Azeris Kill another Soldier as Prime Minister Visits Artsakh Frontline

Armenia's Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamian at a military outpost in Artsakh, accompanied by military officials and servicemen. June 25, 2014. (Photo: Official Publication)

STEPANAKERT—On a working visit to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamian visited frontline military positions of the Artsakh Defense Army, accompanied by Artsakh Prime Minister Ara Harutyunian, Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Movses Hakobian, and other members of the Artsakh government.

The Armenian PM met with soldiers and commanders, learned about the conditions there, dined with the servicemen, and handed gifts to all soldiers on duty.

Speaking to reporters, Abrahamian said he highly appreciated the combat readiness of the servicemen and their psychological condition. “It’s very important to be next to the soldiers, to listen and see their problems on the ground,” he said.

“As a state we are obliged to create good conditions for the service of soldiers. The service in this dangerous military position, located some hundred meters away from the enemy’s snipers, requires great caution and alertness on the part of the soldiers. Be assured that the constant attention towards the defenders of our Motherland will be continuous,” the Prime Minister said.

Hovik Abrahamian underlined that ensuring security is a priority for the state and attached importance to the periodic visits of high-ranking officials to military positions.

“A soldiers should know he’s supported by the government and the people, who appreciate his service and devoted work,” Hovik Abrahamian said.

On the same day that Abrahamian visited Artsakh, an Armenian serviceman on a border outpost in Artsakh was shot dead by Azerbaijani snipers.

Armen Avetisyan, born 1995, was killed by enemy fire in one of the military outposts located in the eastern region of the border between the armed forces of Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan.

The Ministry of Defense of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic expressed their regret of this heavy loss and extended condolences to Armen Avetisyan’s family and friends. The ministry said it will investigate the incident.


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  1. Hratch said:

    Mother Russia is ratcheting up the pressure. With multi-billion dollar weapon sales to Azerbaijan and incidents such as this occurring almost every week and on all fronts, the future seems is very bleak. The West is out and the Bear is in. And if you can’t see the diabolical plan, then by all means, continue on fantasizing about the ‘special’ alliance between the Orthodox brotherhood……where is Sarkis when you really need him?

    • Dvo said:

      I do not think it is appropriate to blame the russians for everything, Russia is not responsible for the deaths of Armenian soldiers. Those who are responsible for the deaths are Azeris and Armenians.

      Armenia needs to stop balming others for their own mistakes, and wake up and face reality that there are enemy’s close to our borders which are preparing to kill us.

      They should accept the fact that there is no heaven on earth and that the world is a global war zone, those who are strong,ignorant and brave survive those who are weak lose.

      Bye the way blaming the Russians for everything , will do us no good, you probaly wont suffer the consequences for blaming Russia for everything becouse you dont live in Armenia. and you are not depended on Russia.

      If you really want to help your country, you can donate for your country, study hard and invest in Armenia. We should let Armenians in Armenia deside their own fate, and those people who are living in rich luxury country’s have no right to give Armenia orders.

      First Russia needs Armenia more than Azerbaijan why?
      Becouse Azeris are Turks and Turks and Russian are enemy’s (history has shown)in case of a global war Turkey would probably attack Russia and guess what, Azerbaijan will not betray its Turkish brothers and will help Turkey against Russia.

      Russia needs Armenia becouse Armenia is very reliable for Russia.
      Giving weapons to Azerbaijan is one big political strategy, Azeris can also buy weapons from isreal and from the US but they prefer Russian weapons, which Russia makes profit from it and in the end of many possible scenarios it will again benefit Russians. cause those weapons are Russian made.

      without Russia, the next day there will be no Armenia but only Turkey or Azerbaijan.

      Armenia will get new modern weapons soon. Armenia and Belarus are the only countrys in the world that can buy Russian weapons for a very cheap price, and thats something very importaned and good for us.

      Everytime we blame the Russians which is the true goal of the Turks/Azeris watch their news they happly state on their websites that their are tensions between Russia and Armenia, and instead their so-called relations is growing. Without oil Azerbaijan will be shit.

      Why becouse Armenians cant think deep, not every thing is as it looks like.

      Armenians will profit major from Euroasian costum union very cheap gas prices, diamonds and much more.

      This hate that has been growing towards Russians will be a nother historical mistake, and we will in the end blame ourselfs again.

      and one more thing Russia does not controll Armenia, Armenia sold everything to Russia and not the way around.

      This all does not mean that Armenia should not stand up for himself, Armenia needs to show some balls in order to be respected.

    • Alexander said:

      “The Bear” has a plan and that bear want some honey… This bear will get what he wants, the thing is the donkey has the honey and is jealous of the horse, because its not a horse. It’s up to the donkey to make jackal move like the neighbor from up stairs.

  2. Marshal said:

    Put up a dam wall just like Isreal did to keep these animals out.

    • Cristina said:

      A wall will be of no use…Unless you mean a metaphoric wall, made of strong and united people and a normally functioning economy.

  3. hidi said:

    **** I say we should organize a massive fundraising telethon all over the world for every Armenian to participate and contribute what ever they can, strictly for the purpose of a major boosting to the Armenian Military.., so we can take care of aggressive / barking Azeri dogs., there is no other way.!!!

  4. Zareh Sahakian said:

    This just proves that there is no effective counter response that has been punishing enough for the Azeri side to think twice before killing another Armenian soldier.

    Armenian Defence Minister, along with the government he is part of, is proving to be a weakling.

    …expect more Armenian deaths, and hope or pray to Asdvads that the Azeris would never attack.

    At this point no one believes the Defence Minister anymore when he says that the Armenian forces have “silenced” the opposite side . The Azeri seem to have stopped… reload.

  5. Dino said:

    Armenian soldiers on the front lines deserve care packages from the diaspora to show them that the Armenian people around the world remember them and wish to show their gratitude for their service defending against the heathen barbarians enemies of not only Armenia but Western Civilization. US soldiers receive care packages and it does boost morale. I was a soldier once and I greatly appreciated the care packages I received. 20 years in the trenches, someone correct me if I’m wrong, and no care packages for those young men, real people doing real things in the real world? We collect millions at telethons why can’t care packages be sent? My local national guard armory have volunteers put together thousands of care packages on weekends and have been shipping them for the last 10 years to Iraq and Afghanistan. Armenian Children can send handwritten letters and cards along with the care packages. Letters, cards and art work from Armenian children from Argentina, France, Canada, the United States etc. will be great morale boosters.

    • hidi said:

      **** Dino., I like your idea very much., I would defiantly send several care packages to Armenian solders on the front line.., I just do not know where to send them,..? do;s any one know where to.? can any one share it please… “.Long live independent and strong/ prosperous Armenia “

  6. Krikor said:

    This cannibals should pay and pay hard for their criminal actions. Enough is enough

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