Armenian Coin Wins First Prize in Italy

The obverse and the reverse of Armenia's prize-winning coin

VICENZA, Italy—An Armenian memorial coin dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Armenian print won first place at the Vicenza Numismatica international fair in Italy, the Central Bank of Armenia informed Public Radio of Armenia.

The international jury especially emphasized the unique combination of the modern design of the coin’s obverse and the classical design of its reverse.

The two faces of the coin combine the past and the present, symbolizing not only the 500th anniversary of the printing of the first Armenian book in Venice in 1512, but also the international cultural role of Armenia and its capital Yerevan.

The 10th Vicenza Numismatica numismatic fair was held in the Italian city of Vicenza from September to November, 2013.


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  1. Souren Zarmanian said:

    I am a collector of Armenian coins and stamps; I feel proud that the above coin won the first prize in an international coin contest; it makes me more attached and enthusiastic about my hobby.
    I wonder if you could advise me the way how to acquire it.
    Congratulations and best regards
    Souren Zarmanian

  2. harry mardirossian said:

    Armenia can be a powerhouse in design in general. With its limited natural resources the government should, if not must, tap into this goldmine whereby the inherent skills may put into action and generate a new source of income . Britain, many years ago, realized about this source and established a separate governmental Ministry promoting design in general serving beyond its borders.
    It would have been fair a simple citation of the name[s ] who were responsible for this world class design.
    Kudos to whom it belongs.
    Կեցցէ հայ հանճար, փայլէ բիւր փոձեր, իմանան ազգեր, թէ Հայք չեն անցեր:(Հ.Ղեւոնդ Ալիշան)

  3. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    “Who Are We”
    Aren’t We from The Genes of Gomidas?
    As God Gave Us Ten Fingers in Each Hand!
    To Work Hard and Carve Khachkars

    Gratified to see Armenians recite at many sites,
    We are international race across our pains.
    We respect every ground that we are on,
    Love to learn with grace their culture, their langue.

    We fill the Earth from the East till West
    With optimistic feelings and Soulfull Arts,
    As our blood enters every space with smile
    Like our hearty heritage vintage Red Wine.

    We can seed in every soil
    In caves . . . in mountains . . . in valleys . . . in arid lands . . .
    To let it grow and spread red roses with dancing petals.

    We love to weave Armenian Carpets . . . with rainbow colors,
    For our honest friends walk on with pride.

    We are called Armenians,
    We are everywhere . . .
    People must know what we sense
    Why we smile . . .
    Why we cry . . .
    Why we sing . . .
    Why we dance . . .
    Why we toil so hard
    Why we are able to create new discoveries
    Passionate literature . . . Godly Arts . . .

    One of our proverbs is fortunate to repeat itself through generations
    “God gave us ten fingers in each hand” . . .
    Because despite having so many khachkars we still continue to carve
    In many shapes . . . in many delicate-miniature styles . . .
    Inviting savages with axes . . . hummers to enjoy crushing them joyfully
    without regrets calling their god to give them endless power
    to destroy more, while our Mighty still rests,
    Somewhere in an unknown cloudy sky.

    We carve on and carve with bleeding phalanges
    Singing with Gomidas hearing unsighable stories . . .
    Denials after denials for our genocide.

    This verse narrates,
    “Who we are . . . How much we suffered
    Still our sufferings seem to have no end!”
    Who we are?
    We are from the Genes of Gomidas.
    His gene is our God.
    We call Him in our homes to sing with us
    To relieve our deep angsts*

    Gomidas . . . born to be a Supernatural Healer
    Through His Faithful Musical Onomastics**
    We can sense with every hymn he created . . .
    As if He keeps praying for us to survive
    Needless to ratify.
    (C) Sylva~MD~Poetry

    June 21, 2013

    * angst: strong dread anxiety.
    ** Onomastics: Gomidas dived in the soul of the Armenian music … which
    was crushed by the Turks and forced to be Turkified-Islamatized.