Anti-Armenian Demonstrators in Turkey Praise Dink Murderer

Anti-Armenian demonstrators march holding banner praising Dink murderer

ISTANBUL—Anti-Armenian demonstrators on Sunday carried a banner praising Hrant Dink’s murderer Ogum Samsat as they marched to highlight the events in Khojaly, which the Azeri propaganda machine uses to incite hatred toward Armenians, the Agos newspaper reported.

“Hooray for Ogun Samast! Down with Hrant Dink! Salute Azerbaijan and keep on fighting,” read the banner.

The group reportedly identified themselves as “soldiers of Alparslan Turkes,” who was a nationalist politician and founder of Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). They began to march from Sisli to Taksim square, but were blocked by police.

The group dispersed after making a press statement, saying people in Turkey were ignorant about the events in Khojaly.


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  1. Suren said:

    It really says
    “Live on Ogun Samasts, Damn/Fuck Hrant Dinks. Salute Azerbaijan, continue the struggle”

    Ultra-nationalism and conflict propaganda is horrible, these are 30-40 year old radical nationalist that love to hate and love to get kids on board of the national hate procedures.It’s disgusting!
    Armenians have such people too but at least we don’t have to rely on an enemy to consolidate our identity.
    I feel bad for the Armenians living there.:(

  2. Hay said:

    Really? A nation founded on genocide is accusing others of crimes against humanity?

  3. Kevork said:

    “They began to march from Sisli to Taksim square”

    It would be more appropriate if they marched from Sisli back to Mongolia instead.

  4. GB said:

    Turkic tribes make themselves comfortable, for Armenian Genocide 99-Th anniversary!

  5. vartan said:


  6. GeorgeMardig said:

    …saying people in Turkey were ignorant about the events in Khojaly… they are also ignorant about the Armenian Genocide

  7. Sarkis said:

    No surprises here, these barbaric animals have cowardly murderers like ogun samast and ramil safarov as their heroes. Turkey and Azerbaijan are nations whose ideal men cannot even look into the eyes of their victims before committing homicide.

    Let me save everyone from being surprised: the “democratic” countries of Europe and America, the ones who never hesitate to use “human rights”, “tolerance and anti-xenophobia”, “rule of law”, “civil society” and “brotherhood of peoples under one government in Brussels or Washington DC” WILL TAKE EXACTLY ZERO ACTIONS to punish such brazen fascism on the part of their Turkish NATO allies. These are the same hypocrite western governments which have used Armenia’s natural growing pains over the past twenty-three years in an effort to demoralize Armenia’s citizenry and incite deadly riots in Yerevan in hopes of a “color revolution” or “Arab Spring” type regime change to the Nationalistic, Russian-allied government in Yerevan. The same cowards who refuse to recognize the right of independent Artsakh to live free from Azeri occupation and subjugation, and the same immoral cowards who have turned the memory of the martyred victims of the Armenian Genocide into a political bargaining chip which they use to pressure Turkey into being more obedient.

    We all know that Turks and Azeris will not change, we all know that western officials know EXACTLY what type of people their allies in Ankara and Baku and Tbilisi are, and we all know that no matter how many Armenians are murdered and no matter how disgustingly the killers celebrate their crimes in public that western officials will continue giving away advanced weapons to the Turks for free or for massive discounts (thanks to you and I and the rest of America’s tax-payers) and working closely to Azerbaijan in hopes of tapping some of Azerbaijan’s remaining oil and gas resources.

    Once again we will clearly see that behind the west’s lofty ideals and sweet rhetoric, there are nothing but calculated geo-political interests. And those interests happen to be anti-Armenian in nature. Thank God Armenia today is safe from the Turks and Azeris, due to 1) the noble men and women of the Armenian Armed Forces, and 2) Armenia’s strategic alliance with the Russian Federation, the presence of Russian troops defending Armenia’s current borders with Turkey and Iran, and the very large amount of advanced, sophisiticated weaponry which Russia gave to Armenia for free and which Armenia would otherwise never be able to afford.

    Take a good look at these animals in the photo at the top of this article, remember that their main benefactors are NATO and the so-called “democracies” of the West, and ask yourselves “where would Armenia be, or would Armenia even exist today, if not for Russia and the strategic Russian-Armenian alliance’? Thank God for Armenia’s survival and emerging prosperity today, and for the CSTO and the Customs Union.