Georgia, Azerbaijan Agree to Cooperate on ‘Breakaway’ Territories

Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili (left) toasts Azeri President Ilham Aliyev at a state dinner during his visit to Baku. Feb. 12, 2014. (Photo: official publication)

TBILISI (DF Watch)—Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev said Georgia and Azerbaijan support each other in issues of “territorial integrity” during a visit by Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili to Baku on Wednesday.

The comment was in reference to Karabakh, relating it to Georgia’s issues with segments of the country that have been demanding independence, such as South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Tbilisi ended diplomatic relations with Moscow after Russia recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia following a short war with Georgia in 2008.

The Presidents agreed to support and cooperate with each other on the issue.

According to RFE/RL, Margvelashvili praised Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev for helping build a “warm and friendly” relationship with Georgia.

Speaking at a joint press conference, Margvelashvili also pointed to the “historic” railroad project his country and Azerbaijan are taking part in, saying the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line would be a new bridge between Europe and Asia, RFE/RL reported.

The two presidents also discussed other transit projects involving Caspian Basin energy resources destined for European markets that cross both Azerbaijani and Georgian territories.


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  1. Armenian said:

    Unfortunate, but sadly this is reflective of Armenia’s inability to produce anything of value to the rest of the world. It’s a shame, too, because obviously we have the capacity amongst ourselves to produce things of value and worth. An honest, transparent and truly democratic party rooted in justice would have created an incentive-based economy that encouraged socioeconomic development and not desperate migration to Siberia where Armenians would rather get a monthly stipend for beautifying Russia’s peripheries.

    Had we banished the forces of reliance, dependence, mental and emotional devotion and wholehearted surrender to foreigners, we would have been able to create a society in which intelligent Armenians don’t need to leave their country in search of opportunities, and intellect, smarts and talent would have been harnessed for the greater good. Instead we have habrgats oligarchs and corrupt USSR-esqe politicians who are constantly looking for quick fixes and the easier way out by giving everything in our possession to the Russians. We are literally the laughingstock of the region, and I’m not quite sure even Russia has a gram of respect for us since we continue to give them everything we have with the hope that they will make our lives better (even though I’m almost positive that they won’t).

    Armenia cannot afford to be an undemocratic country like Russia or Azerbaijan. Clearly the reasons why Armenians continue to leave Armenia are mainly because of the lack of opportunities provided for the common man. Our corruption discourages business, discourages investment, and creates brain-drain in which our most promising young men and women leave and contribute to the enrichment and development of other countries. It’s okay, though. Russia’s going to come in and save us. I’ll just sit here, passively, twiddling my thumbs, leaving my destiny in someone else’s hands, hoping that maybe they might take good care of me.

    Who am I kidding? If we continue this way, we’re destined for a very, very slow and painful death.

    • Sarkis said:

      This is some of the worst self-hating garbage I have ever heard coming out of any Armenian. No one has the right to Armenia for the fact that our three western-backed neighbors, namely NATO’s turkey and turkey jr aka azerbaijan, and America’s outpost Georgia are united in their mission to harm Armenia due to the aggressive, expansionist, anti-Armenian and anti-Russian ruling regimes and societies, not because Armenia “lacks democracy” or any other nonsense.

      For your information, Armenia produces much value. What a disgusting quote “Armenia’s inability to produce anything of value to the rest of the world”, I usually read such petty remarks from turkish and azerbaijani websites. Armenia has a healthy and growing Information Technologies, mining, tourism, eco-tourism, arms production, UAV production, minerals production, high end alcohol production, diamond industry, tobacco industry, and research and development centers partnered with Russian and western institutes. And there are tons of industries, from financing to textiles and foodstuffs which are on the rise.

