Aleppo’s Nor Kyugh Declared a Disaster Zone

The destruction in the Nor Kyugh neighborhood of Aleppo

Aleppo Armenian Community on the Brink of Demise

ALEPPO—The continued rocket fire by rebel forces in the direction of the mostly-Armenian-populated Nor Kyugh neighborhood of Aleppo has forced officials to declare the area a disaster zone, and threatens the survival of the city’s Armenian community.

The Aleppo News Agency reported that incessant rocket fire from rebel forces, a significant number of which are reportedly Turks or radical Islamists, continued in Nor Kyugh, endangering civilians and causing massive destruction.

Residential buildings in Nor Kyugh have been destroyed or partially demolished, while Armenian community centers and local businesses have been damaged as a result of continued shelling.

Nor Kyugh residents are fleeing the neighborhood, some heading toward the seaside city of Latakia, which is already overflowing with Armenian refugees from the insurgence of Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups in Kessab earlier this spring. Others are seeking refuge in other parts of Aleppo that are not currently under heavy rocket fire, while some are relocating to the basement of the St. Gregory the Illuminator Church, which was damaged earlier this week as a result of the rebel attacks.

Armenian community institutions in Nor Kyugh have also sustained heavy damages, among them the Karen Jeppe Jemaran, the Zavarian and Sahakian schools, as well as the Zavarian and Sahakian kindergartens, the Armenian Catholic Holy Trinity and Zvartnots School, the Arevelk print shop, the Armenian Relief Society’s clinic and social service center and residential building that are owned by the Prelacy.

Armenian-owned businesses and stores, as well as residences are either in complete or partial destruction, making life unbearable for the citizens of the town.


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  1. Areg said:

    The Genocidal Turkey is on the move. Stop the Turk. Destruction is what the Turkish Culture is all about.

  2. Hratch said:

    Very sad. It would have been wiser if we had stayed neutral in this conflict. Waving Syrian flags during April 24 protests does not help our cause. Syria is not our country. We must stop this foolishness of pretending to be more “Syrian” or “Lebanese” or “Russian” than the local people. It’s high time for our people living in volatile countries to relocate to the Motherland. And of course, the people in the Motherland must do there part. They must embrace the immigrants, unlike their attitudes of discrimination during the 1946-47 era.

    • GB said:

      This is why I constantly warn Armenian population in Middle Eastern countries to be relocated in Armenia and Artsakh…Syrian war will be a long and deadly war, where Armenians will suffer for no reason!Time to move out of Syria. PERIOD!

      • Jasmine said:

        how come mer medz ???? chem kider inch esem….. gareli e khosin u esen inch GNEn, irar tserk totvele zad, mer POLORRRRRR hayeru hamar?

  3. zarkim said:

    Thanks to Mr Obama and his US administration and allies these flesh-eating animals are armed with deadly missiles and weapons. Turkey is only following suit otherwise they would not dare.
    All the atrocities committed by these terrorists are ignored and overlooked by these so called Democratic leaders of US and their allies who now are in cahoots with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisations hurting innocent people.
    These acts of crime against humanity committed in Syria are not going to benefit US/Allies. It is going to backfire in their face one day. Turkey has been encouraged by US to steer things up from the beginning. They only follow orders. Turkey is a place where most terrorist go to gain entry to Syria.
    Obama administration that hated terrorists only few years ago is now SILENT. These big heroes who would look for any excuse (Even if they had to invent one) to “punish” terrorists have changed their spots.
    Mr Putin is happy to see this setting. It only proves (Right) what he had said at the beginning – Trying to discourage US to arm the terrorists. Mr Putin has made a lot of dollars from Turkey and the rest out of this muddy situation. The only winner! Turkey has paid its SAFETY money to Putin!
    There are many Armenians live in US (America). May be they know what does all this mean? Why did these Wolves in Sheepskin turn from “world police” into a bunch of “criminal tugs”?

    • Jasmine said:

      Obama mobamayen aratch…..gareli e khosin u esen mer medz martig….inch GNENNNNN, irar tserk totvele zad, mer POLORRRRRR hayeru hamar? 100 dari pan m cherin, hima bid enen???

  4. A.N. said:

    Armenians have been and are neutral in the conflict, bombarding them doesn’t make any sense at all, why don’t they leave alone those innocent people who have no harm to any regime whatsoever. What is their fault? Being good citizens no matter who in charge is? Or just being Armenians is their fault?

  5. Bunker said:

    This is the old normal for Armenians. Another chapter of scorched earth intrusion into their lives. Turks of yesteryear will get their day of reckoning as their genocidal past follows them like a shadow. Recognition is now coming from within and growing. Old allies are jumping the ottoman-turk republic ship and taking up the Armenian Cause ahead of the 100th anniversary. Europe wants to keep Turkey at arms length more than ever thanks to Erdogan’s posturing.

  6. Hagop Varoujian said:

    At the risk of sounding patronizing, my message to all Armenians living in politically unstable countries, be it Syria, Lebanon, Iraq,Iran or Egypt, simply put-most predominantly muslim countries- this is the time to make a Final move to our motherland-Armenia.You may need to “sacrifice”some of the so-called “comforts”of life and it will take some adjustments to a new lifestyle, but it can be no worse than living in a constant threat to survival as a feasable community. It also makes sense to replenish the diminishing population of our homeland due to mass migration to the so called “promised Lands”.
    Just a thought, no offence intended.

  7. serge selian said:

    so may Armenians living outside Aleppo including me, warned many time to aleppo Armenians that things can get worst, they rejected all the warning, even told them off, that we are in Aleppo no need anybodys opinion, they used to say aleppo there is nothing and we are ok, they were in a deep sleep, always had some kind of resentment to Armenians specilly living in the states, even though most of them still have families and close relatives in Aleppo they were more worried than Aleppo Amenians ho wer living in a state of denial, I used to warn them through many Armenian FB groupes, instead so many of them called me Horedes, rgather tahn me being Herades, I read almos 25 different sources of news, as Aleppo Armenians always relied on local news, thats the whole reason, and now we re in a big mess anew genicide, which already hapened in many armenian towns such as Yakoubieh, Aramo, and Gheneyye, and the recent one is Kessab, that was a larming warnings, that they denied, and this sis beyond the regional conflict, as Erdoghan and turks always wanted to empty Syria by the Armenian population ever since 1915, now they have the chance to do so, as we all know turkey and erdoghan is the Nato,s and USA s spoiled brat, he can get away with murder, today another catastroph again 3rd time, they cut the water supply of the Euphrates river,