2 Armenian Soldiers Killed on Nakhichevan Border

Two Armenian soldiers were killed by Azerbaijan forces on the Nakhichevan border

YEREVAN—Two Armenian soldiers were killed Thursday by Azerbaijani forces on the border of Nakhichevan, reported Armenia’s Defense Ministry.

Andranik Yeghoyan, 26, and Boris Gasparyan, 22, were killed after Azerbaijani forces began shelling at the Armenia-Nakhichevan border.

“The Armenian defense ministry shares the pain of the heavy loss and expresses its condolences to family members, relatives and colleagues of the servicemen who died while protecting the borders of the Republic of Armenia,” the defense ministry said in a statement.

An investigation has been launched into the details of the attack. The defense ministry added that appropriate steps have been taken to bring the situation under control.

The defense ministry immediately informed the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman-on-Office, Andrzej Kasprzyk, who was invited to the ministry.

“This provocation at the line of contact is a logical continuation of the activities of the Azerbaijani armed forces over the past days,” said the defense ministry statement. “It is yet another proof of the fact that the authorities of the neighboring country ignore any initiative aimed at resolving the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, since they do not want to resolve the conflict in a peaceful way and periodically resort to such provocations, artificially destabilizing the situation at the line of contact and undermining the negotiation process. Thus, the Azerbaijani authorities are demonstrating their disrespect for the activity of the OSCE Minsk Group, the efforts of the leaders of the co-chairing countries and the international community.”

This incident comes a day after OSCE Chairman and Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter visited the region, holding meetings with leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

Burkhalte brought a clear message to the sides of the conflict, urging cooperation in finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

“The status quo is not an option in the current situation, and we must try to move step by step to a peaceful settlement,” Burkhalter declared at a joint press conference with Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian in Yerevan on Wednesday.


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  1. Hratch said:

    Thank you Mother Russia for supplying and encouraging the Azeris to wage war. We are forever grateful to your benevolence.

    • Armenian said:

      God Bless Mother Russia, the Russo-Armenian alliance and protect it from all logical people both in Armenia and abroad!

    • www.Voskanapat.info said:

      Actually, you can thank Uncle Sam and yourself (if you pay taxes) for most of the deaths of Armenian soldiers on the borders because they are caused by Azeri Turk sniper fire.

      United States supplies (free of charge) training and specialized weapons including night vision gear to Azerbaijani army. This is open source info and DoD advertises such contracts on its dot.gov site.

  2. dvo said:

    Azerbaijan hopes Armenia to start war becouse they are shure they can win, that mistake they made before in the past.

  3. dvo said:

    Armenia should kill 100 in return, bye the way Azerbaijan kills 2 Armenian soldier from Armenia not Artsakh which is not part of Armenia, that means Azerbaijan is declaring war on Armenia not Artsakh.

    CSTO members and Russia should not allow this, What kind of shitty Alliance is this.

    • zarkim said:

      And remember. They have satellite technology. This could also be used to their advantage if they know how to do it. Putin should know..

  4. AraK said:

    What else is new? The saga continues… Unless we beat the hell of the Azeris (if we can which I doubt) these morons will not stop their attacks.

    • Armenian said:

      The Russians will help them to ensure that no one party gains too much power over the other. We will never fully win and neither will the Azeris. The only winner here is Russia.

    • john goncuian said:

      We r beating the AZERIS by defending the territories and economically prospering. ARMENIA must maintain its cool despite our border soldiers systematically killed . For now ,Armenia will continue paying this high price .

  5. leo said:

    The time to expand the buffer zones is well overdue. Does a pipeline need to be hit in order for NATO to pull on the leash of their Turkish attack dogs?

    • Armenian said:

      Tough talk from a diasporan who probably has no family in Armenia and nobody who will suffer the consequences of “expanding buffer zones” and “cutting up Georgia to further kiss Russia’s ass” with their lives.

      • leo said:

        read my comment without allowing the propaganda to blur your mind. or is it money. how would you know about me personally. your comment confirms you have no idea who i am. And no we wont have to cut up Georgia, theyre doing a great job of it by themselves. In fact we have a situation in Armenia right now where Russia is begging to officially enter Artsakh. Go tell your bosses if this continues then something similar to that arrangement will take place.

  6. Ari said:

    Nakhichevan should have been taken 20 years ago, but it’s not too late to take back our ancient homeland.

    • Armenian said:

      With Armenia weakened both externally and internally to the point of virtual irrelevance, that’s no longer possible anymore.

  7. Ze said:

    i really want to know the statistics and the difference in strength of the armies of both countries because i want to know why they keep attacking and killing armenians yet we hear armenian army is more superior, which part of the army is superior if you keep being attacked ? !

  8. Areg said:

    And yet our naive president Serz Sargsyan wishes to sign the Turkish-Armenian Protocal! ESHI MEK.

  9. Ararat said:

    What’s informing the OSCE going to accomplish? Absolutely nothing. This impotent and incompetent organization, at best, will make its tiresome and repetitive statement asking both sides to refrain from aggression and hostilities instead of doing its job and condemning the racist remarks made by the belligerent, war-mongering coward and donkey-in-chief Aliyev that leads to such incidents.

    How many more times and how many more soldiers have to die needlessly before we take action, without getting this stupid OSCE involved, to not only warn this worthless and subhuman enemy that there will be grave and severe consequences for their provocations but by actually making good on our words by killing 10 Azeri soldiers for each Armenian soldier killed and relentlessly increasing their losses to remind them what awaits them if they continue their cowardly aggression as we did some twenty years ago.

    The safety of every Armenian soldier defending the borders is paramount and the life of every Armenian soldier is priceless and the enemy must be made fully aware of this by inflicting heavy losses on the enemy every time they get out of line. To hell with the spineless OSCE. We should not be in the business of telling them what to do and let them do what they are tasked to do. We must focus on the actions of the enemy and never let them get away with their provocations and aggressive moves.

    We are dealing with an enemy that is no different from a desperate and defeated animal in a cage. It can’t do anything so it tries to agitate us by scratching every chance it gets. We, in turn, should let this caged animal know who is in charge of the cage by taking out the whip and silencing it every time it gets out of line.

  10. zarkim said:

    Before you place a soldier on guard duty, YOU MUST ENSURE THEIR SAFETY. This is a basic rule.
    What is happening?
    1 Has enemy tunneled and got closer?
    2 Is the enemy using a more powerful, automated weapon (Laser range-adjust)?
    3 Is the enemy using DRONES to pinpoint or hit their target?
    4 Is the enemy using special binoculars (Heat, or Night)?
    5 Is the enemy wearing a better safety gear?
    For god’s sake. How long do you have to investigate?
    Mr Putin is supposed to take care of certain security/technical aspects. He has sold plenty of military gear to Azeri’s.
    Do you have the technology to detect the enemy or their weapons from a distance?
    I realize that this is not an easy task. I am speechless.

  11. MZB said:

    Until when we will we will lose our young heroes.We need to give them what they deserve,a severe blow,this is the language that our enemies understand.

  12. dvo said:

    The Azeris never tell their loses, peope should understand everytime they shoot or hit one of us Armenians kill more of them back but they are a shame of anouncing it, becouse they are to certain they are stronger than Armenia, it could cause panic in azerbaijan thats why they to dont anounce their losses

  13. dvo said:

    becouse we only announce our deaths does not mean they dont suffer losses, Armenia know what they are doing they also suffer losses, Ar

  14. dvo said:

    becouse we only announce our deaths does not mean they dont suffer losses, Armenia know what they are doing they also suffer losses

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