      Anyone who claims Armenia is the “laughing stock” of the region clearly does not know what they are talking about. Armenia is a militarily powerful state closely allied with the Russian superpower, while Georgia is a military joke and economically it is a debt slave to the west. azerbaijan is a country which honors axe murderers. turkey is infamous for genocide and genocide denial. Armenia is a glorious, shining light in that region.

      Comparing Russia to azerbaijan is laughable, something the State Department would do when its not busy claiming Nagorno-Karabakh is a region within azerbaijan or denying the Armenian Genocide.

      As for saving Armenia, Russia stopped turkey cold in 1993 from finishing Armenia off. Today thanks to Mother Russia Armenia has Iskander-M missiles, SMERCH artillery and S-300 systems. Not to mention invaluable socio-cultural, spiritual, economic, financial, technological and nuclear support.

        • Sarkis said:

          Thank you GeorgeMardig. I hate responding to trolls online, but I cannot let lies and insults against Armenia go unpunished!

      • Hakop said:

        When did the State Department deny the genocide liar? Or Artsakh?

        Let us know after you’re done washing your pink bathrobe.

        • Arius said:

          Just look at the words that Obama used last year on the April 24th commemoration of the genocide. That tells you all.

      • Arius said:

        Sarkis, the problem with many Armenians in the West is that they have internalized a Western centric bias. But I am seeing a change. When some Armenians called for a revolution/coup (so called ‘color revolution’) like that which happened in Ukraine many other Armenians spoke up immediately in opposition to that idea. Some even said we need to rid ourselves of our Western bias.

        We need to remember that the US didn’t stop Turkey from occupying Cyprus. The US didn’t stop Turkey from invading Armenia in the 1990’s (it was Russia). The US official statement on the jihadi attack on Kesab makes no mention of Turkey assisting the jihadis. The US will ALWAYS back Turkey. Armenia will only survive in alliance with Russia.

    • Harutik said:

      Washington’s cyber-warriors are everywhere these days. Please save us your nonsense about democracy. We have seen what democracy has done to places like western Europe, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine and Syria. I think even the most ignorant ones in our society are now beginning to see through the West’s smokescreen (democracy, freedom of speech, globalization, etc). Even the most ignorant ones in our society are beginning to see the political West as a threat to humanity. God bless Russia. God bless Armenia. And may God help us preserve Russo-Armenian relations against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

      • Arius said:

        The US government has a psychological operations division that works with the DOD and State Dept.

        I found out that leading up to and during the bombing of Serbia there were US gov PsychOps teams in the news rooms of the major MSM networks. Those teams would feed disinformation like ‘the Serbs murdered 100k Kosovars’, which was nothing more that a lie!

        A long article could be written with examples from the 1990’s, and I see their fingerprints in a lot of MSM news since then to the present.

        I am an Armenian raised in the West that finally shook off Western centrism. A West that aids and abets fascist/nazi types in Ukraine and Croatia and jihadis in Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, Chechnya, Egypt, and Syria is not a West that I can any longer identify with.

        The tables have turned. The West is the new USSR. The future is in the coalescing Eurasian alliance. Armenia must continue to orient itself to the East.

    • Enrico said:

      I agree with your point of view, Russia can do nothing to help Armenia, as Russia has its own Information Interests in Armenia and Armenia to Russia does not need, in Russia their problems enough. It would be correct if Armenia otniósheniya established with neighboring states and would cease to poke your eye out on the territory of neighboring gosudarstv.Armeniya already on the verge of losing their independence and it will happen soon and this time will sooner or later even fatal problems.

      • Enrico said:

        I agree with your point of view, Russia can do nothing to help Armenia, as Russia has its own Information Interests in Armenia and Armenia to Russia does not need, in Russia their problems enough. It would be correct if Armenia has established relations with neighboring states and would cease to poke your eye out on the territory of neighboring states.
        Armenia is on the verge of losing independence and it will happen soon and this time will sooner or later even fatal problems.

