‘Stability and Security’ Being Restored in Kessab

Security being restored in Kessab

DAMASCUS, ALEPPO–On Sunday morning the Syrian Army officially announced its recapture of the mainly-Armenian populated town of Kessab and said that it had “restored stability and security” in that town, which was attacked by al Qaeda-linked terrorists who stormed the area from Turkey, reported Reuters.

The Army also said that engineering teams were removing mines and explosives planted by “terrorist gangs,” and that entry into the city was restricted until that operation was completed.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said clashes in the area continued from around midnight on Saturday night, but did not give casualty figures

The withdrawal of most rebel forces from the village – including some linked to al-Qaida – is another blow to an opposition that has been undermined by recent gains by Assad’s forces and by infighting, reported Reuters.

The al Qaeda-affiliated militants began abandoning Kessab on Saturday, and by the evening,
the Aleppo-based Gandzasar newspaper reported that Syrian army forces had advanced onto the city square and seized control of the strategic town.


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  1. Hratch said:

    In regime terms ‘stability and security’ simply means complete obedience and submission to the old guard. A conspicuous display of the president’s picture will also do miracles.

  2. Vindicated Man said:

    But where did the criminals go from there, back to Turkey? Even if not, won’t that country be made responsible?

  3. zarkim said:

    Until now, these terrorists have entered Turkey and exited from Turkey unopposed as they wished…. Some of these terrorists ran away. Where did they go?
    They are SUPPORTED by Turkey, Israel, US/allies. They come to kill steal/rob and then go back to Turkey.
    They are in IRAQ right now to steal money and weapons to take back to Syria to kill more. MAY BE THIS WAS THE QUICKEST WAY TO RE-ARM THE TERROTIST by their SUPPORTERS???
    US Administration STARTED this problem and they are the only ones can STOP it. Otherwise these terrorists come back again and again.
    Mr Obama has only INHERITED this headache. He did not start it. US administration led by Mr Obama is the only power capable of stopping these atrocities. Keep an eye on TURKEY also.
    God Bless America.

  4. Zareh said:

    Thank you Bashar. Armenians will always be grateful to you. Hopefully the kassabtsis will return to their homes and continue with their life and restoring its stability and prosperity. I am sure their homes have been looted and the loot taken to Turkey and sold for pennies. They day will come when Turks will realize the mistake they made allowing these bastards to penetrate Kessab from “their” soil. Actually Iskenderun and Antioch belongs to Syria given to Turkey with French conspiracy. Hope one day Syria liberates those territories.

  5. seto zoravar said:

    Thank you Syria and thank you brother Bashar Asaad , i am just glad that Armenians in Syria supported Assad instead of believing United States who supports Turkey .

  6. GeorgeMardig said:

    Syrian govenment should not forget Turkey’s animosity towards Syria, when time comes he should make them pay the price dearly.