Aliyev Says Armenia’s ‘Fate Will Be Very Dark’ If it Does Not ‘Withdraw’

President Ilham Aliyev speaks at an Azerbaijan independence day celebration

BAKU—Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev used his speech on his country’s independence day on Tuesday to threaten Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh saying “the fate of this country [Armenia] will be very dark,” if Armenia does not withdraw “from the occupied territories.”

“We will allocate funds for strengthening our military capabilities as much as we need to and further purchase the most modern weapons,” added Aliyev unequivocally asserting that “Nagorno-Karabakh will never be granted any legal status.”

“As long as the lands are under occupation, the war is considered unfinished. I repeatedly said that the war is going on. The first phase of the war ended. If Armenia doesn’t want the second phase to start, then it should make correct conclusions and withdraw from the occupied lands by itself. Only then it can be on the map as an independent Armenian state,” added Aliyev.

Aliyev also reiterated his assertions that Armenia was country occupying “historic Azerbaijan territory,” stopping short of repeating his earlier statements that Azerbaijan will liberate Yerevan.

Reaction from Stepanakert and Yerevan was swift.

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s presidential spokesperson David Babayan told Public Radio of Armenia that Aliyev’s statements discredit himself and Azerbaijan adding that refusing to recognize that there are two Armenian states in the region was futile.

“That train has left the station,” said Babayan.

The presidential spokesperson also outlined that on the same night as Aliyev’s speech, the ceasefire violations by Azerbaijan’s forces on the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border resulted in the deaths of one Armenia and two Azerbaijani soldiers.

“These actions only destabilize the situation, causing harm to the negotiation process. Such attacks are usually organized on holidays or before the visits of the Co-Chairs. They pursue the aim of gaining dividends and diverting the attention of the people from domestic problems,” added Babayan.

Speaking to Armenpress, Armenia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan warned that “Consequences of this bellicose policy are well known and another adventure of that kind would have disastrous consequences for Azerbaijan in the first instance.”

“Baku has laid the ground for the escalation of military conflict between Azerbaijan and the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, not its resolution,” Kocharyan told Armenpress.

“Baku laid the groundwork for its genocidal policy, which was expressed through the mass killing of the Armenian population on the territory of Azerbaijan, the ground for ethnic cleansing in and around Nagorno Karabakh, unleashing a large-scale military aggression against the Nagorno Karabakh Republic,” added Kocharyan.

The Deputy Foreign Minister the only positive step taken by Azerbaijan to resolve the conflict was a meeting in 1993 between then Azerbaijani president Haydar Aliyev, Ilham’s father, and the leader of the Nagrono-Karabakh Republic in Moscow, which led the groundwork for the 1994 ceasefire agreement.

“The current President of Azerbaijan does not understand that by recognizing the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic—at least as a party to the talks–Azerbaijan (and Ilham Aliyev’s father) contributed to the only real progress in the negotiation process,” explained Kocharyan.

“The current President of Azerbaijan not only torpedoes the process of resolution of the Karabakh conflict with the mediation of the OSCE Minsk Group, but also lays the groundwork for a new military conflict by laying claims on Armenian lands,” said Kocharyan.

He added that Azerbaijan’s policy serves only one purpose—to preserve the authoritarian and corrupt regime by futile attempts to unite the Azerbaijani society around dissemination of hatred toward Armenians.

Kocharyan added that the Azerbaijani leadership fails to understand that “the power of the state is in the love for its own people, not the hatred toward neighboring countries.”

Aliyev Calls For Regime Change In Armenia
Despite mounting criticism by Western governments, and watchdogs for his government’s dismal human rights record, Aliyev used his independence day speech to urge Armenians to topple their “dictatorial” government, calling it an essential step for establishing peace.

“As long as Armenia is led by a criminal, corrupt and dictatorial regime the situation in Armenia will continue to deteriorate,” Aliyev said in a speech according to RFE/RL.

“Therefore, if the Armenian people want to live in peace with neighbors they must first of all get rid of their criminal, blood-thirsty and illegal regime and send it to the annals of history,” added Aliyev.


