Merkel Scolds Erdogan over Genocide Denial

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan with German Chancellor Merkel in Berlin this week

BERLIN—German Chancellor Angela Merkel scolded Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan over Turkey’s continued denial of the Armenian Genocide and urged the Turkish leader to “face its history,” reported the Turkish-language version of Hurriyet on Thursday.

Erdogan, who was on an official visit to Germany, warned Merkel and her ruling Christian Democratic Union party to be more cautious in addressing the upcoming centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

“We are aware that in the coming year there are budgetary allocations in your country for the 100th anniversary of 1915 event,” Erdogan reportedly told Merkel.

“I recommend that you address this issue more carefully and caution your party about any allocations,” added Erdogan.

In response, Merkel reportedly told the Turkish leader that Germany is a democratic country and that her government cannot intervene in decisions.

“Turkey must come to terms with its history. We cannot compare the Armenians living in Armenia with the Armenians who were forcibly dispersed around the world,” said Merkel adding that those in Armenia are living under difficult circumstances and urged Erdogan to open the border.

“You are forcing us to accept something we have not done,” said Erdogan, denying the Armenian Genocide again and claiming that the entire Turkish archives are open to the world.

“Do not do injustice against Turkey,” Erdogan urged Merkel.

Prior to his visit to Germany, a member of the German parliament urged Erdogan to end the denial of the Armenian Genocide and apologize for the crime, reported the Bild newspaper.

Erika Stenbach, a member of Merkel’s party, said: “I urge Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to stop denying the genocide of Armenians and Assyrians by the Young Turk government of the Ottoman Empire 99 years ago,” adding that it is high time for Turkey to apologize to the descendants of the victims of the first genocide of the 20th century.

“It is Erdogan’s duty to face the truth nearly 100 years after that terrible crime and ensure that the Turkish textbooks do not distort this part of Turkish history,” said Steinbach.


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  1. Raffi Bairamian said:

    Good Job Chancellor Merkel , you humiliated Erdogan . He and denialists like him will receive more humiliations whenever they Deny the Armenian Genocide , I invite Obama to learn from Brave world leaders like Mrs Merkel how to deal with people like Erdogan.

  2. GB said:

    Markel telling to this denialist Turk, that there is no room for Turkey in EU, unless Turkey accept the reality of Armenian Genocide! This Turk has no idea why millions of Armenian Genocide survivors spread around the globe!!

    Well said Mrs. Markel!

    • Raz said:

      America & UK support Turkey and both deny giving any help, and Turkey like mad dog gets encouraged.

  3. David Dilanchian said:


  4. Hamik C Gregory said:

    It is obvious that Germans do not like the Turks and they do not want Turkey to become a EU member. Turks have nothing in common with Europe. They are Middle Eastern.

  5. Tsoghig said:

    Erdogan, the world’s most respected bully…Merkel should have kicked him out of her country.

  6. Atam Megheryan said:

    They attack by international community members against Turkish Republic is boosting for urging to stop the denial the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE. Bravo Merkel

    • Raz said:

      we did say the same to late President Sarkozy of France but what append when socialist government walked in

  7. Peace to all said:

    I’m an Assyrian, and my parents have told me how their parents suffered so much, and how they tried to kill people who were of Christian faith, this is the the real reason because both Armenian and Assyrian people are all Christian. In Koran instructs every Muslim to lie and deceive in order to defend Islam. So we all need to understand underlying issue. Islam will never advocate peace, honesty or democractic liberties. Islam is a disease that threatens the world and cause destruction and constant wars every single day for the last 1400yrs and beyond.

    • jano said:

      So we all need to understand underlying issue. Islam will never advocate peace, honesty or democractic liberties. Islam is a disease that threatens the world and cause destruction and constant wars every single day for the last 1400yrs and beyond.

      • THE TRUTH HURTS! said:


  8. Ara Haladjian said:

    If Turkey is ready to open his archive, Germany must welcome this and show to the world all the archives that already has in his possesion!

  9. Ruben Malayan said:

    What about German complicity in the genocide? Ottoman solders who took part in eliminating Armenians were under German military command. Germany itself does not officially recognize or apologize to Armenians for the genocide. We need to take both Germany and Turkey to international court, each need to answer for their crimes.

