Initiative Urges Community to Help Save Syria’s Christians

Destroyed buildings in Aleppo's mostly Armenian district of Nor Kiugh

WASHINGTON, DC—”First Christians,” a new Facebook community of faith devoted to protecting the first Christian nations, has asked all those devoted to religious freedom to join together in calling upon President Obama to bring an end to the latest wave of brutal attacks by extremist groups upon the Christian civilian population of Syria.

Concerned citizens can take action on this humanitarian cause along with friends of all faiths, with Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Pontians, Arameans, and Syriacs, as well as with all those with historical roots, religious ties, or cultural affinity to the ancient Christian presence in the Middle East. The First Christians action alert, which is hosted on the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) website, provides an opportunity for activists to share their views on this matter with the White House. The text of the sample SmartMail is provided below.

The First Christians Action Alert can be accessed here.

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Dear Mr. President:

I am writing to bear witness to the grave and growing outrage among Americans over the renewed wave of radical attacks on the Christians of Aleppo, Syria.

As you know, it is upon this frontier of the Christian faith, in the ancient biblical lands of Syria, that many of the descendants of the first followers of Christ – some still speaking the ancient Aramaic language of Jesus – remain under brutal assault by radical extremists who seek to forever erase this sacred region’s ancient Christian heritage.

I am particularly alarmed that our NATO ally Turkey, long complicit in the genocidal destruction of the region’s Christians, has now blocked the flow of the Euphrates River into Syria, an illegal and immoral use of water as a weapon that places millions of civilians at risk. The United States should openly challenge this outrage, and publicly condemn Turkey’s destructive role in Syria and hold it accountable for its complicity in the depopulation of Kessab and ongoing support for radical extremists, including those officially designated as terrorists by the U.S. government.

Very simply, America must have “zero-tolerance” for the complicity of Turkey or the use of any U.S. arms or aid in the killing of Syria’s civilian populations. And so, it is with a special sense of urgency that I join with Americans of all faiths in calling upon you to use all the leverage at America’s disposal to immediately end the brutal attacks upon Christian civilians in Syria.

I thank you for your attention to my concerns, and look forward to sharing your timely response with my friends and family.


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  1. Hratch said:

    What about asking President Putin to bring an end to the violence. Look up Russia’s voting record on the Security Council. This could all have been prevented if they hadn’t propped up the regime whereby opening the way for foreign jihadists to enter the fighting.

    • zarkim said:

      Thank you for your comment brother. Syrian people have demonstrated over and over again that they like the present leader. Like Americans like Mr Obama.
      Who are “they” to dictate for example Mr Obama is no good and have to go – or – Assad is no good anymore??
      There are as many as 1,000 armed opposition groups in Syria, commanding an estimated 100,000 fighters. Who organised them? Who is paying these terrorists? Who is arming them?
      Remember Libya? They did the same thing there? Look at it now!!

  2. zarkim said:

    Thanks to Mr Obama and his US administration and allies these flesh-eating animals are armed with deadly missiles and weapons. Turkey is only following suit and is very much involved.
    There are as many as 1,000 armed opposition groups in Syria, commanding an estimated 100,000 fighters. These terrorists are all anti American and Israeli groups of people who are now being paid by America and allies including Israel to kill each other and Christians. What a joke! This is what money does to people.
    All the atrocities committed by these terrorists are ignored and overlooked by the leaders of US and their allies.
    Obama administration that hated terrorists only few years ago is now silent. These big heroes who would look for any excuse (Even if they had to invent one) to “punish terrorists” have changed their conviction.
    Turkey has been encouraged by US to stir things up from the beginning. They only follow orders. Turkey is a place where most terrorist go to gain entry to Syria. Turkish terrorists are also involved.
    Thank you Mr Obama.

  3. helen takessian said:

    You can bet your bottom dollar that if the Syrian Armenians were instead Syrian Jews,THE USA would send in planes to transport them to Glendale CA just like was done during the ethnic cleansing in Baka a few years back