Armenia Adopts ‘Roadmap’ to Customs Union Accession

The meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Moscow. Dec. 24.

YEREVAN—Armenia’s President Serzh Sarkisian participated in a special meeting of the Russian-led Customs Union’s regulatory body, the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, which was attended by the Presidents of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan, and the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

The Supreme Eurasian Economic Council (SEEC) confirmed a “roadmap” for Armenia’s accession to the economic union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The governments of the three countries and the SEEC have been instructed to work jointly with the Government of Armenia to ensure the implementation of the events envisaged by the roadmap.

The SEEC has been tasked with monitoring the implementation of the items laid out by the program and to inform Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russian about the results of the monitoring. The Commission will present a report at the next meeting.

The Presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Armenia signed a statement on the “roadmap” of Armenia’s accession to the Common Economic Space of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Armenia.

Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have coordinated the basic principles of the future Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), Russian President Vladimir Putin said, opening a top-level meeting of the SEEC in Moscow on Tuesday. He hailed “progress” made since the last meeting in Minsk two month ago.

“The institutional part of the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union has been drafted,” Putin said, the Voice of Russia reports.

He explained that the document specifies the legal status, organizational framework, aims and functional mechanisms of the EEU, which is due to become operational as of Jan. 1, 2015.

“We have fixed the basic principles of the Eurasian integration project,” Putin said.

Armenian president Serzh Sarkisian signs documents at the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Moscow. Dec. 24.

The key principle is that EEU activities should fully meet the national interests of all its members, he added.

“We are creating the Eurasian Union in order to strengthen our economies and ensure their harmonious development and a closer rapprochement,” the Russian leader said.

The future alliance, Putin said, will make goods produced by its member states more competitive and consequently benefit their well being.

“Now that preparations for the first part of the project are nearly over, it is necessary to focus our efforts on the functional and economic parts,” he said, adding that work in that direction was already under way.

“Our integration project is interesting and holds appeal for many partners in the CIS due to objective economic reasons. As we know, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan have not only expressed their wish to become its participants, but have already accomplished a significant amount of work in this direction. A roadmap outlining further steps as part of Armenia’s accession will be put up for debate today. A similar document concerning Kyrgyzstan is currently being negotiated,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday at the SEEC session in the Kremlin.

Armenia, Russia expand air communication
On Dec. 23, a delegation headed by the Deputy Minister of the Economy Garegin Melkonyan left for Moscow to take part in discussions on bilateral cooperation in civil aviation with aviation authorities of Russian.

On Tuesday, Dec. 24, the Armenian delegation had a meeting with representatives of the Russian Ministry of Transport. During the meeting, the Russian side noted the high interest of Russian airlines to conduct flights to Armenia.

After the meeting, the parties signed a protocol, making changes to an agreement signed between Russia and Armenia in Oct. 4, 1993.

According to the protocol, there will be a higher degree of freedom in the field of civil aviation and air communication, which will allow airlines from both countries to expand their services.

So far, Armenia has already conducted negotiations with multiple governments in regards to Armenia’s new “open skies” policy.


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  1. Aram said:

    The politicians who want to pull away Armenia from Russia are traitors. Without Russia our motherland will end up in turkish and azery hands .. and this is what the opposition in trying to do. The emissaries are sent to Armenia to destabilize and prepare orange revolution which will break relations with Russia. Russia is giving arms to Armeinia and has 5000 soldiers in Gyumri .US and EU are arming turkey and azerbaijan,

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      Armenians can’t trust the West, contrary they will do everything they can to stop expanding the Russian influence in the area, they did it in 1915, they are doing the same now, the History is repeating itself. Diaspora Armenians should claim Western Armenia and establish prowestern Armenia that can satisfy the West, but leave today’s Armenia alone, stop betraying the motherland

  2. armenian said:

    Armenia’s leadership is a bunch of toxic, crooked and cancerous tumors who will do everything that is in the best interests of Russia and Russia alone. They are the embodiment of servitude and brown-nosing, and have transformed the interests of the Republic of Armenia as one that is supposed to defend the interests of the Armenian nation to protecting themselves and their assets as members of the crooked political establishment and “individuals”, if it’s even safe to call them that. Armenia’s population decreases day by day, month after month, and year by year. Pretty soon we’ll have less than a million people living in this country, and most of them will all be concentrated in Yerevan. We’ll have their “cheq sirum? Durs eqeq yerkrits” response to thank for that. The day the Republican Party of Armenia is out of power will be the day when some dignity and respect is restored to the Armenian people. This party has virtually taken every step against this nation’s interests, has seen the widening of gaps between the rich and poor, and the tarnishing of Armenia’s reputation on the international community. I am astonished that people keep supporting these human turds.

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  4. Harutik said:

    The sooner Armenia can get to the Russian-led Customs Union the sooner will its economy get the boost it has been waiting for over twenty years.

  5. Fredrick Fuller said:

    I am not sure the Armenian above has the interest of Armenia at heart. The tired talking points used by the US and the western countries to destabilize Armenia and deliver it to the Turkish and Azeri hands are evident. Armenian politicians and oligarchs are nothing compared to the American politicians and oligarchs. If US is the model to follow our politicians and oligarchs are doing all the right things.

    • armenian said:

      Surely I don’t have the interest of Armenia at heart. I’m the one who completely supports handing over all major aspects of Armenia’s sovereignty to a third party, right? Because supporting a notion that would deprive Armenia of virtually all of its gas decisions is in our best interests, especially when the treaty gives Russia to sell our gas to a third party without our permission. Some of you are so short-sighted, you don’t see that this is a potential threat over Armenia’s head, and further corners Armenia into Russia’s corner. They can easily use the threat of selling our gas to Turkey or Azerbaijan to stop us from doing whatever it is that we need to do in our best interests.

      I don’t have Armenia’s interest at heart because I think Armenia should have a say in its gas production, has the right to regulate its taxes, and should prioritize the diversification of its relations with other countries, namely Iran? I don’t have the best wishes of Armenia at heart when I say that Armenia should try to maximize its position in Russia’s eyes, and not bend over backwards in what is an embarrassing and ass-licking attitude towards Vladimir Putin? Russia has been taking more and more from us each and every single year, all in an exchange for the flimsy promise of “protecting us”, which we won’t see unless a war actually comes to pass.

      I don’t have Armenia’s best interest at heart because I think it’s wrong to be mentally and emotionally attached to a country who will run us over in a heartbeat once it is given enough of an incentive to do so?

      From my point of view, your attitude towards Armenia’s foreign policy, while there may be some short-term gains, will be completely destructive to Armenia’s future in the long run and will only solidify that miserable mentality we have, constantly looking for others to save us. It’s pathetic how much we have given up on ourselves as a people. Let’s all just sit here and twiddle our thumbs, hoping that Russia will “come to the rescue”.

      When the Republican Party of Armenia, the oligarchs and Russia create an Armenia without Armenians, then we’ll see who had the best interests of Armenia at heart. Having said that, I’m not sure YOU have the best interest of Armenia at heart. This sort of behavior between any two countries is incredibly destructive and dangerous.