    • T.K. said:

      The “greatest” value Armenia has produced is you filled with hate supreme devotion to criticize anything and anyone around you.
      The people who curse the Armenian government day and night are usually those who get up from sleep about 9-10am, smoke 10 cigarettes hanging from their balcony window in their almost white shirt. they also drink 10 cups of coffee and keep cursing Pres Sargsyan, Russia, and their mother-in-law for everything that happened to them.
      The rest of us get up and work to better our families and our country.
      So keep blablablaing all you want it is not your type that will fight when need be, work and innovate.
      As to our diaspora Armenians you are all welcome to come and enjoy your homeland. it is getting better day by day and we are not asking for any help. just come and see yourselves.
      Off course there is hardship and a lot needs to be done but i am sure we have many positive and energetic people doing their best to achieve our goals.
      Just one kind advise don’t get involved in internal politics of Armenia. Even when you have best intentions you maybe doing a disservice to your country. we don’t need destabilization or revolutions a la ukraine here.


      P.S. Armenia and Russia are more democratic now than USA. in fact the latter is becoming a police state. soon you will have drones checking you out in your own backyards.

      • Hakop said:

        “Armenia and Russia are more democratic now than USA.” Must be the pink bathrobe talking.
        “it is not your type that will fight when need be” are you going to fight wearing it?

        Cowardly traitors like you should be dismissed. You are garbage.

      • Armenian said:

        You’re right. Armenia is getting better every day. Almost 36% of its people live below the poverty line, and we’re averaging about 30,000 permanent immigrants a year. Thing’s are on the up-and-up. That’s probably why you’re enjoying life in Yerevan or Moscow right now, right?

        You saying that Armenia and Russia are more democratic than the USA is completely laughable and shows just how delusional you are. No need to continue any more.

        • T.K. said:

          I am not enjoying life in moscow. i am back to my homeland from your pink fairyland and working 24/7 instead of talking. i have created good paying jobs and provide much needed service to our compatriots.

    • James said:

      Another self-hating fool. Or are you a Turkish agent? For someone who writes a lot you unfortunately have a lack of understanding when it comes to geopolitics. Georgia killed 10 Russian peacekeepers and started a war they lost. Their current leadership are making the same mistakes. Whatever Western fantasies you may have of “democracy” etc cannot overcome the harsh realities of a south Caucasus region teeming with anti-Armenian actors. Armenia only military partner in the region is Russia, not Turkish NATO troops nor Azerbaijan. Once you realize this you will stop the drivel.

      • Armenian said:

        I’m not a Turkish agent. I am just angry that we could have been more than what we are today, but historically Armenians have settled for lackluster leaders, and their self-driven interests have had tremendously negative and resounding consequences. Russia owns us in everything but name. How did that happen? How did we manage to declare independence, then run right back to Russia in a period of 20 years? Russia does not respect us. Russia is willing to use, bend, and twist us in any way, shape and form in order to keep us miserable if that’s what she needs. Russia’s and Armenia’s interests are not one in the same. I’m not against relations with Russia at all. I think it’s very important, but it’s also important to note that our relationship with Russia should be kept at a comfortable distance, and Armenians should have learned to maximize their gains from all sides by utilizing relations with as many friendly countries as possible. We need to realize that things can change in some years time, and the most important thing we had going for us was our ability to act for ourselves (which is now gone). Iran was a perfect potential partner, yet we won’t get to work with them anymore because Putin governs our country from a distance. People need to understand that bilateral relations, and having another country completely infiltrate you and potentially throw you under the bus at the site of a more lucrative offer is extremely dangerous, and are two totally different things.

        I am terrified of the volume of Armenians who are in favor of trading their potential and dignity for this sedated and slow-creeping incorporation into a new Russian Empire. It’s like they’re Russian agents who are making sure that everything goes in Russia’s favor, and not for what’s best in Armenia.

