Davutoglu Greeted by Protesters Upon Arrival in Armenia

Protesters in front of the Armenia Marriot Hotel on Thursday

Davutoglu and Nalbandian Meet on the Sidelines of BSCE Summit

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was greeted by protesters in front of the Armenia Marriot Hotel on Thursday and was forced to enter from the back entrance of the hotel to attend the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization’s summit, on the sidelines of which he met with Armenia’s Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian.

The protest, organized by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Nigol Aghbalian Student Organization, attracted a diverse group of Yerevan residents. The protesters sang patriotic songs and shouted slogans urging Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide and to make reparations for the crime.

Artur Ghazarian, a member of the ARF’s Yerevan office said Davutoglu’s visit to Armenia was an opportunity to remind Turkey “of our claims—recognition, condemnation and reparations.”

“Turkey proved yet again that it is scared to face its own history; it’s afraid to look into the eyes of the heirs of Armenian Genocide survivors,” said Gerasim Vardanyan, chairman of the ARF Nigol Aghbalian Student Organization.

“By this action the [youth and student] organizations express their protest saying STOP genocide, STOP denialism, STOP falsification of history, and STOP injustice,” said an action-alert by the ARF Student Organization.

Davutoglu and Nalbandian meet

On the sidelines of the BSCE Summit, Davutoglu and Nalbandian met for an hour. Neither issued a statement after the meeting, but Davutoglu held a press conference with the Turkish media that is in Armenia to cover the visit.

Following the BSEC Summit, Nalbandian told reporters that Armenia’s position vis-à-vis relations with Turkey had not changed.

“The position of Armenia and the international community is clear: the normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations should take place without preconditions. Therefore the attempts of the Turkish side to link this to other issues, to set preconditions is senseless and vain,” said Nalbandian.

Speaking to the Turkish press after his meeting with Nalbandian, Davutoglu denied earlier Turkish press reports suggesting that Turkey would open the border with Armenia if Armenia “cedes” two of the so-called “occupied regions”—territories liberated by Karabakh forces.

Davutoglu told the Turkish press corps that the meeting with Nalbandian emphasized “open and sincere discussion of the historical past of the Armenian and Turkish people.”

“It was a sincere meeting. It is not possible to move forward without meeting, speaking and discussing the current issues,” Davutoglu told reporters, adding that finding a lasting solution to the current problems in Caucasus, economically developing the region, the necessity for Armenia to join the regional economic organizations were also discussed.


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  1. Gabriel Varjabedian said:


    It has culminated in a new meeting Erevan ( 29ta ) the BSEC organization comprising the countries of the Black Sea basin and Danube aggregates , twelve major , to which others are added as observers .

    The headquarters is located in Istanbul since 1992 , and by rotating his secretary , alternating between their members .

    Last semester , corresponded to Armenia, in the person of Chancellor E. Nalbandian , and that according to the official agenda and protocol, was invited his counterpart Ahmet Davutoghlu , Foreign Minister of Turkey.

    It should be noted that the agenda was not published in the official website of the organization , which may indicate that it was an open or closed channels established by agenda.

    This prologue , a collation of certain intercompany Turkish press, as a ” framework” score ” to which we are accustomed , expressed possible preconditions RETURN liberated territories , etc, to begin conversations around the armenoturca opening the border and so questioned the Karabakh issue .
    These bolazos demonstrate the modus operandi for the generation of media climate and fertilize the field of intent , then deny them, for then look good standing , to the international community and some buddies sheikhs energy and trade.
    It is “almost ” a fact that these actions are pergeñados by Turkish intelligence , and therefore are stylish and made ​​in the past.

    The BSEC , then appeared as tectonic rearrangement of the USSR, try to create a bridge of ” goodwill and cooperation ” to delineate criteria relationship, good neighborliness , transportation , migration, etc.Among Europe and the East.

    Interestingly, the key to the caretaker of the Black Sea has Turkey, heir to the Ottoman Empire , whose control navigation to the Mediterraneo , is his property , although the Treaty of Montreux in 1936, provides free navigability of its waters for trade and transport, expressly exempting military vessels for seaworthiness .

    It should be noted , Turkey ‘s interest to remain as Patron Saint of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus, uniques Mediterraneo access channels .

    So Europe ‘s flirtation with Ankara not give up , however , and Russia , the other true balance , always business, in all ages , not give space for his fledgling customs union needs this vital waterfowl highway.
    A transit trade of U $ S 300.000:000.000 year, above and below, with the pipelines.

    Yesterday the Ottomans, the Turks today , toll charge to all who pass by.

    The immoral blockade , and in contravention of international standards imposed on Armenia and Karabakh by ​​Azerbaijan and Turkey , do more to strengthen the fight and the conviction that we will not yield to pressure from third parties and corporations , as it we will life and consecration of just right .

    Diaspora organizations , attentive , should go a step in this struggle , relentless and uncompromising .

