Davutoglu Vows to Keep Relations Frozen

L. to r. - Prime Ministers Maya Pandjikidze of Georgia, Elmar Memmedyarov of Azerbaijan, and Ahmet Davutoglu of Turkey at their meeting in Ganja, Azerbaijan

Turkish foreign minister says relations with Armenia to remain frozen until Armenia withdraws from Karabakh

GANJA, Azerbaijan (Turkish Press)—A normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia is impossible without a solution to the 20 year-old conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, said Turkey’s foreign minister during a joint press conference with his Azeri and Georgian counterparts Elmar Memmedyarov and Maya Pandjikidze in the Azerbaijani city of Ganja on Wednesday.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said opening the border with Armenia would be possible if Yerevan withdraws its forces from the region.

Azeri Foreign Minister Elmar Memmedyarov said the parties discussed the Southern Gas Corridor, energy issues, and the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars regional rail link project, which will directly connect Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

He also said they exchanged views on further developing relations.

A joint declaration was signed by the three ministers after the annual Turkey-Azerbaijan-Georgia tripartite meeting.

The first meeting took place in Turkey in 2012 and the second in Georgia.


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  1. Vindicated Man said:

    Artsakh is none of their Turkish business so the man’s reasoning is ridiculous. But he’s right that the relations should remain frozen: The one to withdraw from someone else’s lands is his country and not Armenia. I’m wondering how many more hypocrites Turkey has.

  2. Vasken said:

    With greater reason, We Demand our Western Armenia, More so than a football diplomacy

  3. vartan said:

    closed border with turkey is blessing for Armenia. with one exeption the eastern Anatolia is western Armenia , the turks homeland is in uygurland next to china. turkey does not belong to anatolia or present day of “turkey”.

  4. Sergik said:

    Ahmet, Armenia will withdraw from Karabakh only in your dreams, keep on dreaming.

  5. Ohannes Boghossian said:

    Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu i am just wondering if you know the words of shame
    my question is to you as a Foreign Minister of great satanic Nation of Turkey
    if Armenian has money or oil you will kiss Armenian ass too
    please just tell me how much money i need so you can kiss my
    ass too just i like to know what is your price after all every hooker has hes price
    in the picture you look like hooker and Elmar Memmedyarov look like pimp and
    the lady from Georgian looks like towel holder what a combination and i am relay
    sorry for my France language but for shameless human like i am not sorry

  6. Alex Postallian said:

    I hope my eyesight isn’t failing me…everytime I see jerky turkey,the big bastard brother and azerbaturk the little bastard brother,pictures,I think I am looking at the monkey cage,at the zoo.

  7. Sarkis said:

    Well look at this. What a surprise that NATO’s regional minions the turks, NATO’s regional fanboys the georgians, and NATO’s future prospect and turkey’s “little brother” azerbaijan are still conspiring against Armenia, just as they have been since the collapse of the Soviet Union. And the “democratic” west, America and Europe, do not even bother to pretend they care about their puppets in Ankara, Tblisi and Baku conspiring against Armenia anymore.

    How can Armenia ever possibly stand up to the might of these NATO-backed jackals? Simple, the Russian Federation is back on the international scene, and is growing more powerful by the day. And Armenia’s far-sighted leadership made the wise decision of establishing long term strategic relations between Armenia and Russia. For all it’s NATO-engineered military might and aggressive posturing, turkey powerless and cannot threaten Armenia in any way because of the presence of Russian soldiers in Armenia, and because of the presence of Russian-provided advanced weaponry in Armenia’s Armed Forces (mostly provided for FREE by Russia). Now we see the only weapon the turks had was economic, luckily Armenia is committed to the process of ascending to Customs Union membership and will is already seeing significant economic investments, with plenty more to come.

    Which brings us to the blockade issue. Armenia and Russia are allied, but need a common border in order to break the back of the NATO’s turkey-georgia-azerbaijan alliance. We must establish a common border with Russia so that we can turn Armenia into a state powerful enough to, one day in the future, kick the turkish occupiers out of Western Armenia! I have no qualms when I say this, Armenia MUST establish a common border with Russia, and the most realistic route is through Georgia.

    Georgia has been carrying out anti-Armenian activities for a long time, and has been complicit in the NATO blockade of Armenia. Georgia severely abuses the rights of its Armenian minority. We see in this article how Georgia helps the Turks and Azeris try to suffocate Armenia. And Georgia is a dangerous NATO base right between Armenia and Russia. But Georgia is still seriously weakened from the thrashing it received from Russia in 2008. It is a fragmented state that already lost independent Abkhazia and independent South Ossetia. They have a large turkish and muslim minority. When the time is right, Armenia and Russia should coordinate a strategy to remove the Georgian threat and forever break the blockade of Armenia.

    The day Armenia has a common border with Russia, the day Armenia will become Russia’s primary overland gateway to Iran and the Middle East. Azerbaijan will be isolated and helpless. And turkey’s dreams of expanding into the South Caucasus will be forever crushed – panturkism will finally be dead. We must do whatever it takes to ensure the survival and prosperity of the Armenian nation for the centuries to come. We must break Armenia out of its mountainous prison and turn it into a regional, Russian-backed fortress. We cannot allow Armenia to be left to the “mercy” of the three criminals, georgian, azeri, and turkish holding hands and smiling in the picture at the top of this article.

    • Ari said:

      Great idea in having a common boarder with Russia. May be it can also be established thru Azeri occupied lands.