        • T.K. said:

          Armenia is the only country in the region that has more or less balanced foreign policy, it has military strategic relations with Russia and good relations with USA, EU and Iran. what are you talking about?
          In fact the CU deal Armenia will sign soon, has many EU companies interested in Armenia. they want to open branches and use the opportunity to access CU market. Armenia’s business legislature is better conformed to EU standards not counting the banking system. what are you blablablaing again without any facts. are you just listening to Azatutyun and reading Lragir all day long. Open your mind and read other sources too.
          Don’t be terrified, the only ones that are terrified in all this is Azeries. proof their near hysteria after Armenia signed CU deal. they with turks were waiting anxiously that Armenia will make a wrong move so they can capitalize.

          • Armenian said:

            How could you be that ignorant and just dismiss everything you disagree with as a result of “Western propaganda”. I have family in both Armenia and Russia. I have visited both and lived as they do for a significant period of time. I have seen the realities that they face and the hardships that an increasingly authoritarian, undemocratic and corrupt Armenia has done for us. 40% of Armenians see their future outside of Armenia. How do you ignore such an alarming statistic? Anyone who says that “democracy” is a drug clearly has some sort of predisposed opposition to anything the other side will say and will do anything to deny credibility to those who don’t think like them. Your attitude is extremely dangerous and the whole “don’t criticize anything otherwise you’re putting stability in Armenia at risk” is a cheap scare tactic used to govern people by fear. Shame on you.

          • Sarkis said:

            T.K., thank you for being active, both online and in real life in Armenia. I wish the Armenian nation had more sons (and daughters) such as you. It takes a real man to move to Armenia and create a living for himself and for others, instead of sitting in the west preaching about how “terrible” Armenia is like the cyber-warriors infecting Asabrez do.
            Anyway, “Armenian” has finally run out of things to say, despite the fact that he has enough time and funding that he writes mini essays on Asbarez as “Armenian”, and most likely on the Armenian Weekly as “Vahagn”. The self-evident truth is that because there are absolutely no substantive grounds to claim that the Russian-Armenian alliance is anything less than a Godsend gift for Armenia and Armenians, “Armenian” has to resort to pathetic personal attacks against TK, myself and other nationalists. I’m not kidding when I say this, the filth “Armenian” has written about us is on the same level as the comments that turks and azeris leave about Armenians on their own forums (I’m sure we have all come across such anti-Armenian forums before). I’d like to highlight some of the low-level, juvenile “gems” this American cyber-warrior has posted in the past week or so alone. I’ll leave it up Asbarez’s readership to judge how valuable the advice coming from this psychologically-disturbed cyber-agent is in reality.

            -“When Russia takes a massive crap on us” (February 19, 2014 at 6:37 pm)

            -“I wish I could see the look on your face when Armenia gets trampled on” (February 11, 2014 at 9:46 am)

            -“Your head is so far up Russia’s ass” (February 21, 2014 at 2:10 pm)

            -“We are literally the laughingstock of the region” (February 13, 2014 at 1:31 pm)

            -“Armenia’s inability to produce anything of value to the rest of the world” (February 13, 2014 at 1:31 pm)

            Your posts are just a reminder to everyone that ideological fanatic Armenians have always posed the greatest danger to Armenia. This “Armenian” is a fanatic for American/European globalization and internationalism. Let’s not forget that even under the most oppressive years during Stalin and the early Jewish Bolsheviks, it was ethnic Armenians in Armenia who carried on the purges and persecution against Nationalists. Today the neo-bolshevists in the west have agents like “Armenian” who carry on the same anti-national, anti-Armenia, and anti-Russia black P.R. in the Armenian Diaspora. I am just thankful that the Armenian NSS and the Russian GRU are active in Armenia to limit the poisonous ramblings of people like “Armenian” confined to within the Armenian Diaspora.

