Smartphones, Tablets to Be Produced in Armenia

A prototype tablet computer and packaging produced by Armtab Technologies

YEREVAN—Preliminary examples of smartphones and tablets set to be produced in Armenia by 2014 were presented during Friday’s meeting of Armenia’s Industrial Council by the Prime Minister of Armenia.

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan informed that the Armenian-American Technology and Science Dynamics Inc./Armtab Technologies Company has initiated the production of the first tablet computers in Armenia.

President of the Company Vahan Shakaryan said the first prototype 7.85, 9, 9.7, and 10.1-inch tablets with an android operating system and 3G+WiFi phones have already been produced.

The quality of the Armenia-made devices is in no way inferior to that of word-known brands, while the price is expected to be considerably lower, Shakaryan says.

The software and hardware design has been developed in Armenia, while the devices have been assembled in the US and Hong Kong.


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  1. Zareh said:

    This is the first time a post soviet country produces tablets and smartphones. Kudos to the Armenian software engineers. This event can not be described except with a big WOW.
    I have no doubt with its competitive price and superior quality the gadgets will find huge markets especially in the third world and Russia and Iran and the Arab world.
    My wish is that the assembly be done in Armenia so we can create good paying jobs for our brothers and sisters in Armenia.
    This is one area where the government should be supportive in terms of taxes.
    Again Armenia is rising from the ashes of communism.
    i am so proud of my homeland.
    And for those who keep bashing Armenia, go to hell.

  2. Random Armenian said:

    So does anyone know more about this? It sounds like it was just designed in Armenia but to be manufactured/assembled in the US/HK. Are any components going to be produced in Armenia? I don’t see any reason for that in the beginning since all the components are pretty common commodity stuff produced by many companies.

    But this could be a start towards producing components in Armenia. Although the market might not be large enough.

  3. Masis said:

    I think the quality would be great. But that the computers will have special programs to steal passwords and credit card info built in.

  4. albo said:

    1.the devices have been assembled in the US and Hong Kong. I’d say if anything this is not an Armenian product.

    2. The operating system is android (it better be) – program much?

    3. 100 of those from China, Taiwan…

    4. You don’t “develop design”

    5. Why would the government publish that picture? As far as I know it’s purpose is to govern rather than to engage in such useless projects.

    6. Journalism much? How is the goal of competitive quality and low price going to be achieved just by designing that thing in Armenia?

  5. Tsayt said:

    Smart-phones produced in Armenia, not bad…next: Armenia producing tanks! I just hope this will not end up the same way as the famously bogus drug called Armenicum, you know, the miracle “cure” for AIDS.

    • Tsayt said:

      I just wish they would stop insulting the nation and leave out the “Armen” or “Arm” prefix out of these yet to be tested, if not altogether fraudulent (therefore, deservedly called cockamamy) products.

  6. Lu said:

    why are the above mentioned devices have been assembled elsewhere? When they could have been assembled in Armenia. Armenia becomes depopulated for lack of jobs. Instead of creating jobs by having these devices assembled in Armenia, they are send elsewhere. what’s wrong with this picture? What’s wrong with the Armenians living there? Doesn’t anyone put the interest of their own kind first?

  7. GeorgeMardig said:

    Moral boosting article, this kind of articles are used worldwide to boost the optimism of it’s countries populaion, we should not go hard with a microscope on every article or news that is written. We should avoid destructive critic

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