The ‘Godfather’ in Azerbaijan

Michael Weiss compares Ilham Aliyev and his family to the mafia.

In an insightful article for The Atlantic magazine entitled, “How Azerbaijan Is Like ‘The Godfather,'” journalist Michael Weiss takes an extensive and in-depth look at the corruption and tyranny behind Azerbaijan’s ruling family, the Aliyevs.

One family controls nearly every major part of the Caucasian nation, Michael Weiss explains.

“When he was a mere 11 years old, Heydar Aliyev, the son of Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev, purchased $44 million in luxury mansions on Palm Jumeirah, the elite artificial archipelago built by Dubai and known for housing both holidaying British soccer players and thieving Russian tax officials. $44 million is, in the words of the Washington Post’s Andrew Higgins, who broke the story in 2010, ‘roughly 10,000 years worth of salary for the average citizen of Azerbaijan,’” Weiss says in his piece.

“But young Heydar wasn’t the only member of his family engaged in Gulf property speculation. His two older sisters, Leyla and Arzu, were also listed as owners in Dubai’s Land Department registry. Together, the three Aliyev children invested in $75 million in Dubai real estate, which certainly is impressive considering that their father’s official annual income as a public servant is just $228,000,” adds Weiss.

Read The Atlantic‘s report by Michael Weiss.


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  1. edward demian said:

    Stories like this please me very much. It will be better for Armenian interests to have an Azerbaijian totally broke and bankrupt after the Alievs finish pilfering it. A strong Azerbaijian with a happy population would be hard to defeat. I don’t care about their military. Military forces need motivated and well trained soldiers to man that equipment and be willing to die for Azerbaijian. That is their problem now. Their population is not willing to sacrifice themselves, not even for the 72 virgins awaiting them in paradise, just to hurt the Armenians.
    Let the Azerys throw off the Aliev. I guarantee you all that the day will come when the Alievs will be hanging from lamposts in Baku. Remember Mussolini?

  2. Alex Postallian said:

    How can the azerys be sooo stupid to permit that big,ugly,turk steal from them,create political problems,with his mongol mentality.Their behavior motivated by the ugly turk will be never foregotten.They think the oil makes them,superior,but they are a little animal sewer,like their big bastard brother,turkey!!!!!

  3. Sherwin Razmy said:

    It’s not the Gulf it’s the Persian Gulf please stop revising history and stop pandering to Pan Arabists Weiss!

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