ANCA Glendale Says Residents Not Happy with Rate Hikes

Glendale Water and Power

GLENDALE—From July 5, 2013, The Armenian National Committee of America-Glendale Chapter hosted an online survey regarding Glendale Water and Power’s rate increases for electricity in the city. The survey was intended to both educate community members regarding the proposed increases as well as to allow for their feedback.

The survey was conducted in public areas such as parks, Glendale Community College, the Americana, at community events, and through submissions electronically. ANCA assembled two separate surveys: one of the two surveys was intended to collect the public’s opinion of various types of businesses, while the second survey collected the responses from residents.

Over 35% of the businesses and over 55% of the residents who responded were unaware of the rate increases before they completed the survey. Further, the results show that the community overwhelmingly rejects the proposed rates because many feel that they are too high. 88.1% of people that took the survey do not support the amount of increase for the reasons mentioned by Glendale Water and Power.

Many of the businesses commented that they are barely able to pay rent, while some even commented that with rate hikes such as these, they would have to close or lay off some of their staff eventually. In the same way, many residents mentioned that they are struggling and that the rationale behind the proposed rates has not been made clear. The ANCA Glendale directed all those surveyed to the Glendale Water and Power website for more information.

The current findings suggest that the Glendale community strongly opposes the increase of electricity rates by the currently suggested percentages. The ANCA Glendale feels that the proposed rates are too high for the community and that Glendale Water and Power should consider revisiting their options, so that Glendale businesses and residents can continue to work and live in Glendale without feeling yet another rate increase inflicted upon them.

The ANCA Glendale supports Glendale Water and Power’s decision to modernize its infrastructure and meet state mandates. However, the ANCA Glendale feels those financial needs can be met through other means and considerations, as do the respondents from the Glendale community. The ANCA Glendale says it is open and willing to work with Glendale Water and Power and City Government authorities on more acceptable alternatives.


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  1. brian ellis said:

    One major problem is the City’s continued draining of GWP funds for general government despite the clear City Charter language that they should only be transferring a percentage of the reserve, not of the gross income. Until the voters demand that the City Council follow the Charter and stop the improper raiding of the GWP (to the tune of $20 million per year, nearly the exact amount GWP says they need) we can watch our rates skyrocket. Please send the Council an email (, and and, and to start) or appear at public comment and let the Council know that those who come down week after week with this plea do represent a majority of residents.

  2. John Kociemba said:

    It’s incredible that the city continues to take 25% of the GWP REVENUE and deposits it into the City’s General Fund. Supposedly, this was written into the City’s Charter, but it was restricted to repair reserve funds that had increased beyond any needed repairs. The City, though, has been stealing these funds right off the top of REVENUE and not the overflow Reserves via various accounting manipulations – hence, their attempt to pass Proposition B in the last local election. There are not only initiatives and court rulings against this practice in the state, but a state Grand Jury is also rebuking Glendale for this practice. But, alas, there is nothing that can be done beyond voting the slackers out of office.

    There would be absolutely no need for this rate increase if the City Council did not continue to treat the GWP as their cash cow. If they want/need a tax increase for their special projects, then they should go to the voters with that request just like the Glendale School Board did with their bond measure last year (and it passed). If you want to remain on the city council, then DO YOU JOB! Regards, J-Ko