          • anotherArmenian said:

            I bet you have never seen an authoritarian system, otherwise you would never say that Armenia is authoritarian. There are more opposition demonstrations in Yerevan than any American city. The problem is that people don’t see any alternative in Armenia and that is the main reason which has created this environment of apathy. I don’t believe any revolution can save the country or lead to drastic changes in the political system. Just look at Ukraine, the country is stuck in a vicious cycle of political instability while the economy is on the verge of collapse. I don’t think that we, Armenians, can afford to do this sort of mistakes.
            Democracy is more than a revolution which will replace this political elite with than one. Democracy needs free and independent media, active and well-established political parties with strategies and ideologies. The majority of people in post soviet countries have a very primitive perception of democracy, they think that US is a perfect democracy and if they sign an association agreement with EU their country will turn into a democratic utopian society overnight. Most people leave Armenia due to unemployment rather than authoritarianism. The truth is that people usually don’t care about politics as long as they have a well paid job, a house and a car otherwise people in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait wouldn’t support their kings. The same goes for US, most people don’t complain because the federal government keeps printing money,now how long that situation will last is hard to say. Armenia chose Russia over EU because EU was not ready to offer anything special, Armenia needs investment in industry, technology and energy. At the present time, it is only Russia which is ready to carry out that kind of investment in Armenia. Its been several years now that Armenia has been trying to attract investment for the construction of new nuclear generators, so far there is only one country which has shown real interest, Russia, EU countries offered Armenia a mere 100 million Euro economic aid in exchange for the complete closure of the Metsamor nuclear power plant which sounds like a joke, to close a reactor which generates almost 40 percent of the electricity in the country for a 100 million euro aid?! I commend president Sarkisian for taking the right albeit less popular decision of joining the CU. Signing the association agreement with EU would have increased his popularity in Armenia and west, nevertheless, he made the choice which is in Armenia’s best interest.

          • Sarkis said:

            I agree with most of your points. But Armenia actually has way too much freedom of press, especially in relation to the primitive state of development of other institutions in Armenian society (ie political parties, ideologies, oversight institutions, understandings of geopolitics). Look at the filth they print in anti-Armenian, US-funded propaganda outlets like and Lragir (you’d think Armenia produced nothing but prostitutes and its population was down to 300,000 people). Meanwhile Armenia-based “Azatutyun Radio”, affiliated with the CIA-run Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, actively denies the Armenian Genocide as a fact, and instread chooses to describe it with State Department style euphemisms like “Armenian claims that 1.5 million were killed which Turkey denies”.

            The problem is more about a lack of professional journalism, rather than freedom of media. Also worth noting that even Yerevan State University’s Journalism Department was founded in 1991 and has been infiltrated with subversive western agents:

            “Cooperation is established with the UN PIA in Armenia, OSCE Yerevan Office, EC Information Office in Armenia, European Commission Delegation and NATO IC. Cooperation with leading foreign HEI (higher education institutes) is being developed permanently.”

            Instead of free

          • Sokimag said:

            Armenian is totally right. How can you guys be that blind? Russia is only interested in itself. It doesn’t care about Armenia at all. Imposter Serzh Sargisian is a traitor whether you like it or not. He has sold us to the Russians. Even former president Kocharian is against Armenia gas deal and CU accession, that speaks volume. Russian imperialism is a threat to the Armenian security.

            We must do everything to restore Armenia’s glory and power. We need democracy and a totally open, honest Armenian government. I support Armenian revolution against the current illegitimate Armenian government. We must take back what is ours.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if Armenia follows Ukraine path. We need it badly.

