Armenia to Receive Tax-Free Gas, Other Commodities from Russia

A pipeline carrying Russian natural gas to Armenia

YEREVAN (Arka)—Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has ratified an intergovernmental agreement on deliveries of natural gas, petroleum products and natural rough diamonds to Armenia, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported.

The agreement was signed on Dec 2, 2013, in Yerevan. It provides for duty-free delivery of these goods from Russia to Armenia before the latter joins the Eurasian Economic Union. The agreement prohibits re-export of these goods to a third country.

Under the agreement, the volume and range of the consumption of these goods in Armenia for the next calendar year is determined by relevant authorities from the two governments. As for delivery of uncut diamonds, the amount is determined by agreements between businesses of the two countries.

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin signed another law ratifying an agreement on military and technical cooperation with Armenia. The document was made public on Monday.

The agreement was signed in June 25, 2013. It envisions setting a favorable regime of interactions between the parties for development, production, maintenance, repair, modernization, and use of arms and defense technologies, according to the report.

The Armenian parliament ratified the agreement with the Russian Federation back in December, Novosti-Armenia reported citing to RIA Novosti.


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  1. dvo said:

    hope now everyone stops the this hatreds towards Russia, Becouse uneducated people will help Armenia to the ground.

  2. James said:

    When will the US provide such benefits? Or any benefits at all for that matter?

  3. Hratch said:

    All we want is Russia not to arm the Azeris. They can keep their rough diamonds and other commodities.

  4. Armenian said:

    Nothing is “free”; these things came at a very hefty price and cost us our development and prosperity as an independent nation.

    Neither of those things are worth tax-free gas or diamonds. Russian hegemony prevents the development of Armenia’s future.

    • Hratch said:

      Mother Russia can do no wrong for the braindead Russophiles.

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      Nothing is free in life and Russia is not exception, people should understand that Russia is not a non profit organization, the difference between Russia and the West is Russia wanta to give and take with Armenia, the West wants only to bring headach to Armenia, revise what the west did in last 100 years, NOTHING:

      • Armenian said:

        Russia has brought Armenia closer to the brink of all-out warfare by constantly arming Azerbaijan, and has contributed to the state of hopelessness and isolation in this country by making Armenia a less attractive place for foreign investment and encouraging the very attitudes that are destroying this country and creating more poverty.

        I am for Armenia’s relationship with the West not because the West will gain something, but because we will gain something very important from the West.

  5. Lus said:

    LOL, Russia-bashers are on a roll again… it’s amazing because you’ve run out of arguments…

  6. dvo said:

    I do not think it is appropriate to blame the russians for everything, Russia is not responsible for the deaths of Armenian soldiers. Those who are responsible for the deaths are Azeris and Armenians.

    Armenia needs to stop balming others for their own mistakes, and wake up and face reality that there are enemy’s close to our borders which are preparing to kill us.

    They should accept the fact that there is no heaven on earth and that the world is a global war zone, those who are strong,ignorant and brave survive those who are weak lose.

    Bye the way blaming the Russians for everything , will do us no good, you probaly wont suffer the consequences for blaming Russia for everything becouse you dont live in Armenia. and you are not depended on Russia.
    If you really want to help your country, you can donate for your country, study hard and invest in Armenia. We should let Armenians in Armenia deside their own fate, and those people who are living in rich luxury country’s have no right to give Armenia orders.

    First Russia needs Armenia more than Azerbaijan why?

    Becouse Azeris are Turks and Turks and Russian are enemy’s (history has shown)in case of a global war Turkey would probably attack Russia and guess what, Azerbaijan will not betray its Turkish brothers and will help Turkey against Russia.
    Russia needs Armenia becouse Armenia is very reliable for Russia.

    Giving weapons to Azerbaijan is one big political strategy, Azeris can also buy weapons from isreal and from the US but they prefer Russian weapons, which Russia makes profit from it and in the end of many possible scenarios it will again benefit Russians. cause those weapons are Russian made.

    without Russia, the next day there will be no Armenia but only Turkey or Azerbaijan.

    Armenia will get new modern weapons soon. Armenia and Belarus are the only countrys in the world that can buy Russian weapons for a very cheap price, and thats something very importaned and good for us.
    Everytime we blame the Russians which is the true goal of the Turks/Azeris watch their news they happly state on their websites that their are tensions between Russia and Armenia, and instead their so-called relations is growing. Without oil Azerbaijan will be shit.

    Why becouse Armenians cant think deep, not every thing is as it looks like.

    Armenians will profit major from Euroasian costum union very cheap gas prices, diamonds and much more.
    This hate that has been growing towards Russians will be a nother historical mistake, and we will in the end blame ourselfs again.

    and one more thing Russia does not controll Armenia, Armenia sold everything to Russia and not the way around.

    This all does not mean that Armenia should not stand up for himself, Armenia needs to show some balls in order to be respected.