Turkey, Azerbaijan Not Pleased with OSCE’s Karabakh Efforts

Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov (left) and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu

BAKU—Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and his Azerbaijani counterpart Elmar Mammadyarov stated on Wednesday that they are not pleased with the OSCE Minsk Group’s efforts in finding a political solution to the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh involving Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Paying an official visit to Azerbaijan, Davutoglu held a joint press conference with his Azeri counterpart Mammadyarov and evaluated the resolution process of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Stressing that Armenian soldiers should leave Nagorno-Karabakh, Davutoglu reaffirmed his country’s unconditional support for Azerbaijan in the dispute and offered Turkish mediation in its resolution, RFE/RL’s Armenian service reports.

Mammadyarov echoed the criticism of the international mediators. “Azerbaijan is dissatisfied with the work of the OSCE Minsk Group and there are objective reasons for that,” he said. “We see no progress and want the conflict’s resolution to start with the withdrawal of Armenian troops from the occupied territories,” said Mammadyarov, as reported by RFE/RL.

Reminding that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has not been solved for over 20 years and that Azerbaijani lands have still been under occupation, Davutoglu said “it is time for the international community to evaluate it.”

Davutoglu said, “The Minsk Group has made an effort on this issue for over 20 years and we appreciate those efforts, but they have not given any results. Everyone should question the causes of the failure and co-chairs should play more active roles. The members of Minsk Group should take action, too.”

“Turkey is also a member of the Minsk Group, and it is ready to support the peace process,” said Mammadyarov, according to RFE/RL. “It is important that the problem be solved as soon as possible and within the framework of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. Ankara is always ready to provide assistance to the co-chairing countries and step up its efforts in this direction.”

Armenia was quick to reject any Turkish involvement in the Karabakh peace process, RFE/RL reports. “If Turkey is really interested in a quick resolution of the Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict it should take one simple step: not to meddle in the settlement process,” Eduard Sharmazanov, the spokesman for the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, said in a statement.

Armenian leaders have repeatedly said before that Turkey cannot act as an honest broker because it has openly sided with Azerbaijan in the unresolved conflict. They appear to have toughened this stance since the collapse of the 2008-2009 Turkish-Armenian rapprochement.

Pointing out a new deal between Turkish and Azerbaijani diplomats set to start in May, Davutoglu said that a specific number of Turkish and Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry diplomats will be exchanged and will work as though they were working in their own country.

The Minsk Group spearheads the OSCE’s efforts to find a political solution to the conflict in and around Nagorno-Karabakh involving Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov, at a joint briefing with Davutoglu, also expressed that Baku supports the idea of holding a meeting between the Azerbaijani and Armenian presidents, after a previously planned meeting was recently canceled.

As Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian stated earlier, the meeting with Azerbaijan will possibly take place by year’s end, despite prior objections from Baku.


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  1. lobo said:

    I should also make a press release next. I see no progress in the OSCE work. I want Azerbaijani troops to leave Azerbaijan. Since Turkey decided to make a statement on this as well: I also want Turkish troops to leave Asia Minor. This also applies to the respective population.

    What is the point of such hilarious statements anyway? ^__^ show the Azeris that they are not alone? Poor Caucasus Tatars :*-(

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  4. Ararat said:

    The Armenian leadership, as well as the Armenian people, must never trust the Turkish government and the Turks. The Armenian leadership is absolutely correct to reject any Turkish involvement in the Karabakh peace process. Turkey has never had and it will never have the welfare of the Armenian nation in mind. Make no mistake about it, Turkey is in the business of hurting Armenia not helping it. Whenever Turkey volunteers to act as a mediator and offers to help, rest-assured it is its intention to cause damage to the Armenia.

    Turkey, a country that committed genocide on the Armenians less than a hundred years ago, murdered 1,500,000 Armenians, spends billions to rewrite history to cover up its genocidal criminal actions, has confiscated and is still occupying 90% of the Armenian homeland has NO right to speak about peace, let alone act as a mediator. What kind of peace-loving mediator, which never was party to the conflict, closes borders with Armenia for 20 years in support of the artificial state of Azerbaijan, claims this fake state as an “extension” of Turkey and expects the Armenians to welcome it as a benevolent and an impartial mediator to the conflict to help settle it? Either the Turkish leadership thinks the Armenians are that stupid and gullible to believe its cunning gesture or the Turkish leadership itself is made up of a bunch of morons out of touch with reality.