  10. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    The new Cohort of Turks know all the history of their so called state..
    Who killed our grandfathers are their grandfathers…
    No space man arrived to kill… and there never will be…
    Why they still stay quite . . .!!!
    Who took our homes our lands, ate our fruits
    from our ancestries planted hands …
    are still they …!!!
    They left us hungry…starve and to die…
    How can they deny and still when…
    Savage, Godless people as Arab Muslims said about them …
    and wrote endless poems …worse than what I wrote…I write
    I wish some can translate to German Language…

    Each year on May 6, Lebanese and Syrian people commemorate the date.When the poet, Assad Rustom, who lived in Washington, USA, heard that his friends were hanged, he wrote the famous poem, sharply criticizing, insulting Jamal the butcher:

    The Sons of Turks You are Never Muslims

    ““Jamal——Sir! Your name means beauty
    But you’’re awfully ugly
    Your tongue and palms are fully dirty.
    You are senseless, criminal, full of sins
    You have no spirit, no clean soul,
    Deficient of manhood humanity.””
    The Syrian poet, Nasseb Areedah (1888-1940): Living in America wrote his untitled poem:
    ““Coffin his body
    Bury his soul In the deepest grave
    Don’’t feel sorry
    Don’’t lament
    Who is disloyal
    Remain soulless dead
    Can never wake up to feel
    Yet to regret.”

    The poet, Khayr-eldeen Al-Zarkali, wrote his titled poem:
    The Arabs and the Turks
    ““Those Turks the grandsons of Genghis Khan.
    Took young Arabs pushed them to a slave bazaar.
    Promised statements changed abruptly,
    Acting exactly the opposite for those held in custody
    Torturing, humiliating, insulting the braves.
    Yet on what they swore, pretending agreed.
    They are dishonest, soulless, enjoy greed.””
    The Lebanese poet, Fuad Al-Khateeb (1880-1957), wrote his untitled poem, blaming the Turks,
    ““You Turks harmed our people in their joints so hard T
    ill swords blade awoke to vengeance sharply shard.””
    The Armenians helped Jamal the so-called alsaffah (the butcher) to reach high rank in the Ottoman Empire-Astana. Later he betrayed not only the Armenians but also the entire nationalists of the Middle East. He started killing them from the Anatolian Mountains reaching Yemen including the holy land of Muslims, the Arabia.
    Ref: from the book, A Poetic Soul Shined of Genocides (2008) by the author. The above poems are translated from Arabic to English by Dr. Sylva Portoian and Daniel Janoyan from the poetry book published in Syria written by famous Arab poets during five hundred years of Seljuk-Ottoman invasion.
    The Image of Turks by Recent Arabic Poetry (1870-1920)
    By Naeem Al-Yaffi & Maher Al-Munjid

    • Raz said:

      Oh slow done, President Sarkozy of France did the similar but French Parliament ignored it after Presidential Election

  11. Gezi-ist said:

    First of all, as a person who believes in a comprehensive solution to the Armenian question (making some degree of territorial concessions and paying compensation for Armenian victims), I think Merkel is playing political games with Erdogan. Because Erdogan doesn’t understand that Full EU membership is unrealistic. Besides, why would you want to join a club that is near bankrupt and on the verge of collapsing anyways?

  12. Dave said:

    He looks like a bad littIle boy being scolded by his mommy but I don’t think he’ll be around for the 2015 AG Ceremonies because the AKP Titantic is slowly sinking to the bottom while Tayyip carefully arranges the deck chairs for his guests, oblivious to the impending disaster he, alone, has created, while the Ottoman marching band plays on.

  13. GeorgeMardig said:

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a brave woman with values and integrity that deserves respect, unfortunately she’s dealing with a cowered and a man with little integrity.

  14. GeorgeMardig said:

    Erdogan doesn’t realise Chancellor Angela Merkel is giving him a chance to have a soft landing, he doesn’t realize that besides Turkish archives, ther are archives everywhere, UK, Germany, France, Vatican,…. so it is of his interest to come out and bravely face with Turkey’s past, Turkey will be more humiliated once these archives are opened, there are too much material out there, this problem can’t go away by denying, millions of Armenians are everywhere, the answer for simple questions , from where did these millions of Armenians come from? how? and why?

