Azeris Attack on 2 Fronts; Kill 2 Armenian Soldiers

Armenian soldier at the Nakhichevan border post (Photo by

YEREVAN, STEPANAKERT—A soldier was killed by Azerbaijani gunfire on the Nakhichevan-Armenia border, while another was killed on the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border, as the Azerbaijani armed forces launched an attack on Armenian positions on Thursday on two fronts.

The Armenian Defense Ministry announced that Private Grisha Khachatrian, 20, died Thursday of fatal wounds when Azerbaijani troops opened fire on the Nakhichevan border. Khachatrian was from the Sanakounk village in the Sisian region of Armenia.

On Thursday evening, Contract serviceman and Karabakh citizen Narek Poghosyan, 26, when Azerbaijani forces opened fire on the Matuni district of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

While no official statements were made on casualties on the Azerbaijani side, the Azeri press reported Friday that two soldiers were killed and one wounded on the Azerbaijan-Karabakh border shortly after the earlier attacks on Martuni.

The Azerbaijani press reported that an Azeri soldier opened fire on his own battalion, killing one soldier and injuring another before taking his own life.

Azerbaijani forces also opened fire on the village of Aygepar in the Tavush district of Armenia.

The village administrator Andranik Aydinian told the Yerevan-based that gunfire erupted from the Azerbaijani side around 6 p.m. and lasted until 7:30 p.m. Aydinian added that the village has seen such attacks for several days, one of them targeting a five-story building, around which children were reportedly playing.

US Ambassador in Baku Reacts
“Any casualties on the line of contact are tragic and emphasize the need for resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict as soon as possible,” the U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Richard Morningstar told reporters on Friday

Morningstar said that the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen were “working with both countries to try to ensure that hostilities on the line of contact are not escalated and become minimized.”


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  1. Hratch said:

    Russia has given the green light to the Azeris. The plan is in place and Russia is ready to hand over Artsakh to Azerbaijan in return for the latter’s cooperation in the southern Caucasus. It is as plain as day, Russia is moving to complete its hegemony over the region. Their investment into Armenia’s internal affairs is finally paying off, Armenia is now totally and absolutely at the mercy of Russia’s will. The Russians will play this to the end. They have and will continue to divide and conquer the region and we helped them all along the way.

    • ArmPatriot said:

      you know rigth that the Azeris want that we lose Russia as our friend.

      first Russia does not controll Armenia.
      Armenia sold everything to Russia and not the way around.

      Azerbaijan buys Russian weapons that means when war breaks out theyl need russian bullets becouse each weapons has their own bullets.

      If Russia does nto sell tehir weapons to Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan would buy weapons from US and Isreal, this is a treat to Russia as Armenia believe me.



  2. Hratch said:

    Look for more reaction from the US and Europe. They now realize the aggressiveness of the Russians and will try to counter it. More statements of support towards Armenia and Artsakh should be forthcoming. The tide has shifted as a result of the Ukraine crisis. The only worrisome thing is that Armenia has entrusted too much to the Russians as of late. We have virtually handed over all of our security, sovereignty and resources. They have us exactly where they want us. We trusted too much and gave too much and now the bear is hungry for more.

  3. Hannibal said:

    “Any causalitieson the line of contact are tragic…….”bla bla bla…
    Where is our heroic army?

  4. Areg said:

    Enough of these lip service comments to the parties. United States and Russia along with the rest of the world must recognize the independence of Artsakh and stop selling arms to these criminal barbaric and Genocidal Turkey and Azerbaijan. Enough of having the Armenian Nation and Artsakh suffer as a result of your wrong policies. The Turk will always remain a Turk and she is a danger to the world peace and stability.
    The Western world and Russian leadership must stop being on each others throats and getting the security of Armenian Nation and Artsakh in danger. Both sides must stop pleasing the Turk.
    The spread of Pan-Turkism is a threat to both Russia and United States and the Western World. Are not these world politicians realizing that they are pursuing wrong policies in regards to appeasing the Turkey and Azerbaijan. Even a minor child will laugh at these foolish policy makers.
    Armenia and Artsakh will fight to the tooth for their security and independence. The Armenians are united more than ever. We have seen a Genocide and we will not allow it again to repeat itself.
    Shame on you corrupted world politicians. Go and have your wrong wars somewhere else and not on the Armenian homeland. You are so stupid that it is even pathetic to mention how stupid you and your policies alll are. Do you like to see human beings murdered and butchered in front of your eyes? You are all barbaric criminals just like Turkey and Azerbaijan.
    Long live free and independent Artsakh. Long live Armenia.

