliated in the process have no say in any negotiation. Armenia instead should remind the Azeris those who lose wars of aggression are like beggars who can not be choosers.

    Armenia should remind the loud-mouth Alliyev that there is no room for negotiation on the sacred Armenian homeland given away by the Soviet criminals at the stroke of a pen and liberated by the ultimate sacrifices made by the Armenians. Instead of holding these empty meetings time and again, the Armenian officials should remind the Azeri oil shiekh and chicken-hawk coward Alliyev that they lost a war they imposed on the Armenians and have no choice but to deal with the consequences of their criminal actions.

    What is the meaning of these hollow negotiations with an autocratic criminal coward Alliyev, a war-time MIA turned gangster punk with pockets full of dirty oil money, who tells his brainwashed people the fake Azeri flag will once again fly over Shushi every chance he gets? Not even in his wildest dreams of course but it does not make any sense.

    We must speak to them in the language they understand well. Declare the liberation of Artsakh final and point missiles toward their oil pipelines, the lifeline of their entire economy, ready to blow them up at any time to cripple and bring their economy to a standstill. Acquire and install offensive weapons ready to bomb them back to the Stone Age. Show this hallucinating cockroach Alliyev he is nothing but a bug waiting to be crushed. Stand strong, never back down, never give in and never ever give up.

  3. john goncuian said:

    There is nothing to SETTLE with Azeri immoral godfather called ALIYEV who left no sin un-committed.He is presently misguiding the the simple minded Azeris with more news of purchasing record amount of armaments. KARABAGH belongs to ARMENIA.

  4. Garo Yeghichian said:

    It is very hard to deal with ignorant people like Aliyev who call`s Yerevan part of Azerbaijan, has got no idea about history(if he do not know how to talk it is very easy to shut up)I fill sorry for the president of Armenia Mr.Sarksian FM.of Armenia Mr. Nalbandian and the Co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group.

  5. Gazzo said:

    This situation shall never be resolved. It will stay in a status quo until the Azeries pluck up sufficient courage to attempt and overwhelm NKR with critical mass in materiel and armaments. Whether they can succeed it is another matter. With Russia’s change of attitude and mercantile spirit in the supply of offensive weapons to the Azeries, the scales become tilted on the Turkish side. Armenia has defensive weapons, the Azeries have an arsenal of offensive armaments. There is no balance in quantitatively equipped armies, the qualitative aspect is under interrogation. Summits and sub summits will come and go but peace can not be achieved. The Turks have too many claims to respond to. Time will decide if Armenia can preserve her identity in the globalized sea of tsunamies. Remember the Azeri leadership pledge to wash their feet in the waters of lake Sevan. These are not idle boasts and empty bluster. These are genuine intentions and goals if the opportunities avail themselves. We have not heard the Armenian government expressing the desire to eat caviar in Baku, or pray in Agthamar . How then can there be a summit to discuss peace ?. Peace is always one sided, normally the victors dictate peace, the defeated side at best compromises and at worst accepts the unacceptable. It is a waste of time, but time will be wasted, after all politicians are there to waste time, not to find solutions.