Karabakh Army Highlights 2013 Advances

A Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Armed Forces parade in Shushi last year

STEPANAKERT (RFE/RL)—The Nagorno-Karabakh armed forces received 33 battle tanks and more than 110 trucks and other vehicles in 2013 as part of an ongoing military buildup, according to the Armed Forces commander, General Movses Hakobian.

Hakobian announced the acquisitions during a yearend news conference in Stepanakert. He said they gave a further boost to the combat readiness of his troops deployed along the Armenian-Azerbaijani “line of contact” north and east of Karabakh.

Hakobian already said in July that the Karabakh Defense Army has been supplied with large quantities of heavy weapons and ammunition in the last two years. The arms supplies have been so extensive that the army has difficulty storing them and plans to build a new arms depot for that purpose, he said. The general declined to specify the types of new weaponry delivered to it.

The Karabakh Army is known to have created a new tank brigade in 2012. Such armored detachments typically consist of about 100 tanks.

Visiting Karabakh in late August, Armenia’s Prime Minister Tigran Sagsyan likewise claimed a dramatic rise in Armenian arms acquisitions. “In the last three years we have acquired as much weaponry as we did in the previous 20 years,” he said.

Sargsyan gave few details of those acquisitions. He said only, in an apparent reference to Russia, that “strategic partners” are helping Armenia to stay in the arms race with oil-rich Azerbaijan within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

Over the past decade, Azerbaijan has spent billions of dollars in oil revenue on a massive military buildup which its leaders claim will eventually help to end Armenian control over Karabakh and surrounding lands. Baku reportedly began receiving this summer around 100 tanks as well as many other Russian-made offensive weapons worth a combined $1 billion in accordance defense contracts signed with Russia.


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  1. Arn.Sweden. said:

    Bevere ! – I Quote –

    The arms supplies have been so extensive that the army has difficulty storing them and plans to build a new arms depot for that purpose,

    Comment – Dont store them in one spot only where they can easily be targeted and destroyed.


  2. gilbert said:

    Armenia; countrie they dont know the words DONATION the supermarket, church, they never give nothing to they own people
    is all super market mostly YEREVAN CITY control by this miserable Armenian mafia they monopolise all ,
    they event dont let you taste

    • T.K. said:

      If yerevan city markets are so bad why are they growing everywhere. I don’t understand this hysteria about that chain. they got good supermarkets, u can shop everything you need in 15 mins. They also got the best prices, not counting that they improve their selection every month. what is this beef about that chain? it is nothing but jealousy.
      I may not like that owner Alexanyan too, but he is good at what he does. he has created a national supermarket chain and people go and shop there. if he was so stupid he could have not succeeded.
      Suddenly everyone wants that french chain, its like they will be coming and handing out food for free.
      what is this hysteria about? you wanted capitalism you got it. plain and simple.

      PS. work hard and get what you want. enough blaming everyone else who is successful.