          • T.K. said:

            Everyone can have their opinion and some maybe opposing each other in ways one may think we not all armenians.
            i express my opinion for people to read and some may not agree, it is their choice.
            All i want to emphasize i have lived in USA for 20 years, educated in USA too. now i am here doing what i feel is right for me. Diaspora Armenians mostly are good Armenia loving people who want to help, but they have to recognize that reality here is very different. we face many enemies. the main objective is to have a strong army. any other issues are secondary. we cannot just forget and think we are safe here. it will be the biggest mistake, whole Armenia and the diaspora has to work to build the best army here in Armenia. we can sort out the rest of social problems later when we in a better situation. all this government attacking and destabilizing will not lead to better outcome. it will weaken us.
            People of Armenia are not happy with the government and we need changes here, but there is no one to trust in opposition either. don’t think if you can gather 10k people who are suicidal and willing to fight the police is gonna change anything. the opposition leaders are as bad as the ones we have in power. we need time and we need to build our country. revolutions are not the way and they will make us weaker. just look at ukraine. soon it will be divided.

    • Armenian said:

      Not anymore, unfortunately. It was signed away when another country represented their interests on our behalf. Don’t worry, though, HHK and the Russophiles of Armenia have made sure that we are the sole representative of Armenia’s interests. They have secured our future by making sure Moscow gets to make our decisions for us. Isn’t nice that we’ve managed to get ourselves into nearly the same exact position we were in when Kars was signed away literally overnight on our behalf without any input from us? If anything, the current predicament we find ourselves in is even more embarrassing– at least then the loss of decision making was a result of military loss and conquest, this time around we’ve mentally sold ourselves and our future as a result of Moscow’s ability to capitalize on fear. Even worse, Moscow has their own cheerleaders who are ready and willing to give even more of ourselves for the sake of a bleak, fruitless and desolate “future”.

  2. Vindicated Man said:

    They can’t do very much about these “territories”. It’s interesting how they’re going to cooperate. A good point to start would be educating themselves on the right of a nation for self-determination and sovereignty.

  3. Abal said:

    One more reason to design and work toward establishment of a common border with Russia. Azerbaijan and Georgia are now in concordat regarding territories, their conflicts with Armenia and Russia makes them likely partners. Politically both countries would do well to accept that Abkhazia,Ossetia and Artsakh would not revert to their Soviet era scenario. The next time Georgia tries to tamper with the deli mitations of Ossetia and Abkhazia, they will lose more ground, as for Azeries they have no hope whatsoever of restoring Soviet era boundaries. If the Azeries resort to war, they will be crushed. Artsakh and it’s mountain re doubts are impregnable fortresses. A conflagration is inevitable, and Armenia must be prepared to seize the historical opportunity this will present to expand from its current position and create the common border with Russia.

    • Armenian said:

      Again with this “common border with Russia” nonsense. If this represents the majority opinion from Armenians, which, luckily, from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t, but nonetheless, the frequency in which I read comments like these from Armenian news sites is frightening. It just goes to show you how incredibly delirious and unrealistic some Armenians are. If this becomes commonplace, we’re doomed. No way in hell Russia would stand for a stronger Armenia. If anything, Russia would make sure Armenia has absolutely no opportunities so that it continues to remain isolated and dependent on it. How can Armenians be this blind and naive?

      • T.K. said:

        so says the “armenian”, i am sure that common border is not to your liking, but who cares? just make your move we are waiting.

        • Armenian said:

          I sincerely pray that people like you stay as far away from politics as possible. Your head is so far up Russia’s ass, that you’re not even thinking rationally anymore, or like an Armenian. Your “cut up Georgia” strategy is not only incredibly stupid, unfeasible and ignorant, it is extremely dangerous, and reckless and will give an army of millions of people from three neighboring countries an incentive to obliterate us completely. This ideology poses a complete and total danger to Armenia’s existence as a country. If you’d want any opportunity to make sure we’re extinguished once and for all, this would be it.

          Do you realize what an opportunity it would be for the Turks to collaborate with the Georgians and completely destroy us from all three angles? I’m amazed that I even have to sit here and explain to anyone why this is such a dimwit idea. No wonder some Armenians are staunch Russia fans, they don’t even think in terms of their own interests anymore.