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  1. Tony said:

    I guess, if he’s not tolerant with the two Armenian states, then he’s country will get into dissolution into few ethnic republics. Some territories will be seized by the neighboring states.
    Tyrants will go down sooner or later. Aliyev is not immune. All his Money and assets, including his corrupt family’s assets, will be taken away and returned; distributed to the poor people.

    • Karnig said:

      deadline as in Obama’s deadline?
      what a joke, paper tigers.

  2. Ararat said:

    I think when a barking dog begins to foam at the mouth it is time to euthanize it.

    This gutless coward and a chicken-hawk Azergayjani criminal when he was of the ripe military age in the early 1990s and had the opportunity to show his fake patriotism to put on his artificial country’s uniform and fight for his fake and fabricated nation was missing in action hiding behind his late father’s skirt. Here he is again making hollow threats against the Armenians, nothing more than a dog and pony show, to keep his illiterate and brainwashed people preoccupied with a lost cause while he goes on robbing them blind of their oil revenues to buy palaces overseas.

    This donkey-brain must be put out of his misery for good. No one takes this imbecile seriously anymore because I can at least count a dozen times he has made similar threats but never having the guts to put his money where his mouth is. I am not in the least bit surprised of his belligerent sadistic behavior because he is a typical pathetic empty-talking Azergayjani gotveren!

    • Karnig said:

      It’s not guns that wins war but willpower and love of the land makes the fighters willing to die for. We know from past experience the end result of that. 20% of Azerbaijan is conquered.
      Throughout history it has been proven, land is always taken, never given.

  3. AraK said:

    I’m sure there must be some secret deals between Aliyev and that scum Putin., otherwise Aliyev wouldn’t make such declarations. Armenia’s leaders since day one of her independence were more interested in their personal interests and wealth than Armenia’s. Today we are in a dilemma trying to get out from the hole which our successive presidents dug it in the first place.

  4. Avetis said:

    Aliyev and the so-called political opposition in Armenia and the Diaspora are so much alike LOL

  5. Abovyansi said:

    Keep talking b..i txa here is another news for you.
    Stepanakert Hails Calif. State Assembly’s Recognition of Artsakh

  6. Josef said:

    Aliev would make a great used car salesman ! Mr. If Armenia bombs your oil fields which if they don’t they are crazy your Azerbaijan will not only be in the dark you would have to pack up you gold teeth and move to
    you million dollar home in Dubai , over 20 years you have been barking don’t you have any shame? How many more years are you going to bullshit your people to keep your power?

  7. vartan said:


  8. john goncuian said:

    For as long as this bastard of bastards ILHAM ALIYEV remains in power ARMENIA will hear his annual barkings NOTHING CHANGED in their intentions. AZERIs preach peace and violate every ceasefire agreement. I will tell U what really bothers the AZERI bastards continued PROSPERITY of ARMENIA and ARTSAKH. ARMENIAFUND and other organizations completed fantastic PROJECTS AND HIGHWAYS.
    My last message to ALIYEV: ARMENIANS are fully committed to defend ARMENIA and ARTSAKH. U will get UR ass kicked again.

  9. Areg said:

    Turki bilirsan? Siktir…

    Long live free and independent Artsakh. Someone tell this monkey to go to herll.

  10. zarkim said:

    Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev should be very careful encouraging racism and acts of genocide.
    This leader is beginning to show his true colors. Azeri’s keep attacking and “cry wolf”.
    Mr Aliyev does not want peace he is in the hunt for war.

