Then and Now

Garen Yegparian


Then: Menderes, Gürsel, İnönü, Ürgüplü, Demirel, Erim, Melen, Talu, Ecevit, Irmak, Ulusu, Özal, Bozer, Akbulut, Yılmaz, Çiller, Erbakan, Gül (you get to choose your favorite liar/denier, er, former Turkish Prime Minister)
Now: Erdoğan

Then: “Armenians were deported out of war zones and died as they traveled.”
Now: “We feel your pain, but hey, Turks/Muslims died in large numbers, too.”

Then: Gross, over-the-top denial.
Now: Polite, sophisticated denial.

Then: Turkey is a NATO ally. Armenia? What’s that?
Now: Turkey’s “good neighbor” policy is a shambles. Armenia has been driven away from the West’s orbit.

Then: “Oh please, please, Mr. Government Official, won’t you throw us a bone and say something nice about Armenians? And gosh, if you were to say ‘Armenian Genocide’ that’d be super-duper wonderful.”
Now: “We put the world on notice through the assassination of Turkish government officials. Then we won a ground war. We demand what’s rightfully ours.”

Then: There’s no real Armenian government.
Now: There’s no real Armenian government.

Then: “Things are just fine for Armenians in Turkey. Genocide? What Genocide?
Now: “Prime Minister Erdoğan should get a Nobel prize!”

I can handle most of the above pairs. After all, they represent realities of Armenian life. But the last one… That’s a bit much! In fact, it’s so unspeakably absurd that I can’t even give it one of my coveted SpitRain awards, the utter brazenness of it transcends verbal description (You’ll remember Spit-Rain comes from the Armenian saying, “He’s so shameless, if you spit in his face, he’d think it’s rain”).

Recommending, for one of humanity’s greatest awards, someone who falls out— publicly and viciously — with a very key former ally (Gulen), destabilizes a neighboring country (Syria), triggers and engages in international incidents (Mavi Marmara boarding/deaths by Israel), wags an accusing finger at a fellow leader (Obama), enables the use of nerve gas (sarin in Syria), maintains the occupation of 40% of another country (Cyprus), badly abuses his own citizens who are engaging in legitimate protests (Gezi Park), invents conspiracy theories when he’s exposed for corruption, and on and on… just plain doesn’t make sense.

This is yet another piece of the Turkish government’s Genocide centennial propaganda onslaught.

It is also more evidence of Erdoğan’s megalomania that he, or more likely his minions (so he retains plausible deniability) coerced Armenian community leaders living under Turkish rule to suggest he merits a Nobel. Wow!

Someone please enlighten me, or in the words of Supertramp’s 1979 “The Logical Song”:
“There are times when all the world’s asleep
The questions run too deep, for such a simple man
Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned?
I know it sounds absurd…”


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  1. Alex Postallian said:

    Garen: In WW1,the turks were on the Axis side,(Austria/Germany)..They were defeated on two fronts,by an equal force: they surrendered,on their knees,then joined the Allies..Then the mongols,took their anger out on the Armenians,5% of their population…ARMENIAN GENOCIDE….They are true COWARDS,LIARS,history has proven it…..Long list of low-life paid STOOGES…

  2. Hratch said:

    Funny we’re still trying to convince the world that a genocide occurred. I got news for you, they all know and have known since day one. They were party to the plan. There is a reason why every single Armenian refugee received citizenship from whatever country they landed in after the genocide. It’s not a coincidence that they received permanent resident status from the US all the way to Timbuktu. There wasn’t any and there still isn’t any any “Refugee” status Armenians similar to the Palestinians. By granting citizenship, it assured that the Armenians will grow roots in their host countries and forget the idea of ever returning to their lands. And that have worked perfectly. Today, Syrian Armenians rather stay and dye than to emigrate to Armenian. That there should tell you that this was a planned and orchestrated effort. It was a deal for the Ottomans to relinquish their holding in exchange for a minority free Anatolia. It is estimated that the Armenians would have organically increased to 17 million today if let alone. Can you imagine the nightmare scenario for Turkey? They had foresight but dealt with it in the only way the Turks know how…by blunt and brute force!

  3. Murad said:

    I blame uncle SAM ….only if & only when the command comes from the military industrial complex & neocons ….turkey like a good little boy will relent & accept the TRUTH … if uncle sam does nothing then the seljuk-ottoman-tatars will sit back & enjoy the loot that these terrorists stole from the most civilized noble nation of ARMENIA …

  4. Alex Postallian said:

    PROOF POSITIVE,the jerky turkeys are still uncivilized mongols,after all their atrocities;they are still LIARS,and SHAMELESS….(also,their paid stool pidgeons)