Baku Says It Is Ready to Attack Armenia

Azerbaijan's Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov

BAKU (ArmInfo)—On the eve of Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces Day, Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov gave an interview to the state news agency AzerTAG, Turan reported.

“We have every opportunity to hit any object and settlement on the territory of Armenia. However, for the current situation the peaceful Armenian population is not to blame and it constrains us,” said Hasanov

Referring to tensions on the front line, the minister said that the reason for this is the continued “occupation of the territory” of Azerbaijan by Armenia. “Armenians fire on our positions, trying to carry out reconnaissance and sabotage attacks; they fire at our civilians and damage farmland,” he said. “Therefore, the enemy must be spoken to in its own language, and we do it; the enemy is losing and we take revenge for our martyrs,” said Hasanov.

Speaking about the relationship of forces, the minister said that in the last year, Azerbaijan’s military budget has increased by 20 times. “Military spending this year exceed that of 2013 by 7.1%,” Husanov said.

“At the same time, Armenia’s military expenditure in 2014 was 5.3 times smaller than our military budget. ”

The arms acquired over the past 10 years have created a serious advantage for Azerbaijan. At the same time it has substantially developed and strengthened the military-industrial complex of Azerbaijan.

Among Azerbaijan’s modern arms, the minister mentioned Smerch systems of various modifications, variations tactical missile systems like Tochka-U, artillery systems MSTA-S, TOS-1A, the newest T-90 tanks, and others.


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  1. Vindicated Man said:

    Such statements are only good for their internal audiences.

  2. GB said:

    This Tatar-Turk should think of Sultan’s demoralized army, before firing his toy guns over Armenian territories!

  3. SA said:

    Everyone knows that Armenia also has the capability to hit any target within Azerbaijan – starting with their refineries which will cripple their entire economy along with the powers who have interest in them. The West will never allow a renewed war because they know their energy supply would be interrupted. This is all talk to appease their people. Unfortunately, Russia is arming both sides – while they sell weapons to the Azeris, they give weapons to the Armenians to keep the Azeris in check. At the end of they day, neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan are in control of their futures – unfortunately it’s all about what the West and Russia decide to do.

    • AM said:

      I don’t think you are right. Look who is on the board of directors of oil there. That will give you the clue. Azeri are their puppets. Now with escalation of situation with Russia, they will be very happy to destroy Russian forpost to more isolate Russia. It is like Baltic states are forpost of NATO and they will be taken out if war breaks out. Armenia is Russian forpost. We have to be very vigilant. God help us ALL and Save us from our enemies.

  4. Hratch said:

    Thanks to Mother Russia, now that they are armed to the teeth they can say virtually anything they want. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Russia who is fanning the flames of war to subdue Armenia even further.

  5. NORA KHEROIAN said:


  6. Dino said:

    I know exactly when Azerbaijan will attack Armenia. There are 2 azeris weasels living in California that will leave just before the attack, keep tabs on them and that kind of intelligence is as good as gold.

  7. vartan said:


  8. Vartan said:

    These blood thirsty Hitlarian turks have an appetite for Armenian blood, the world would be a better place with the complete absence of all turkishness

    • Will see said:

      After WWI, turkey and its mongolian monkies have been following the strategy of bark-bark-never-bite. They can bark as much as they want. In the end they’ll be displaced to mongolia (their rightful place where they creeped from).

  9. Armenian Christian said:

    They spend it on palaces in Saudi arabia and the UK….not so much millitary goods…they cook the books in this way…

  10. Ararat said:

    The artificial state of Azerbaijan, a gas station disguised as a country, and her criminal leaders must be taught a lesson they will never forget. These racist leaders are the most disgusting people in the world and they must be exterminated like a bunch of parasites. These two-faced and double-talking hypocrites have been talking tough to keep their ill-informed and brainwashed people preoccupied while forgetting how their former leaders were begging for cease-fire two decades ago. I really wish the Armenian forces had advanced and taken over half their artificial country, which they could have if they wanted to, had it not been for Russia brokering a cease-fire deal saving their sorry chicken-hawk behinds and by convincing the Armenian forces, ready to bomb them back to the Stone Age, to halt their advance. Now, here they are after twenty years barking like wild dogs making constant threats against us without being able to put their petrodollars where their mouth is.

    It is interesting how this Azerbaijani Defense Minister buffoon claims they can hit any object or settlement in Armenia when the conflict is about the liberated Artsakh territory and the republic of Armenia is only there to guarantee the safety of the Armenian population. Furthermore, he claims it is the peaceful Armenian population that constrains them and makes them refrain from using force while it is their very own cowardly snipers that are targeting and killing the very same peaceful Armenian population they are supposedly trying not to hurt.

    Someone should remind this idiot that those who live in glass houses don’t throw stones. He should know that his entire artificial country’s existence depends on the oil pipelines they have laid out to pimp out and bribe their Turkish masters for their anti-Armenian foreign policy and to try to use the pipelines as leverage against the energy hungry Europe but that if push comes to shove those oil pipelines will be blown up and they will be swimming in them and their fabricated country’s economy will come to a sudden halt.