  11. Armenian said:

    There’s so many things to say about this article that I don’t even know where to begin. It seems like a political satire that not even the most brilliant of minds could come up with…

    Although it is extremely ironic that the world’s most corrupt leader is giving ethics lessons to a neighboring country, I will say that Aliyev is right when he says that Armenia needs to get rid of its criminal government. However, knowing that he never has the best interest of Armenia at heart, and knowing that anything he says would cause Armenian people to do the exact opposite, he is actually encouraging Serjhik and Co. to stick around. And why wouldn’t he? These are the same fools who backed Armenia into a corner volunteering to shoot itself in the foot and ditching the EU Association Agreement, and opting for a “Union” that doesn’t even take any of its interests into consideration. Aliyev loves the Republican Party of Armenia for they are doing Aliyev’s work in Armenia for him! They’ve done more to rid Armenia of Armenians, create misery by targeting certain social groups and cohorts, and poverty in the country through mass corruption and incompetence, and completely destroying the average Armenians’ willingness to stay in their country, let alone fight for it in the case of a war.

    I am almost certain that Aliyev has stricken a deal with the Russians that would force the three Customs Union states to push Armenia to surrender all of Karabagh to the Azeris so that they can join it as well. Russia wins by getting a new base in the region, and increasing its pressure on the only Western leaning country in the region: Georgia. I hope the Russophiles here are working on their grammar– the Russians are going to be expecting elaborate tributes from us Armenian fools in their court.

    Slava Rossiya! God protect the Russo-Armenian relationship and protect it from all logical people both in the diaspora and in Armenia…

  12. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    I would like to know
    Why to repeat his words …
    and make us angry
    Who is he …
    Everyone knows
    his unbalanced mentality…

  13. Garo Yeghichian said:

    Armenia is not an illegal regime. the illegal regime is the Azerbaijani regime which its president Aliyev was unlawfully only nominated as President. AT LIST HE MUST SHUT HIS FILTH MOUTH

  14. Raffi Bairamian said:

    Aliyev, Artsakh is an Armenian Territory , and it was occupied by the azeris during the soviet regime. Armenians liberated their land Artsakh in 1992. Stop being a jerk , we know that your army is made of mercenaries and coward azeri fighters.Your petrodolars can not buy courage, and you’ll lose your next war againts Artsakh if you dare starting it.Courage is a virtue that Armenian Fighters have because they are defending their Homeland Artsakh.

  15. dvo said:

    My dear Armenian brothers we should stand togheter as one and help our nation in any ways as possible if god forbid war breaks out, or else our families friends will die, and will suffer again.

    This why its very important to raise our kids in a patriotic way so they can be proud and protect their love ones and families against this barbaric barbaric tribe which has been trying to exterminate us sinds a long time ago and failed many times but each time they come a step further in annihilating us the Armenians,

    Our biggest mistake in history would be if we rely on Russians or any other countries to come and save us, or to forgive our enemy’s and saying turks have changed, becouse turks have not changed they deny our genocide and till today they have massacred us in diffrent ways under different flags,

    If we dont stand strong as one nation, we will end up just like the Assyrians, pontiacs by losing our ancient country.

    “Anywhere without Syunik and Artsakh. Without this strong geographic spine of Armenian our holistic homeland can not exist”

    – Garegin Nzhdeh

  16. GeorgeMardig said:

    Aliyev is out of his mind, it’s a serious problem and he needs medical assistance.

  17. Sokimag said:

    Unfortunately, Aliev is right, if we continue to submit ourselves to Russia, we are doomed. We must do everything in our power to remain independent and prosperous. I agree with Aliev when he says that we must change Armenian regime. This Armenian regime will destroy Armenia. Armenian people in Armenia must wake up and protest.

    • Gurgen said:

      Then you should pack up and move to Azerbaijan where you will fit in more comfortably with people of your kind.

    • dvo said:

      The last thing Armenia needs is a revolution!!!, Armenia should find alternatives.
      And should hurry up with those planned projects with Iran and other countries,

      the longer they wait the longer people lose their interests. Yev mer thsnaminer@ ays tsragrer mer dzerits kvertsnen yev menq ke haytnevenq aveli shat isolatsia metj!

      We need a strong leader!!!!

    • Ara said:

      It’s already been destroyed. Economy is non-existent, population fleeing, Russia owns all vital infrastructure and its base/influence is the only thing stopping the Azeris from attacking.

      Our leaders, whether through stupidity or outside influence have plotted this dead-end route for our homeland for 20 years. Who has benefited from this?

