Aliyev Vows War as US Presses for Karabakh Summit

Ilham Aliyev and James Warlick

BAKU, WASHINGTON–Frustrated by what he calls a failure by the OSCE Minsk Group to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev threatened war against Artsakh, while the Minsk Group US Co-chairman urged Aliyev and Armenia’s President Serzh Sarkisian to meet in Paris for Karabakh talks.

Speaking after Azerbaijani Army military exercises on Thursday, Aliyev said that his country’s patience is running out and if the mediators do not resolve the conflict, he would have no other choice that to establish “territorial sovereignty” through force.

“We will stick to negotiations for the time being. But I want to once again state that we are running out of patience and that the Azerbaijani army is ready to carry out its commander-in-chief’s orders,” Aliyev said expressing his frustration that the Minsk Group mediators were more interested in establishing confidence-building measures than resolving the conflict.

For the Azerbaijani leader, resolving the conflict would mean the return of Karabakh to Azerbaijan, vowing that there will not be a second “illegitimate” Armenian republic on historic Azerbaijan, hinting at his earlier assertions that the Republic of Armenia is part of a historic Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Voice of America, Warlick, the US Minsk Group Co-Chairman urged the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan to accept an invitation made by French President Francois Hollande and meet in Paris to continue talks on the Karabakh conflict.

“The presidents should accept this invitation, as a new stage is needed and it is crucial that the presidents meet,” said Warlick, who expressed alarm at the frequency of cross-border skirmishes.

“The US is very concerned about this, one life lost is already a reason for concern and more frequent cases of violence do not create the atmosphere amid which both parties can work together successfully for the sake of peace,” said Warlick. “A threat exists that the situation could get out of control and lead to resumption of hostilities – this is not wanted and measures should be taken to decrease tension.”

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  1. Armenian said:

    The West and the US should recognize Artsakh before Russia gains a major advantage in the region by continuing to support undemocratic, saber-rattling and unsavory leaders and exacerbating this never-ending conflict.

  2. Dvo said:

    Armenia should face reality, history has not change, Armenian borders have always been in danger. God give Armenia the strength to defend them selfs.

    The world has been a global war zone ever since humanity, I think the fear of war makes people weak, there should be no fear, fear must be embraced and if possible prevent war not fear it.

    The Fedayis in Artsakh know that the war was not finished and it will continiue some day

  3. Norin Radd said:

    Yes Mr. Warlock, keep protecting US/British oil interests in that zoo called Baku by constantly making all inclusive “ceasefire” statements instead I just simply addressing the Azeri line of contact violations.

  4. Hratch said:

    This all coincides with the recent revelations of massive weapons sales by Mother Russia. The plan is being perfectly cooked up by Mr. Putin and Mr. Aliyev. First they announce the weapon sales, then they create tension about the Eurasian Union, next flare up incidents on all fronts, follow up with war talk and finally create a pretense for an attack.

    Russia is a regional power and wants complete hegemony over its southern regions. Make no mistake about it, Mr. Putin will through Armenia under the bus and hand over Karabakh if that is what it will take to bring the oil rich Azeris back into the fold.

    • Lus said:

      Stop obsessing over Russia! If you have any real arguments, go ahead but until then stop bring up the Russian factor here… it’s getting silly

  5. GB said:

    The faith of Axeri dictator Aliyev, will be the same as “pan Touranist” ex president of Axerbaijan, Abulfaz Elchibey’s faith!

  6. Hagopian hagopian said:

    Why participate? Everytime we meet this dog a precious Armenian soldiers life is taken away.

  7. AraK said:

    We are boasting as usual that in case of a war Armenia would occupy more territories. I’m not so sure about that but I’m sure Russia and Azerbaidjan (through our “ally” Russia} know exactly what are Armenia’s capabilities and consequently they might wage war on Armenia.
    God, if He exists, be with us in case of a war…

  8. Hratch said:

    Now that the Ukraine signed the agreement with the EU, expect the worst under Russia’s orders.

  9. Alen said:

    All it will take is one lucrative gas or energy deal for Russia from Azerbaijain, or one desirable concession regarding the Russian trade union, and Artsakh will be a memory. Our fortitude and willpower are no match for billions of dollars of military equipment and a nationalistic zeal, no matter how incompetent the country who owns them is.

    The position of strength may have been 10+ years ago. Now time is simply and irreversibly in Azerbaijan’s favor, particularly with the corrupt and sniveling Armenian government “leaders” doing absolutely nothing to strengthen the nation. To think there will be an Artsakh 25 years from now is to delude ourselves. Recapturing this territory is quite literally the full obsession of the Azeri foreign policy, and nothing short of a retaliatory military attack from Russia onto Azeri sovereign territory will dissuade them–something the Russian bear will be happy to backroom deal away.

  10. vartan said:


  11. A.N. said:

    This news is not a complete news without Russia’s position is explained. Given the fact that Russia is deeply involved in Ukraine problem with Europe, Armenia is facing serious odds in confronting Azerbaijan armed to eir his teeth by the same Russia’s military aid, so will Russia sacrifice his rich client Azerbaijan for defending Armenia politically and militarily or let Ngorno Carabakh be taken back by Azeris like it did by letting West Armenia go to the defeated Turkey at the end of WW1 because he was busy with his Bolshevik Revolution?

  12. bayrakiniyakan said:

    First the father and now the son, same old song same BS for 20 years :)

  13. Abovyansi said:

    Aliev is playing with fire and as he should shnow that the the fire in the kitchen is getting hotter and he will experience same loss as his father did, it doesnt matter how much weapons he buys with his oil money , the morale of his troops is very low as he knows it and this time Armenia will spare nothing and this will be a lesson for Aliev, but this is because he is mad at loosing the nabucco deal with the south stream of russia and he wants get back at Russia via war and he will loose the war dearly as we speak every one knows that. And Armenia is waiting for the right time at a right moment to hit it were it will hert the most.