    • Alex Postallian said:

      I commend the Greeks,putting up a struggle,for Cyprus..and winning..slowly..A small country fighting the BIG COWARD,of the middle east,jerky turkey… What did the European council do for Armenia.. Idle conversation……It seems the COWARDICE,has permeated other members too…

  2. ara said:

    Good move=we can isolate from the world. Prosperity, growth and progress for us will come-we must always know the enemy is and who and what is going with them and others- Lets move forward– our land and properties will come back to us-no date-but it will-they know it and we do as do others- communicate and open the border-

  3. Ishkhan Babajanian MD said:

    Dear Mr. President Sarkissian and Foreign Minister Nalbandyan At least for your legacy ?
    Majority of Armenian urges withdrawal from shameful Turkish – Armenian so called protocol , which is not in our national interest..

    • Raffi said:

      Do you have facts stats for your numbers when you said majority? I live outside Armenia and is easy to say yes for a blockade. Be my guest and live in one of the border villages with your family and then talk and I’ll respect and support you

  4. GeorgeMardig said:

    Protests should continue worlwide until Turkey recongnzes the Genocide and returns the Western Armenia, 10 million diaspora Armenians should use THE POWER OF WORD OF MOUTH to explain the world, how today Turkey’s government is cowardly denying the acts of their fathers Genocide, Killing, Looting, Raping, and how they are keeping in ignorance it’s population in confronting their past. The pressure should continue and destruction of Turkey’s iamge is of essence.

    • Raffi said:

      We have been protesting since 1960 and it seems it adds nothing with all respect to your suggestion. However the best is to strengthen our country what we have now and make that our starting point.

  5. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Oglu doesn’t look
    Turkish he looks more Kurdish …??? can he tell his origin…???
    He should never hide…
    “Who hides his origin, he has no origin” … as Arab prover says…

    • Gezi-ist said:

      Foreign Minister Davutoglu is of Crimean Tatar descent. That is why he has been vocally supportive of the Crimean people. The Turkish Republic is very diverse with many nations living it’s borders. They consider themselves Turkish citizens first over anything. Heck, even one of the old presidents of Turkey was of Kurdish origins (Ozal).

  6. Harutik said:

    Where was Raffi Hovanissian and Paruyr Hayrikian, two of the most vociferous “patriots” in Armenia? [Zaruhi Boztanjian, was reported to have been there, but I think we can all disregard the Turklover’s cheep PR antics] Where are all the hate filled photos and articles by Hetq, Lraglir, Radio Liberty and ArmeniaNow, like the ones they had attacking Putin and Russia? Where were all those NGO representatives that took to the streets against Vladimir Putin? Where were all those hysterical idiots with their bandanas and their vulgar placards that protested against Vladimir Putin? Why haven’t we seen any of the aforementioned “patriots” protesting against the Turk; who’s government has blockaded Armenia for the past twenty years, who’s government has provided assistance to Azerbaijan’s military efforts against Armenia, who’s government has in recent years threatened to invade Armenia, who’s government refuses to recognize the Armenian genocide?

    We saw our democracy peddling freaks angrily protesting against the state visit of the world’s greatest leader, we saw them spewing raw hate towards a nation that is singlehandedly keeping Armenia afloat, but why didn’t we see them protesting against the Turk? How much more obvious can these imbeciles masquerading around Armenia as political activists, right advocates and independent journalists make it that they are serving suicidal Western interests in Armenia, and how long are we Armenians going to tolerate this cancer in our homeland?

  7. Porfito said:

    Very disappointing the number of protesters turn out against the descendant of the wholesale genocide of a nation and ultra denial it’s of the unspeakable deeds. Contrast the number of protestors against the visit of Mr Putin, from a nation which is virtually the guarantor of Armenian sovereignty, and the paltry turnout against the genicidal turk, whose ultimate aim is the extinction of our people and history . It is obvious that great patriots , like Raffi, Parukian ( great charlatans) did not care about the Turks visit. These fake patriots wallow their time in Russophobes attitudes, but keep meekly subdued when it comes to Turks and turkey. This is a pathological condition. Thousand upon thousands should have converged upon the Mariot hotel where the Turk is resident. When Putin arrived, the lowest class rent a crowd of demonstrators have been gathered on the front line displaying insulting and obscene placards, where were these Rent a Crowd demonstrators when the Turk arrived ???. We are pathetic to the level of amnesiac stricken zombies. We bite the hand which feeds us , and caress the hand that truncated and quartered our nation.

  8. Ishkhan Babajanian MD said:

    My Dear Compatriot Mr. Raffi For your attention

    I have worked in that villages I am well aware about the condition of that villages that you talking about
    But also I do not want to give up my ancestral lands to Turkey with a shameful protocol sign by our Government ( See how now our generation are blaming both Left and Right for giving up our lands to Turkey by 1918- 1920 agreements
    Please when you think about poor villages remember the growing numbers of Oligarchs and millions of help that Diaspora’s sent to Armenia, maybe never or a little reaches to that villages
    Dr. Babajanian

  9. Haik said:

    Mr. Raffi ( if this is your real name ) If you are an Armenian , please introduce yourself , otherwise with your Turkish logic , Armenians are going to suspect that you are a Turkish agent. with Armenian name to mislead Armenians