      The country is now ruined and a slave to Russia, while the corrupt and weak politicians line their pockets. All the while the so called “Armenians” who have never even set foot in our homeland are telling us how we should suffer for their pseudo-nationalism all because they send some $$$. Its beyond stupid.

      If we had any sense we would have made peace long ago and prospered. Instead we are a pariah state which has to go cap in hand to other rogues like Russia and Iran just so that our people can have bread for one more day.

      Enough is enough, our corrupt politicians and “external” Armenians have been driving this completely insane strategy for too long. Its easy for them to do so as they don’t suffer the consequences for their actions sitting in their official government residences or their homes thousands of miles away in distant lands. Actual Armenians from Armenia proper should be dictating what our homeland does, not some out of touch delusional nationalist zealots who cant see the reality on the ground or in fact have never even been on our holy ground.

      I sincerely hope at least a few of the “external” Armenians realise how destructive their actions are and maybe, just maybe buy a plane ticket and come see what sort of life your actions have created for what you call “your” people in “your” homeland.

  18. dvo said:

    Its funny that Azerbaijan can talk to Iran, Russia and the whole world with attitude and still profit from it.
    If Armenia did such things we will only lose. We need a strong leader,

    if you give to much respect to others, others will have will alreadey have everything they need from you.
    Armenia should become strong and show hes teeth in a smart way.

    We had great leaders in the past people who could have predict all of this Like garegin njdeh.

    Armenia espects other to give a dam, people dont give a dam about justice and fairness, people only care about profit, mutual interest.

    We are a strong nation with a weak leader!

  19. Kachatur said:

    Can we please stop using the term “Azergayjan” or “Azergayjani” it makes us look like complete third-world idiots. There is nothing funny about discrimination, and us Armenians, should know this better than anyone else. We should be setting examples. So please drop these homophobic terms.

    • Ara said:

      Good point! Its very immature to write these school boy type slurs and insults, particularly when our government continually states that Azerbaijan demonises Armenians, yet you don’t see anywhere near the same levels of insults and slurs coming from Azerbaijan.

      Regardless, if we are mature and righteous people, then we should act like it, nit like a bunch of school kids.

  20. George said:

    Sokimag and “Armenian”, I would never imagine you two patriots agreeing with Aliyev. When I read Aliyev’s statement on the Armenian leadership, it sounded exactly like what the opposition would say. I would expect it from our enemy, not from our loyal opposition.

    • Armenian said:

      You make the mistake of assuming that Aliyev has the best interests of Armenia at heart; obviously he does not, and he knows that his statement will be used by the RPA to claim that they have the “moral” monopoly to stay in power and continue to stay in power, just as you did right now. Aliyev said this to give the RPA more weaponry to use as a “mandate” to protect Armenia from Aliyev, even though the exact opposite is happening and the RPA is actually responsible for weakening and destroying Armenia from within.

  21. Stepan said:

    What Armenia should do is put the international mediators on notice that one more violation of the ceasefire by the Azeris will result in full scale retaliation by Armenia including destruction of
    the oil fields and pipe lines.

    • Ara said:

      What planet are you living on? Such action would be a death sentence for Armenia. The Azeri oil and gas fields are owned in a large part by Western energy companies and provide a very important alternative to Russian energy, If Armenia, technically a Russia state makes aggressive moves towards Azerbaijan, US, Europe, NATO would react very significantly, not to mention that it would give Azerbaijan carte blanche to retaliate and they have a lot of advanced weaponry these days. Not to mention how bad it would make Armenia look, particularly in view of the security council resolutions already in place in relation to this conflict.

      Furthermore, what if Azerbaijan in kind attacks our energy resources i.e. Metsamor nuclear power plant, do you realise the country or at least large swathes of it, most likely including Yerevan, will become uninhabitable for a very long time.

      This sort of immature and very ill informed thinking not only reflect poorly on our country and people, but also on our perception in the international community. This is particularly important as this is in the public domain. Educate yourself please.

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