    • Armenian said:

      I hope the Georgians who might stumble across this page, and read some of the atrocious comments about their country like this one realize that this approach to Georgia is in no way, shape or form, represents the view of the majority of Armenians.

    • Armenian said:

      You’ve painted an awfully romantic picture there. It even got me for a few seconds before I realized that you have left a very large part of the picture out, and that’s Russia’s extremely close and comfortable working relationships with both Baku and Ankara. I’m kind of shocked that anyone would call for the radical things you’re calling for in terms of territorial conquests, especially with a country as vulnerable as Armenia. Your rational is a perfect example of putting all of your eggs in one basket, hoping and praying on the mercy of our “overlords”, and keeping your fingers crossed that they’ll override their interests in favor of ours. Huyst lriv otari vra es drel, hashvi ches arnum or vochmi ban haverjhakan chi, manavant kaghakagetakan hartserov.

      Before you talk about cutting Georgia up to become an even further servant to Russia, you should realize that Russia has close relations with both Azerbaijan and Turkey, and the combined interests it has with both of those countries far outweighs Russia’s desire to make Armenia a “fortress”. Russia would never help Armenia “cut up” other territories because Russia knows what kind of a nation some Armenians like you have helped make us: dependent, khekhchatsats, in desperate need of a host to benefit from, and completely un-reliant on ourselves as the gate-keeprs to our future and the ability to use our smarts collectively for our national interests. So go ahead, make your undiplomatic calls to cut Georgia up, all the while statements like yours are picked up by Turks and spread around Georgia to make it seem like all Armenians are this hostile and delirious, and aggressive, thus increasing their hatred and distrust of us. You’re doing a brilliant job of helping Georgians see Armenians the way Turks do.

      And you should realize that an under-developed, depopulated and unproductive Armenia polluted with corruption and lack of opportunity poses a threat to absolutely nobody but ourselves. The only way we become a threat to anyone is by putting our heads together and working for our interests, and not Russia’s.

      • Hay said:

        I mostly sympathize with your point of you, but let’s not make Georgians out to be some saints who will be offended at Sarkis’ proposals. Georgia has been having a very anti-Armenian policy and kissing turkish behinds for a while now. They are very much compliant in all the steps made to further isolate us, and if you think they care at all about you then you’re very mistaken. Everybody looks out for themselves, nothing wrong with that. So let’s stop acting as if being nice will make others behave the same way in return.

        • Armenian said:

          Obviously they’re not saints, but a large part of their Armenophobia comes form comments like the one above; about how we should cut up their country and take whatever we can. If you understand Georgia and Georgians as personally and as well as I do, that’s one of their biggest fears: losing parts of their country to the ethnic minorities within its borders. Our alliance with Russia is naturally a cause for unease for them, just as their alliance with Turkey isn’t digested well with us, but this whole cutting up Georgia and taking their borders, and moronic calls for violence and ethnic warfare with Georgia is taken by Turkic groups within that country and distributed to Georgians. A whole lot of them think that most Armenians think that way, when in reality, it’s only an extremely tiny portion of Russia-worshipping fan girls who are willing to destroy Armenia for the sake of Russia. Azeris outnumber Armenians in Georgia in terms of the ethnic minorities, yet you’ll never hear a single one of them talking about how “they’re going to cut Georgia up” and divide among themselves and the Turks. Even if that is their intention, they’d never be stupid enough to say it out loud like some of the idiots on here regularly do.

          • Sarkis said:

            Once again “Armenian” tries to blame the evil nature of NATO’s regional minions in turkey, azerbaijan and georgia on the Armenians! Self-hatred will get you nowhere, fast.

            Georgians fear losing their country because it is a mini-empire that exists because it oppressed the rights of others. It’s this same “we’re entitled to everyone else’s land, culture and property” which causes Georgians to destroy Armenian cemeteries and steal Armenian Churches through “conversions”… Or are you going to tell us that the real reason is because of lack of freedom of press in Armenia plus a conspiracy by President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov.

            And if my only choice is between being a “Russia-worshipping fan girl” as you claim or a tool of NATO/turkey/georgia like you, I’ll take “Russia-worshipping fan girl” any day.

            And quit crying, the only “idiot” here is the Armenia-hater who cannot respond with anything substantive and has to resort to personal insults.

    • Armenian said:

      Because if you’ve noticed, not even Russia is willing to put all of its eggs in the Armenia basket, and diversifies its relations in order to get what it wants from not only us, but the other nations it has relations with. They will never completely side with us despite so many Armenians ready and willing to fall to their knees and kiss their feet because they have a basic sense of understanding of politics and the importance of DIVERSIFYING your relations with others. What your mindset has helped us do is back us into a corner of complete isolation. The Armenians have done a better job of isolating themselves better than any pipeline originated from Baku and circumventing Armenia ever could have done.

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      I agree, great article, Russians should have done this a long time ago, Armenians could do the dirty job, but they can’t do it alone

  8. Zareh said:

    That’s not Ganjia. That is Kantzag. That is the next historic town which will be ours. It is just a matter of time.

  9. GB said:

    I wonder if in the next 50 years Georgia’s national flag, cross symbols will be changed to star and moon in it’s 4 corners. Armenia, then will be surrounded with three Turkified nations!!

  10. GeorgeMardig said:

    Good news. Opening the border with Turkey is bad for Armenia and good for Turkey, they can keep having mental orgasm.