    He should be reminded that his boss and donkey-in-chief Ilham Aliyev is the same coward who, at his ripe military age in the early 90s, instead of putting on his fake country’s uniform and show his false patriotism was missing in action hiding behind his late father’s skirt. I guarantee these tough-talking Azerbaijani leaders are the same cowards of twenty years ago, as was Aliyev himself, but today with pockets full of oil money stolen from their people. As much petrodollars as they generate, what they lack however is the heart to do as they say and that’s because our dedicated and courageous Armenian heroes took their hearts away two decades ago.

    I can’t wait for the day when Armenia and Artsakh go nuclear and then we will see how these wild barking dogs with no teeth sitting quietly in their backyards hoping we spare them the nuclear holocaust.

  11. Areg said:

    Mutalibov where are you? Please give an advise to your son Zakir Hasanov! Tell him about the KARINTAK experience… It seems someone else is going to go under KARIN TAK again.

  12. bayrakiniyakan said:

    Hahahahahahaha we been waiting for them now more than 20 years, if Azerbaijan attacks Armenia we Armenians can LIBERATE MORE OF OUR OCCUPIED ARMENIAN LAND and the azeriz can cry more with new one million refuges !

  13. Josef said:

    Wow how sad! I really feel sorry for Azerbaijan a country that was not on any international map less then 100 years ago but is blessed with endless national resources that God has given them . Give it back to your people and humanity not brag that you are spending more on your military then Armenia!
    Who are these people ? What do they want? They put there former presidents statues in Mexico what does Azerbaijan and Aliev have to with Mexico? You are in Asia Mexico is in the Americas you make axe murders into national hero’s! You uneducated money hungry idiots!
    Armenia has survived over 6,000 years who are you ? Who is Azerbaijan is it a race ? A region of former Persia? Who are you to play with humanity like it a toy? Aliev you are a joke your country is a joke and your military is a joke you will be defeated again dam you and your way of thinking !

  14. Serj Bulanikian said:

    As usual his utterences are total HOG WASH.It is for interior consumption…..

  15. MZB said:

    Armenia should always be alert and can not forget the past!
    Otherwise, the price may be high.

  16. Sokimag said:

    Armenia needs to boost it’s economy if it wants to compete with Azerbaijan’s military budget. For that to happen, Armenia needs to get rid of it’s corrupt present government, because the RPA is not interested in improving Armenia. After that, we must put an honest government that will always be at the mercy of the people. That way they will think twice before doing bad things to Armenia.

  17. Garo said:

    This time we will not stop until we kill all of them ! Baku will have Armenian flag again !

  18. AM said:

    If Azeris have right to return Karabakh (laughable) then we Armenians have full right return our lands annexed by Turkey after WW1 by Treaty of Kars.

  19. Avo said:

    I understand the situation between Armenian and Azerbejian very well, but after reading some of these posts, I find it hard to swallow these hateful comments. Many of these responses are emotional and lack remorse and tact.. Some comments are outright racist. Those who call Azeris racist and making claims that they were never a nation 100 years ago must understand that regardless of how far back their ancestry goes, Azeris are human beings, just like the rest of us. If you want the average Azeri citizen to treat an Armenian citizen with respect, then create a friendly dialogue with the people, artists and intellectuals of Azerbejian, not with the Azeri politicians and Oligarchs who are not too different than the Armenian Oligarchs. It’s not easy to ask an Armenian to do this and even trying to do so will create an initial lack of trust and empathy from Azeri’s but we must try to create ties to foster support and growth of new friendships and to open the new generation of Armenians and Azeri’s to a new way of progressive thinking. Those with power will wield it to their advantage. Armenia would be no different if it had any major advantage. The right thing to do is to be mindful of your reactions before you express them in a public forum in a negative way. Be aware of your actions and how you relate with yourself and these political and social issues and then you will realize that most Azeri people are nothing like their Psychopathic leader who only cares about his own views. Negative dialogue only perpetuates more negative and vengeful actions which is counterproductive to the well being of the average citizen of both Azerbaijan and Armenia. Dissolve your Ego and Remember this advice and perhaps your next reaction won’t be a negative one. I only wish Love and Peace between all citizens of our world.

  20. ARMO said:

    Hahaha let them come, i will go to Armenia to fight against the donkeys Azergayann.
    Im ready !!

    Russia and other country’s will support and help Armenia so if they attack then rip to Azergayann !!

  21. JOE said:


  22. Karén said:

    Avo, sadly you are in minority on both sides. The conflict does not benefit either side at large, but the governments are corrupt and mafia rules both countries. The best way to have the control exerted on your population is to continue flaming hatred based on ethnic ground.

  23. Arno K. said:

    This article does not mention Israeli weapons and drones that Azerbaijan acquired. Both, Russia and Israel need this conflict alive. Israel can wag their fingers at Turkey an remind them, that they committed the first Genocide of 20th century. Russia will use the conflict to put a tight leash on Azerbaijan.