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  16. Garo Yeghichian said:

    Which Turkish archives Mr. Erdogan is taking about to be open?for the archives distroyed? or the archives some how disappeared from archives room by the turkish denyers?.All Countries has archives recorded for the Armenian genocide .why Mr. Erdogan (smart) pointing only the Turkish archives?

  17. George Kevork Gulluian said:

    My father side 47 pupels deported to Surien desert, My father was 14 years old that time, he return Turkey Istanbul 21 years old by hopping to find her family mambers which deported from Tekirdag, unfortunutly no one living anymore except my father. my Turkish friends have 2 grandma and 2 grandpa I have nothing, all lost in Derzor, only he live. My mather side lost 28 person,I have lukily 1 grandma, no grandpa.No one gulty Even Mr. Erdogan, but history newer forget, a big ashem for denaing,Even Hitler say about Juish holicost time, how remember Armenian Genoside happen, but 2.000 years ald nation we are as Armenian 10 Millioan on the world livng, what happen, where is old Christian nation, wher they are, thanks God we have finaly, I hop, live longer as free country and livng there almost 3 millioans Armenian.

  18. Hovsep said:

    She has more guts and is for of a man then most of our leaders today! Bravo!

  19. arziv said:

    Back to the days of perfidious European powers when they also ” pretended” to scold Habdul Hamid and young turks. We all know the outcome of those pretentious hypocrisy filled ” scoldings”. If a scolding is not backed up by action it is a sham, hypocrisy at its best. Who in his right mind thinks Erdogan will listen to Merkel, Hollande, or any other , if behind the exhortations there is no muscle to mete out justice ? . The genocide will be acknowledged only when the turks are compelled to acknowledge it. It will not come about by scoldings, exhortations, appeal to remorse, forgiveness,justice, humanity, and other nice ringing into the ear cliches and slogans.

  20. Dominic Jablonski said:

    And THAT is why I’m proud of our chancellor!
    This is exactly what I wanted to hear from her!
    I have nothing against Turkey joining the EU if:

    -they face history and acknowledge the genocide of 1915
    they do right by Armenia and return its land and property (churches etc)
    -ban such ridiculous laws as “offending turkishness”
    -apologize to people and families of people such as Orhan Pamuk, Hrant Dink and many more

  21. Just Another Armenian said:

    Sometimes I think we need to move on. They are a weak people incapable of accountability. Why do I care if THEY acknowledge anything? I really don’t.

  22. daniel sagherian said:

    Madame Chancellor. Let’s leave Erdogans aside for a moment, and come clean in choosing the easier path, the one that is clear and transparent should you leave politicking aside and pursue your conviction to justice. Can Germany open up its files of that era, regarding the Baghdad Trail, fending off the Russians to North Caucuses, and the Franco/ British to the west of the Balkans? We still don’t fully address the complicity of the German mind in planning as well as executing that horrific ethno-racio-religious cleansing of that land…and mind you, 100 years later, its happening everywhere in the Greater Middle East, Asia Minor, and North & Central Africa!!! Can we really hear it from the horse’s mouth? Can Germany exonerate itself, that the Young Turk Junta acted alone without Germany’s assistance, involvement, planning, execution? Don’t worry of consequences to Germany – Armenians are too weak to respond! Yet at least you put the record straight, no conspiracies, no scratching of each other’s back, no need to scold!! Let Erdogans feel humiliated and shameful after that; that their mentor and defender came clean, thus no dress to cover their naked chests!!!

  23. Armen said:

    Good job Chancellor A. Merkel, please tell him more, sometimes perhaps his memory isn’t good to remember it, thank you.

  24. Haykuhi said:

    Perfect. Great thanks to A. Merkel for this pressure.
    I hope some changes would be soon.

  25. Paul said:

    Well done Chancellor as we must Never forget The Assyrian, Armenian & Greek Genocide by the Turks during WW1. Brave woman I must say

  26. Varoujan said:

    Thank you Ms. Merkel. As for Mr. Erdogan, you either should admit that Ottoman Turks did cause a genocide or you have to officially admit that Turks are idiots, retarded and stupid and they did not realize that sending humans into desert without water and food will result to mass killing of people.

  27. THE TRUTH HURTS! said:


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