  14. Areg said:

    Aliev can be frustrated as much as he wants. Artsakh is free and independent. Too bad Mr. Aliev Pasha, the train has come and gone and you have missed boarding it.
    Efendi Elchibay also wished to concur Armenia and swim in the Lake Sevan. Where is Elchibay nowdays? Aliev Pasha your turn will come also and you will be a bye-bye.

    • Ararat said:

      The Armenian Diaspora should recruit and build a Diasporan army of tens of thousands of dedicated Armenians ready to deploy in Artsakh. We should also build special forces military units, much like the US Navy Seals, to get ready to surgically target racist Azeri leaders in any and all four corners of the world when the situation in the motherland demands it. We need to give these pseudo-Turkish mutts a big dose of what we gave to their Mongol mutt Turkish masters a few decades ago.

      We must peacefully pursue our legitimate demands from both the illegal and fascist state of Turkey as well as the artificial state of Azerbaijan but we must also be always ready should the need ever arise to speak to them in the language they both are quite familiar with and respect the most: The language of force and outmost violence.

  15. Armenian Christian said:

    This time we will liberate nakchivan…let them start…

  16. helen takessian said:

    the karabagh issue was caused when stalin ruthlessly transferred Armenian territory brazenly to the Azerbaijan country. The came years of deprovasion and then genocide/ethnic cleansing. It is up to Putin to return this land back to the rightful owners–Armenia just like putin is now doing I n the crimea.

  17. Arn.Sweden. said:

    Do this Selfdeceived Fool believe His own words ?

    I Quote –

    “For the Azerbaijani leader, resolving the conflict would mean the return of Karabakh to Azerbaijan, vowing that there will not be a second “illegitimate” Armenian republic on historic Azerbaijan, hinting at his earlier assertions that the Republic of Armenia is part of a historic Azerbaijan.”.

    Comment –

    Armenia is many Thousend Years Old and existed long before Aserbadjan

    This is a Mad man and Aserbadjan has to be dealth with Severely !.


    • Ararat said:

      Unlike the Azerbaijanis, the Armenians are a distinct people with distinct origin and a nation state whose history and existence go back thousands of years. The free and independent republics of Armenia, the current Armenian republic as well as the one in 1918, are the continuation of the Armenian nation states, a fraction of historic Armenian homeland under Turkish and pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijani occupation. Both Artsakh, falsely known as Karabakh, and Nakhichevan are ancient Armenian provinces which in 1921 were placed administratively under Azeri SSR control by the Soviets as part of their divide-and-rule policy. In other words, the Soviets deliberately kept part of historic Armenia and its Armenian population hostage to our centuries-old racial enemy as a way to dictate their totalitarian policy on Armenia proper.

      The Armenian nation has existed in the South Caucasus and Asia Minor, aka Western Armenia currently under Turkish occupation, long before there were any Turkic people in the region to speak of. The Turks occupying the Western Armenian provinces are non-native invaders from the plains of Mongolia and Northern China. Their pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijani slaves are a made-up and fabricated nation with ancient Persian roots mixed with non-native Turkic newcomers to the region.

      The republic of Azerbaijan is an artificial state, a gas station disguised as a country, of less than a century old which was invented by their Turkish masters in 1918 as part of pan-Turkic and pan-Turanic ideology to wipe Armenia off the map after putting an end to the Armenian existence in Western Armenia by committing the Armenian Genocide in 1915 and confiscating their homeland.

      The Armenians, as well as other murdered native Christians, are the only indigenous people in the region. The Turks are outsiders who created their empire by invasion, occupation, mass murder and subjugation of the native people of the land they governed. They created their fascist state in 1923 on Armenian homeland after solving the Armenian Question by getting rid of the Armenians themselves. The pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijanis currently occupying the territories north of the Aras River are also non-native occupiers and the only native ones are those from the south of the Aras River in northwestern Iran. However, the name Azerbaijan is fabricated and derived from the Persian words Azer+Padegan in which Azer means Fire and Padegan means a fortress or a garrison and it is a location in northwestern Persia. The names Azerbaijan, as well as the Azerbaijani nation, are both fabricated. Neither ever existed as distinct entities from Persia.

      Any Azerbaijani who denies the Armenian existence in their historic homeland and utters the racist words expressed by his racist donkey-in-chief Aliyev must have his tongue cut out. The donkey-in-chief himself should be executed for his false hate-filled desperate racist words.

      • Arn.Sweden. said:

        The 5500 Year Old Forefather of the Armenian People is – TOGARMA !.

        Genesis 10 21st Century King James Version (KJ21)

        10 Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japheth; and unto them were sons born after the flood.
        2 The sons of Japheth: Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras.
        3 And the sons of Gomer: Ashkenaz and Riphath and Togarmah.


  18. ohannes said:

    It is same game big country’s playing with Armenia like they did in 19 country one side Russia
    one side Turks and Europe this time one side Russia one side U.S.A one more time we are
    going to be come Russia’s victim Russia plays game in Ukrainian with U.S.A they will
    play game with Russia in Caucuses never ending game when you are weak and you have no
    oil you are no one just a tool

  19. A said:

    God forbid if war broke out it will be very quick 10-15 days.

    People need to remember as much weapons as azeri have or money wont help.

    Armenian soldiers are dug in the trenches goodluck trying to get them out of the trenches plus we hold the high ground.

    Armenia has a weak spot anyone that has a military background will know which area in karabakh is weak if we can defend that successfully azeri army will have HUGE number of casulties. We are talking 10 thousand plus soldiers dieing in a matter of days. How do you think that will turn out in sultan alieyvs country?

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