Yerevan Slams Davutoglu

Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu shake hands after signing the dangerous Protocols in Zurich in 2009

Armenia’s Deputy Foreign Minister says Davutoglu should visit Dzidzernagapert instead of making divisive statements.

YEREVAN—The Armenian government slammed Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu for undermining the peace process in the South Caucasus by continuing to precondition the resolution of the Karabakh conflict with normalizing of Turkey-Armenia relations.

Armenia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Savarsh Kocharyan responded to Davutoglu, who announced last week that he would visit Yerevan for the December 12 meeting of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization and hinted, over the weekend, that he might broach Turkey-Armenia relations while in Yerevan.

“Instead of making provocative statements, the Turkish foreign minister would do right by taking the chance to visit the Armenian Genocide Memorial to pay tribute to the memory of the [Armenian Genocide] victims,” Kocharyan told Armenpress Saturday.

“Turkey can contribute to the normalization of relations with Armenia by ratifying and implementing, without any preconditions, the Armenian-Turkish Protocols,” added Kocharyan

“If Turkey wishes to further accelerate the establishment of civilized relations between the countries of the region, it must recognize the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire, and open the Armenian-Turkish border which it closed,” added Kocharyan stated.

Kocharyan’s comments came in response to Turkish press reports indicating that while in Armenia, Davutoglu would propose the opening of the Armenian-Turkish border if Armenia “cede(s) from at least two of the seven regions Armenia has been occupying since 1993,” reported the Hurriyet Daily News.

While there has been no official indication about a meeting between Dovutoglu and Armenia’s Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian, the Turkish foreign ministry told Hurriyet that such a meeting is “highly possible.”

Turkey has refused to ratify the dangerous Turkey-Armenia protocols, which were signed in 2009, saying that Turkey will sign the accord only after the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, in favor of Azerbaijan.

Davutoglu recently re-visited the Turkey-Armenia normalizations process, when in October he visited Switzerland and brought up the matter with Swiss leaders.
“We are now looking to develop it and advance with creative ideas and new ways of thinking. We will increase our works in the coming period. When relations between Turkey and Armenia are normalized, most of the issues between Azerbaijan and Armenia will also be within the framework of a solution,” Davutoglu said during his visit to Bern in October, when he also sought Switzerland’s support for steps in developing ties with Armenia.

Protest awaits Davutoglu

Protests Awaits Davutoglu
The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Nigol Aghabalian Student Organization announced that it would protest Davutoglu’s visit to Armenia Thursday.

The organization’s chairman Gerasim Vardanyan said the protesters will demand recognition of the Armenian Genocide and reparations to its victims.

“One thing is clear,” said Vardanyan, “We will remind Turkey, once again, that owes a debt to Armenia and that there are unresolved issues.”

ANCA Issues Statement on Davutoglu Visit
Armenian National Committee of America Executive Director Aram Hamparian issued the following statement Friday on Davutolglu’s visit.

Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu’s upcoming visit to Armenia for a December 12th regional conference shines a spotlight on Ankara’s continued use of its Protocols to escape liability for mass murder, vast theft, and the wholesale dispossession of a nation of its ancestral homeland.

The Armenian nation and all peoples should use this visit by a leading official of a perpetrator state to the land of its surviving victims to strengthen our call for a truthful, just, and comprehensive international resolution of the Armenian Genocide.  In coming to terms with its responsibilities, Turkey must not only end its denials and stop its obstruction of justice, but also cease its century-long policy of anti-Armenian aggression, strangulation, and coercion rooted in the legacy of this still unpunished crime.

The United States and our partners in the international community, rather than abetting Ankara by arm-twisting Yerevan into a politically untenable and morally unacceptable policy of “normalization without justice,” should be pressing Turkey to forfeit its genocidal gains, to fully return all it has stolen, and to fairly compensate the Armenian nation for its vast and ongoing losses.

The Armenian Genocide—an act of premeditated mass murder and national dispossession—is not a bilateral “conflict” to be reconciled, but rather an ongoing international crime that all nations, not Armenia alone, have a moral and legal responsibility to punish.


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  1. Kevork said:

    Why is this filthy mongol mutt even allowed to enter Armenia?? Armenia needs to pass a law forbidding any political bastard that denies the Armenian Genocide from entering!!

  2. vartan said:


  3. Krikor said:

    Do you really expect this criminal to improve the relationship. He should be put against the wall and hang in the public square with a sign on his chest “CRIMINAL”

  4. GeorgeMardig said:

    ,,,,,,,only after the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, in favor of Azerbaijan…… Turkey’s stand with Azerbaijan is shortsighted politics that will end up Azerbaijan with the short side of the stick, Turkey’s interest is based on cheap Oil and Gas from Azerbaijan which at any point will be replaced by Kurdistan, Turkey at a first opportunity will get rid of his beloved Aliyev since geoploitical price that Turkey is paying is too high to keep the present statues quo. Azerbaijan should prepare itself to confront his destiny, the betrayal of Turkey.

