Top Secret Document Calls Armenians ‘Enemies of the State’

Kenan Evren

Document Charts Turkey’s State Denial of Armenian Genocide

ISTANBUL—A top secret document signed by the Turkish Army chief of staff weeks before the September 12, 1980 coup d’etat characterizes Armenians as “Enemies of the State,” reports Radikal newspaper.

The document entitled “Turkey’s immediate domestic threat” was distributed to all military commanders three months prior to the coup and was signed by then Chief of Staff Kenan Evren, who toppled the regime of Suleyman Demirel during one of many military coups in Turkey.

The document not only characterized Armenians as “Enemies of the State,” but also went on to say that the 1915 “relocation” of Armenians was “justified” because losses and deaths that occurred during that time were the “fault of the Armenians.”

“The assertion that Armenians lost 1.5 million people is a lie. The Armenian losses were between 50 and 100 [presumably 50,000 and 100,000]. The Turks suffered more severe losses,” asserted the document.

The document, which bears Evren’s signature, was used as the basis for carrying out the 1980 coup.

According to the document, which contains a portion on the historical developments, “The Armenian question re-emerges on the agenda in 1913 and from 1914 to 1915 armed Armenian groups were working with Russia on the Eastern Front and attacking Turks and Muslims. These incidents continued until 1918.”

The document goes on to blame Armenians, as well as “inhumane actions” by Europe, for the deaths of “thousands” of people at the time. According to Radikal, through this explanation, the Evren Report justifies the Armenian Genocide.

“During World War I, the Ottoman government found itself in a difficult predicament as a result of the betrayal by Armenians and their continued crimes, thus there was the imperative to transport Armenians to far away places away from the war. This decision corresponded with norms of the time and was legal, as well as a justified decision. It needs to be taken into consideration that these actions were taking place on Ottoman territory, which belonged to Turks,” said the Evren report.

The document also highlights the activities of the Armenian community at the time of its publication saying that the Armenians, having never understood that their ancestors “perished as a result of European policies, continue to be under the influence of inflammatory literature of the time, will fall prey to the same game and become involved in the events of today.”

“Instead of finding the true culprits, they [the Armenians] are attacking innocent political officials and engaging in terrorist activity.

The Evren report also criticized the activities of the Armenian church, saying that church members were deliberately settling Armenians from Anatolia in Istanbul.

“Beginning in 1967, Eastern Anatolia Armenians began to migrate to Istanbul. The poor Armenian children who came to Istanbul received their education and training at the ‘Aramian-Oundjian’ and ‘Immaculate Conception’ schools. During this period the Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul told the world of the poverty-stricken children and began to take advantage of the situation. They are also urging them to reclaim their Armenian names,” said the Evren report.

The report also addresses alleged cooperation between Armenians and Kurds at the time, saying that Armenians were working to receive passports from supporters of the Kurdish movement.

“It is imperative that we, at all costs, retaliate against the crimes of these Armenians,” said the Evren report.


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  1. bayrakiniyakan said:

    I remember in the early 80s when Kenan Evren esseg oglu once said Armenians must know that by shooting and assassinating Turkish diplomats they not going to get their land back, if the Armenians have the power
    then they should make a war and capture the land .
    now dose he or any Turkish representative realize that Armenians [ captured ] Liberated Artsakh with war
    and the blood of their brave sons

  2. Armine said:

    persecuting Armenians runs in his family his daughter was part of their National Intelligence Agency and she presided over the prosecution of ASALA.


    After his retirement, he moved to the Turkish Mediterranean resort town of Armutalan, Marmaris and took up painting.[8] On 2 August 2006, a reported plan for assassinating Evren was thwarted when two men were apprehended and arrested in Muğla.[9] A previous attempt in 1996 had already been tracked down when two members of the assassination team spoke on a cellphone eavesdropped by the police, and the Islamic call to prayer (adhan) could be heard during their conversation. Since the timing of the adhan was 4–5 minutes after Istanbul, a point slightly more to the west by that time margin was sought and the team members were caught in Marmaris itself.[10]

    In 2004, he revealed that his daughter, Şenay Gürvit, and son-in-law, Erkan Gürvit, are members of the National Intelligence Organization. His daughter presided over the reprisal operations against the militant Armenian organization, ASALA.

    After Bülent Ecevit’s death, he expressed remorse over the arrest of political leaders after the 12 September coup,[8] but defended the coup itself and the 35 executions.[12] Civilian resentment exists, and there have been demands for his being called to account, following the Ergenekon investigation.

    Evren was hospitalized for massive gastrointestinal bleeding on 3 August 2009, in Yalıkavak, Bodrum, where his summer house is located.[15] A temporary artificial pacemaker was applied to Evren while in intensive care due to bradycardia.[16] His large intestine was removed a week later at GATA in Istanbul (Gülhane Military Medicine Academy) where he was transferred. [17] He was discharged on 24 September 2009.

    On 10 January 2012, Turkish courts decided to press charges against General Kenan Evren and General Tahsin Şahinkaya, former Commander of the Turkish Air Force, for their role in the 1980 coup. Prosecutors are seeking life sentences against them. The first court hearing of the case is scheduled for 4 April 2012.

  3. Parsik said:

    this shows Turk is a turk for Armenians, let them be falling Ottomans or decieving Young Turks or panturkist Grey wolves or current European looking leaders of Rpublic of Turkey

    • Raffi said:

      The current leaders of Turkey don’t care for Nationalism and Love for Country. Their goal is to sell their nation to international banksters and globalists for their stupid idea of “Caliphate.”

  4. Raffi Bairamian said:

    This reflects the turkish culture towards the Armenian people. We tell to these turks , that your continuous efforts in denying the Armenian Genocide and falsifying the historical facts about the Armenian People will increase our determination in continuing our holy struggle in getting the whole world to recognize the Armenian Genocide which was planned and executed by the turks and liberating our lands which were occupied by the turks in Western Armenia.

    • Rifat said:

      You guys asked for it. After trying to plot to wipe off Turkey from the map, we had to relocate you guys to safe zones in Syria, Lebanon, etc. for collaborating with Imperialist powers. You still ask for territories, even though you guys legitamately lost with your plans to wipe your neighbors off the map. Territorial demands = Not for normalization of ties, but more warmongering and less peace. We will not fall for your traps, period!

  5. lobo said:

    It’s OK, Nazi Germany had zee Jews to blame, the Turks have the Armenians. It gets a little laughable when you consider that if those mongrels didn’t want the Greeks, Arabs, Armenians, Bulgarians, Cypriots, or Syrians as their enemies, they could have stayed in the desert without inconveniencing Asia Minor with their unwelcome presence. While I also see a lot of paranoia behind such statements, I would argue that after what has happened in the past, you can’t blame anyone really for being an enemy of the (young) Turkish state.

    PS I think it says a lot that only the highly random state of Georgia does not see the Turks as unwelcome but rather collaborates with them to Armenia’s detriment.

    PPS People of Turkey, with so many “enemies of the state” – especially with those despicable Armenians – do you even need your everyday antisemitism? Come on, that’s just too much, certainly you can blame everything on Armenians alone?

  6. Fredrick said:

    This takes the cake. Turks expect to treat Armenians like dirt and kill them whenever they want because they are Christians. But if Armenians object then they are enemies of the state. When are the Armenians going to learn that they need to deal with the Turks frorm a position of strength not “Let’s get along and be good neighbors”. I am happy to see that the Armenian government is finally beginning to come to its senses.

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