          And by the way, Russia will never let us engage on any sort of conquest that would be beneficial to us and strengthen us in our nation, especially if it meant gaining some sort of power as an independent country. In their eyes, our role is that of a servant, and anything that would empower us would be against Russia’s interests. Russia is NEVER going to help you get on your feet. It’ll give you some things like cheap gas and the supposed “promise” of security to keep the masses hoping and reliant in an exchange for our sovereignty and apparently our ability to analyze anything critically.

          Stop being a Kremlin troll.

          • T.K. said:

            You are blablablaing again, whoever talked about Georgia and why do you think that the only way we can connect to Russia is Georgia. have you any knowledge of maps. google map and see. your basic skills of reading, understanding a point and replying to a subject is zero. get a hold of yourself otherwise i am thinking you are an uneducated turk who doesn’t deserve an answer.

        • Sokimag said:

          Armenian is right, It is completely ridiculous to want to grab a piece of Georgia. That would turn Georgia against us. We need as much ally as we can. We can not afford to lose another neighbor support. Georgia is not hostile to Armenia. We should keep it that way. We should even try to improve relation with Georgia that can only do us good.

          • Sokimag said:

            I see your point about having a common border with Russia, but don’t you think it would be better if we get a common border with Russia via conquered Azerbaijan land? Azerbaijan has a common border with Russia.

            Once we conquer all of Azerbaijan, then we have a common border with Russia. No need to destroy our northern neighbor Georgia to have a common border with Russia. :)

          • Sarkis said:

            Sokimag, if we could establish a common border with Russia through azerbaijan I would not object. But realistically, georgia is exponentially weaker militarily than azerbaijan not to mention smaller in population and less in distance from Russia’s current southern border and Armenia’s current northern border. Georgia’s military was CRUSHED in 2008 by Russia after georgia launched its genocidal war of aggression against South Ossetia – they have no air force and lost a good chunk of their tanks and armored personnel carriers. And Russia still has a lot of animosity towards Tblisi. Additionally, georgian soldiers have proved time and again that they are absolute cowards on the battlefield and will often wet themselves and flee the second they encounter serious resistance after they start a war. And remember georgia is already divided and unstable. And no foreign power will come to their aid, just like in 2008. Also, Georgia is a major danger because it serves as a NATO/turkish outpost right in the middle of Russia and Armenia. This threat must be dealt with. On top of all this, there are seveal hundred thousand oppressed Armenians inside georgia who need liberation and freedom.

            By contrast, occupying all of azerbaijan would risk turks and other local muslims (chechens, pakistanis) getting involved, which is something we don’t need right now and should avoid if our only goal is to break Armenia’s blockade. And this would automatically isolate azerbaijan anyway and remind the turks that the mighty Russian Bear is waiting on their entire northern and eastern borders if they start getting wild ideas about even threatening Armenia.

            I have nothing personal against Georgians, I’m just saying this is in Armenia’s best interests. I’m not advocating going in and committing war crimes against their civilians or anything like that. We can treat them as well as they treated their Armenian citizens in Javakhk :)

          • Armenian said:

            This has stupidity and unrealistic written all over it. You’re talking about cutting up a friendly country, and turning that country into an enemy as well. God forbid you go anywhere near a position that could potentially influence foreign policy. You are a danger not just to Armenia, but to the stability of the entire Caucasus in general.

            I hope the Turks don’t take your words and disperse them to Georgians, presenting this insane and absolutely repulsive “idea” as commonplace among Armenians. What an embarrassment.

          • Sarkis said:

            If only this “Armenian” defended Armenia’s interests as much as it does Georgia’s. Everything you say reinforces the theory that you are an otar pretending to be Armenian.

            BTW what happened to all that talk of “I’m not responding to you anymore”?