  5. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Three names…Clear yet unclear (Arabic, Jewish, Turkish)
    From many sources
    Ahmad, a real Arabic name stolen from ‘Arab Treasured Lands’
    Where the Seljuk –Tatars invaded in the 11th century
    Ending the Golden Islamic Era of civilization
    in my ‘lucky birth place, Baghdad’…

    Three names…
    can carry underneath many secret graves…

    Is Mr. Oglu (the son of Turk)
    coming and bringing back our gold?
    Our Ottoman liras stolen from our homes … banks
    Or a piece of fruit from our cultivated lands by our Ancient Dads…or a sample of any tree that our grandfathers planted there
    for them to enjoy calling us every morn, those the faithless, “kuffars”
    or bringing the skulls of our grandfathers
    which were crushed into pieces, could no longer be identified
    but still can be traced by DNA…s
    Can he bring even small-muddy sand…full of slayed bones
    by the Turkish ugly sharp scimitars …
    to be graved in their homeland…!

    Why he is coming then… to show
    his beautiful Turkish moustache or
    his sneaky cunning smile…!

    Or he is coming to walk on our graves once again…
    Is he coming to visit and put a green wreath with his bloody hands on our “The Memorial Place” (Dzidzernagapert)

    He doesn’t have any thing to offer more
    Is he coming to try to suck and steal more lands…!
    It was not enough they took Armenian Highlands
    From Lake Van to Mush to Black See to Kars to Ararat
    Including Cilicia and many fortresses build on Mediterranean Sea
    by king Levon and others…recently selling the lands to foreigners
    Calling it their lands… green fertile lands but
    full of skulls, stagnated blood, hands…

    Is he bringing any antiques made …laced by our hands?
    which was stolen from our homes and
    I’m sure it exists in their homes on their tables
    our hand made carpets…paintings…tapestries
    or he is bringing a piece from smashed “Khachkars”
    (beautiful carved cross-stones since the 6th century
    which none of Christian believers could carve)
    Or a piece of a marble from 2600 destroyed Altars
    of the Churches, Monasteries, collages, schools…
    Or even an few pages of an Armenian poetry torn book—
    which I’m sure all been burned to end our history
    even before the Christ; they burned all them using it as a fuel to warm their criminal hands… after crushing the innocents skulls …
    and leaving their fleshes to foxes…eagles…cockroaches…rats

    I want to know what gift he is going to bring with him
    to cheat our people …with devilish wishes…dreams…

    Awake my Artful, Honest Armenians …
    Awake …with you clever, bright sights…
    We must and should tell him … who is he…!
    We had enough from savages
    Those who spoiled our beautiful childhoodness,
    Hearing every day the stories of Genocide…
    Not the imaginative beautiful stories of “Cinderella”
    and the “Three bears”…!!!

    “A Poetic Soul Shined of Genocide…s”
    December 10, 2013

    • Kevork Hagopian said:

      Hi Sylva, excellent writing and poetry at the same time. I would like to mention that Armenians must be more open to find solutions through dialogue with our enemies the Turks. By force or threats we are not able to achieve any success in achieving our goals with Turkey. We must use our heads and knowledge instead of our emotions and hatred to reach any settlement.

      Long time ago I was full of hatred and refused to do anything with theTurks. Over the years I learned that this approach was wrong and lead no where. We must learn from Jews and Americans that to reach an agreement we must communicate with the enemy. America extended its hands to Germany and Japan after W.W. II and up to the present it has a normal and friendly relationship with the above two nations.

      Finally, Armenians must learn to negotiate and debate to achieve success. Sometimes it is necessary to deal with foes and enemies. This does not mean forgiveness or weakness. It means maturity and rational thinking. Kevork Hagopian, M.Ed.

  6. Suren said:

    ANCA is crazy! Let the guy attend the conference.
    Let Armenia be able to speak a few words with Turkey without these protests. Why didn’t anyone protest Libaridian’s protocols or when Turkey almost opened a consulate in Yerevan in 1993 before Kelbajar.

  7. GB said:

    Armenians in Armenia should lay out an honorary “black carpet” for this foxy Turkophil deialist to walk on it!!

  8. Saaten Maagar said:

    If Turkey is eager to solve anything, they should solve their Cyprus problem, their Kurdish problem and their problems with Syria before thinking about Artsakh, which is a problem only in Turkish and Azeri circles not anywhere else.

  9. Samvel Jeshmaridian , PhD said:

    Previously, I thought it was a meeting of a fox with a jackal. Now I can understand it was a meeting of a yoldash with a ghachagh.

  10. Dave Johnson said:

    with reference to the comments about Americans and Jews holding out hands of friendship to Japanese and Germans, it is a noble sentiment but there are clear distinctions between those situations and that of Armenia and Turkey. One is power- Germany and Japan were defeated powers whereas the USA was able and willing to project its power and values globally. The Japanese and Germans were tried and punished, they were forced into contrition and eventually came to accept their crimes( though Japan is still reluctant to accept responsibility for its appalling actions in China during prior to and during WW2 )
    So power and contrition are key factors. Turkey has power and influence and is not a vanquished nation moreover Turkey still resolutely refuses to accept that it committed genocide and of course actively funds and supports genocide denial and holds its territorial gains. Turkey cannot be deemed to be a civilized nation until it recognises the genocide and makes some sincere effort to ease the hurt it has inflicted on Armenia, at present Turkey behaves like an unrepentant, proud and immoral bully- can you really seek understanding with such an attitude ?