  5. Hagopian hagopian said:

    And again the Armenian government as customary cautions azerbaijan of severe consequences.
    What the f. Attack destroy and let the international community react just like they reacted to bombings of civilian neighborhoods of Aleppo or the plunder of kessab.

  6. GB said:

    The next war, Nakhichevani Axeri, Tatar Turks, will become refugees in Iran and Turkey!

  7. vartan said:


    • Armenian Christian said:

      We have the high ground…they must come into our mountains…thats how we won last time…once we beat them in the mountains we push them back to Baku and take more of historical Armenian territory back….war is a game of chess

  8. bigmoustache said:

    they better pray a war doesn’t break out because we’ve had enough.
    does our president know nothing about politics and pr? why isn’t he making a big fuss out of this?
    why do we still get the double standard BS from osce minsk group, Clinton, UN..

    if only we weren’t ruled by these low life “DKED” oligarchs.

    • Armenian said:

      No, the President doesn’t know anything and doesn’t care about anything, either. They have more important things to take care of; they’re busy pushing a pension reform plan, of which over 80% of the people are against, that generates more money from the people into the state revenue so that they have more money to steal.

      Russians guard the borders, diaspora pays for the roads, and state revenue goes to keeping the oligarchs happy, healthy and wealthy. Then we wonder why we’re losing on virtually every single front there is…

  9. GeorgeMardig said:

    Azerbaijan is threatening the world with it’s violations

  10. zarkim said:

    Before you place a soldier on guard duty, YOU MUST ENSURE THEIR SAFETY. This is a basic rule.
    What is happening?
    1 Has enemy tunneled and got closer?
    2 Is the enemy using a more powerful, automated weapon (Laser range-finder/adjust)?
    3 Is the enemy using DRONES to pinpoint or hit their target?
    4 Is the enemy using special binoculars (Heat, or Night)?
    5 Is the enemy wearing a better safety gear? Better Camouflage?
    6 Robots can be used to travel forward and back a certain path carrying camera and weapon.
    These robots use gyroscope and may look like a dog or similar. Very stable and can handle rough terrain.
    They have satellite technology. This could also be used to their advantage if they know how to do it. Putin should know.
    Mr Putin is supposed to take care of certain security/technical aspects. He has sold plenty of military gear to Azeri’s.
    Do you have the technology to detect the enemy or their weapons from a distance?
    They are more aggressive and have a mentally unbalanced leader.

  11. MZB said:

    We never had friends.Currently we do not have friends. We need wake up urgently before it’s too late.
    Our soldiers are dying almost everyday and the authorities do nothing.Why there is not a strong reaction against the enemy?Which is the interest behind the scenes?

  12. Armenian Christian said:

    We need to be smart about this…they are trying to bait us into starting a war…we will not start it but we will finish it…we must use our mountains…they have saved the Armenians many times before…God gave us the land he did for a reason….

  13. Krikor said:

    Enough is enough !!! We should learn from the Israelis. Eye for eye . I hope that our armed forces are not sitting and doing nothing

  14. dikran said:

    We left it to long we should have finished them in 1992 – 94 war NO PEASE DEAL!!.
    Now they reinforced themselves the previuce one wasnt war this one will be. and we will fight on their tirms.
    we should have taken nakhitchevan back then and within 45 minutes from yerevan our transportation trucks will be in iran saving 2 days travel throuhgh goris, kapan,meghri.
    And dont expect anything from the U.N. All they will say restraint for both sides.
    Armenia will fight for its survival, wher we will be are we ready to assist by any means we should start to prepare ourselves from now by the time we get started the war will be over then.