  4. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Every one should hear Ani Martirosian what she spoke on you tube in Hawaii…Amazing clear honest speech…
    Ani Martirosian…This honest, brave lady spoke historical speech…She articulated the heart of every honest human who understand Armenian cause since millennium …not only the Armenians’ who lost Armenian Highlands=Western Armenia (called Eastern Turkey) after the genocide after Armenians lost 1.5 million lives … Every word she said it is true and historical… But still some Turks or Azeris think the same way to annihilate all Armenians from this earth…still they think it was not enough for what they did…
    Armenians lost all their lands do any one accept to lose Artsakh as well…is this fair …many lessons from them was not enough to protect them selves…!!!

  5. GeorgeMardig said:

    Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili is playing with fire, another shortsighted president, not to mention the cooeperation with an idiotic president like Aliyev

  6. Arn.Sweden. said:

    Why does the Georgians continue this Idiotic and Follish Western Policy ?.

    If they had sided with Armenia and Russia,
    Russia would not have backed the split of Georgia and Peoples of Georgian Origin,
    and could even had backed Georgia for claiming old Georgian Territory in todays Northeastern Turkey,
    togheter with Armenia.

    I am sad for Georgia, from where the Swedish people has originated.

    The US will eventually hav to leave Caucasus and the Georgians will be left in the Cold.

    Georgia is a looser !.


    • Arn.Sweden. said:

      On the other hand this is good for Armenia.

      Bouth Georgia and Azerbadjan has chosen Russia as Enemy,
      and bouth will Loose.


  7. Samuel Darbinian said:

    Georgia & Azarbaijan support each other in issue of ‘territorial integrity’, that is a very series issue.
    First off all Georgian amateur & simpleton president need to understand Georgia itself considered a Russian break away territory, also the same case applied for azari turkey chicken president Elham Alieve’s territorial integrity fiasco.
    After more than 20 years wondering around the globe & lot of expenses eventually azari turkey chicken president discovered somebody Georgian president, nobody like himself is sharing & suffering from the pain of the same type of tragic mistakes, so they will have good opportunity support & comfort each other & drink cool aide.

  8. gaytzag palandjian said:

    Hey Sweden…
    I once had a very good chummy ,a Swede .From him I learned aplenty re your country and the mode of Governance there.i only wish Armenia had followed your system of Democratic ,mildly Socialistic style.We would have had plenty more investments in RA and a lot more less poor people!!!
    No skyscrapers, but at least no poor people good system of schooling, transportation health etc., etc., etc.,
    As to cold war and all that is happening right now ,[possibly a confrontation too in UKRAIN. All that is because of the “Wild FREE MARKET ECONOMY”” that was planted there as well as , like in RA.
    Even now it is nmot too late if one or two of our traditonal political parties can muster up power and moderately inject that kind of Social order in RA.We cannot afford another Egypt like or even Ukrain like Revolutions in our Homeland.W E N E E D E V O L U I O N.This can be articulated no,not by p[eopl who-as a an Armenian habit – custom and others’ too of being after positions chairs…
    I consider myself as A CIVIL SERVANT OF MY PEOPLE-NATION-ազգիս քաղաքացիական ծառայ
    AN UNHEARD OF utterance by a fellow Ar,menian. I send my emails to near all armenian weeklies etc., they never publish them ,becajuse I am not partisan. What a shame!!! and they expect here in Diaspora that Armenia change to the better. THERE THEY ARE ISHKHANS.Here they are as Ara Baliozian * Candian armenian p[hilosopher-writer( dubs them as BBB’s*Bishops, benefactors and Bosses. you go guess whom he means by the latter two.
    May God rteach us all to be more tolerant and becom e a Convergence and DIRECTED nATION.Not individualistic and only partisan and BBB’s……

  9. GB said:

    People, NOBODY can play dirty games in Russians back yard !!Georgia and Ukraine did and they have lost.. we have to learn from their disastrous radicalism and do the best for the future of Armenia!! Armenia needs both EU and Russia and U.S! After Artsakh and Genocide settlements with Turkic tribes, Armenia must remain a neutral democratic European country!