    The Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, just like the Prime Minister of Turkey and his boss and genocide denier Erdogan, are wolves in sheep’s clothing and have to be dealth with accordingly. Davutoglu plays with words and cunningly invents phrases, such as “shared pain” to water down what the Turks did to the Armenians in 1915 in order undermine the brutal murder of the Armenian men women and children at the hands of genocidal Turks to evade justice, and the wild boar Erdogan outright denies the Armenian genocide claiming that Muslims don’t commit genocide. If Muslims don’t commit genocide then the Turks must not be Muslims because they did commit genocide and are too much of a coward to admit to it.

    If the Ottoman Empire was the Center of Islam and the Turkish sultans invaded and occupied Christian homelands, such as Constantinople the seat of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, because according to them they were commanded by the will of their beloved “allah”, then one must wonder what racist and fascist disease Erdogan is suffering from to claim Muslims don’t commit genocide. They deny the genocide not because, according to their phony claims, they are offended but because they stand to lose billions in financial reparations and the Armenian provinces, such as Sasun, Mush, Van, Kars, etc. under Turkish occupation. These very same offended and proud people won’t think twice committing yet another genocide if they had the opportunity and knew they could get away with it.

    The Turkish government and the government of the pseudo-Turkish artificial state of Azerbaijan are evil and they must never be trusted. The Turks wiped out the Armenians rfom Western Armenia to secure it for the Turks and the pseudo-Turkish fabricated Azerbaijan, which never existed in history, is claiming the eastern territories of Armenia as Azerbaijani. It is crystal clear that it is the intention and the ultimate goal of these two criminal and genocidal illegal and fake nations to put an end to Armenia. They have picked up where their criminal ancestors left off.

    Don’t ever believe in their phony gestures and never ever trust them. Acquire nuclear weapons to shut them up and to put them out of their misery for good. Long live the Armenian homeland from sea to sea.

  5. GeorgeMardig said:

    Azerbaijan will be better off by distancing himself from Turkey and solves his problems with Armenia, Davutoglu’s reaffirmation of his country’s unconditional support for Azerbaijan in the dispute and the offer of Turkish mediation will only but complicate the problem for Azerbaijan, Turkey himself will be needing help, a country that is on the verge of desintegration,

  6. Garo Yeghichian said:

    Mr.Davutoglu before talking of Armenians withdrawal from liberated territories of Armenia (karabagh)he has to
    organise withdrawal of the pure Armenians lands of Westerne Armenia, but this people are selfish they dont see there own hump.

  7. Brett said:

    Im sorry but turkeys disintigration seems well kind of rediculous. Its just reality. Its now a lender to the IMF and owes 0. It has the second strongest NATO military. And has support of the US and Britain.

    Im just being realistic, in todays world these factors matter more unless a country is strong enough to go in by itself. Which Armenia is not. They need support from Russia in every aspect. Being that russia is not having great relations with other super powers the loyalty is also questionable.

    Also foreign investments in istanbul and baku has skyrocketed while yeravan still has no international recognition.

    If turkish border is opened armenian exports will have direct route to southern europe the three countries need to find a solution and normalize all relations, and then eurasia will flourish.

    • arara said:

      Turkey might not disintegrate but they have serious internal problems (Islamists versus Kemalists, Turks versus Kurds etc.).

      As for the opening of border with Turkey, that’s not up to us. Turkey is very clear on that it will NOT open the border as long as we don’t “leave” Artsakh. This we will never do. But THEY should leave Cyprus.

      I also seriously question the claim that border opening would make Armenia prosper. Perhaps a handful of oligarchs but that’s all. The people would not gain anything from it. Also it would allow Turkish businessmen to invade Armenia in the same way Iranians do today.

  8. arara said:

    “Stressing that Armenian soldiers should leave Nagorno-Karabakh, Davutoglu reaffirmed his country’s unconditional support for Azerbaijan in the dispute and offered Turkish mediation in its resolution,”

    Hey hypocritical TURKEY, why don’t you leave northern Cyprus!!! We reject your so-called mediation because you are not unbiased!