Artsakh’s Future after Crimea Events

Crimeans celebrate last week's referendum for secession


YEREVAN (ArmRadio)—“Near the centennial of the First World War, the world powers are trying to restore the Russo-Turkish and Crimean Wars through different processes,” Armenia’s Human Rights Defender Larisa Alaverdyan told reporters on Wednesday. According to her, fatal events for small nations always take place against the background of complex geopolitical developments, as it was the case with Crimea.

Having paid several visits to Crimea, Larisa Alaverdyan has not seen anything Ukrainian there except for a few posters. “Crimea has always wanted to reunite with Russia,” she said, adding, however, that comparing Artsakh to Crimea would be incorrect.

“Since 1988 Artsakh has managed to move along the path it had chosen in the beginning. Artsakh is a rather vivid example of actions that are legal from the very beginning up until today,” Larisa Alaverdyan said.

Why didn’t Artsakh react to the independence of Kosovo, while expressed a clear position in the case of Crimea? “Artsakh could not be glad for what happened in Kosovo. As for Crimea, it is conceived as part of Russia. Therefore, Artsakh treats this as restoration of historic justice,” she added.

Ex-Foreign Minister Alexander Arzumanyan says, “The situation of Armenian authorities is not enviable, as they will face open pressures from Russia, as it was with the case of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”

Alexander Arzumanyan welcomes the reaction of the Karabakh authorities to the referendum in Crimea, supporting the right to self-determination and hoping for a peaceful settlement. The ex-Foreign Minister does not rule out that there might be people in Armenia or Karabakh requesting unification with Russia like Transniestria, and this is the most dangerous prospect.

“For 70 years, people in Nagorno Karabakh fought to get rid of the Azerbaijani yoke, but before that they had struggled against Russian oppression in the course of 150 years,” he said.

According to Arzumanyan, it is the duty of every force and every citizen concerned with the fate of Armenia to do its best for the sovereignty of Nagorno Karabakh to be sustained.

“If the Customs Union is a good thing, and if Russia is concerned about Armenia, let it recognize Karabakh’s independence for the latter to join the Customs Union as an independent state together with Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Arzumanyan is hopeful that the Armenian authorities will be strong enough to explain to our strategic partners that it stems from Armenia’s interests to maintain relations with both Russia and Ukraine.


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  1. vartan said:

    Hayastan should avoid the neo bolsheviks that pirated ukraine. Being surrounded by turkic devils and their khazar cousins of israel after celebrating another bloodletting holiday of theirs purim they are all jacked up ready to strike iran. When they attack Azerbaijan whom buys weapons from israel(6th largest arms dealers in world) will launch an invasion if russia helps armenia turkey will help azerbaijan. Dont expect the US or west to help the jews dictate american and western policies 100% and they will not attack their turkic brethren just like they used america to bomb serbia in defense of the ottoman residue in the balkans that was rightfully being removed These people HATE traditional christianity and use muslims to destroy it. Are you aware that the greatest resisrance to armenian genocide recognition in america is the jewish ADL . Their encyclopedia says the jews of solonika believed Ataturk to be a crypto jew. Artsakh will not be recognised by any country that has jewish oligarchs.

  2. Armenian said:

    As long as we keep deferring matters of critical national interests to Russia, and are nestled under the increasingly oppressive and exploitative bosom of the Kremlin, neither Armenia nor Artsakh (especially not Artsakh), has a future.

  3. Avetis said:

    After sixty years, we saw the reunification of Crimea with Russia. It was a wonderful event for all self-respecting Russians. By correcting the mistakes of Communism, Moscow also set a wonderful precedence for Armenians of Artsakh. It is my opinion that as long as Yerevan preserves its strategic ties with Moscow and works to cultivate better Russo-Armenian relations, we Armenians will sooner-or-later also see a similar reunification of Artsakh with Armenia – with full Russian backing. But, first thing’s first: Before we expect Russians to assist us in such a manner, we as a people need to rid ourselves of our Asiatic ways, Russophobia, political ignorance and Western agents. As long as Armenia flirts with the political West and continues to host an army of Western operative and organizations, Moscow will keep Armenia vulnerable, dependent and on a very short leash. Today, Armenia’s “complimentary politics” is a serious liability for Armenia. This is no longer the 1990s. The West is in a decline. For the foreseeable future, we will have to live with a resurgent Bear. The good news for us is that Russian and Armenian interests align. Moscow needs Armenia as a southern fortress protecting Russia’s vulnerable underbelly from Western inroads, pan-Turkism and Islam. Our enemies and their enemies are essentially the same. Armenia today has a strategic partner that is a global superpower, and one that is the alpha and the omega of Caucasian politics. We need to exploit this historic opportunity for Armenia’s long term benefit. If we want Armenia to prosper one day, we need to stop our pursuit of Western fantasies (democracy, free speech, civil society, gay rights, globalism, etc) and begin to better understand the nuances of geopolitics and Armenia’s place in it. For once let’s stop admiring Jews and let’s start acting like them. Instead of fearmongering about the growth of Russian power, let’s realize that Armenians can be in Russia what Jews are in America.

    And if we cant do any of the above and we continue our traditional self-destructive path in politics, I much rather see Armenia get incorporated into the Russian Federation. At the end of the day, it’s better to live with Russians similar to Ossetians or Abkhazians than live like a bunch of endangered gypsies under Turco-Western rule. Armenian independence from Russia means Armenian dependence on Turkey. No Russia in the south Caucasus means no Armenia in the south Caucasus. It’s all that simple. We all need to wake up from our Qaj Nazar fantasies and EUrotic dreams and realize that there are no alternatives to this reality.

    • Hakop said:

      No khatchik. You’re delusional. Why do you KGB puppets come onto Western based sites and spew your garbage and lies? The US hasn’t even flexed its muscles yet the Putin cheerleaders here are running renegade. Communist paranoia and inferiority complex never changes. You’re even in denial about being a communist and about Russia’s connection with Turkey.

      Do you wear your pink bathrobe before writing essays like that to gather inspiration and motivation?

  4. Vindicated Man said:

    Any instance where the right for self-determination is exercised, leading to a recognition, is a positive development to Artsakh.

  5. Hratch said:

    Negative effect most likely. No one ever came out a winner by being on the wrong side of history.

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