Baku Road Paved with Armenian Gravestones

Images of the dead, which are customary on Soviet-era gravestones, appeared on a newly-renovated road in a Baku suburb

BAKU—Images of the dead, which are customary on Soviet-era gravestones, appeared on a newly-renovated road in the Rasulzade village in Baku’s Binagadi district, reported the Azeri news portal

The images were from gravestones taken from the largest Russian-Armenian Christian cemetery in Baku’s Narimanov region and used as placeholders on the sidewalks. Before they we asphalted over, however, residents were shocked and reported the incident.

According to, the villagers were horrified by the tombstones, of which the road of the district is constructed.

“According to residents, a month ago, a water line was drawn in the district. Then, they poured large stones on the road in order to repair it. A few days later it began to rain, which washed away the surface of the stones, and it became clear that these were gravestones,” reported the publication.

Video-footage aired on a local television channel clearly shows that the tombstones are of Christians.

The executive body of Binagadi district stated that they were not engaged in the matter, and promised to find out by whom and where those stones came from, wrote

In late 2002, the Azerbaijani military destroyed 3000 Armenian cross-stones in Julfa which were recognized a cultural heritage by UNESCO. In December 2005, the Azerbaijani military hammered and broke the last of the cross stones. This crime was captured on video from the Iranian side.

Also in 2007 Narimanov cemetery, which served as a burial ground for Russian and Armenians, was destroyed.


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  1. Kevork said:

    It really does not matter any more. We know our history better than anyone else, and we do not need any more fact-finding. What is clear that the elimination of this impostor proxy-Turk state must be on every Armenian’s agenda, and never stop until we reach this goal. Otherwise, Armenia will never be in peace.

  2. SA said:

    The azeris & turks are unevolved barbarians – culturally, intellectually, and most importantly genetically inferior. What else would we expect? May those souls haunt that road and cause serious harm to anyone who travels on it!

  3. Haygazian Nevart said:

    This shows once again how savages Armenia neighbour country Azerbaijan is, and how full of hate towards Armenians and deprise towards human sense of respect. How can someone even dare to wonder about a possibility to return Armenian lands under these kind of people-s sovreignity, in the name of What international law? No one will oblige the Armenians to support these kind of unjustices anymore. Karabakh will never ever return under an artificial country called Azerbaijan. We still on the contrary have a lot of Armenian lands under Azeris occupation that must be liberated, same as those in Turkey, these are eternal Armenian lands no matter when, and how long it will take, they will for sure and without any doubt, return to Armenia.

  4. boghos jermag said:

    Will the Shahan Natalie Family Foundation please stop bashing the government of Armenia, and organize a protest on this?

  5. john goncuian said:

    Barbarian Azeri evil virus spreads like a disease and destroys culture, knowledge and humanity. This is Azeri way of satisfaction ( taking revenge of their military loss against ARMENIA). YOUR AZZ will be WHOOPED again in the battlefield.

  6. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    The Turks & Azeri’s will never change. An example is when the Hungarians released the Axe killer Safarov whom axed to death in his sleep Margaryan to the Aliev Azeri Government & pardoned him on this terrible deed. He was given an apartment, given back pay, an auto, etc. and not foreign government protested this incident to the United Nations to force the Azeri Government to put Safarov back to prison. He should have been put to death by the Hungarian Government. The world governments should wake up to the false propaganda of the Turkish & Azerbajian Governments. Otherwise their will be no peace with those sickly governments.

  7. Jim Kachian said:

    The Aliyev clan is constantly under pressure. They will deflect attention from their graft and incompetance to ethnic hatred. It is an old fascist trick…