France Urges Armenia, Azerbaijan to Reduce Tensions

OSCE monitors at the border between Artsakh and Azerbaijan

PARIS (Kuna)—France on Wednesday called on Azerbaijan and Armenia to refrain from provocative statements and to work towards establishing a “climate of confidence” to help arrive at a peaceful resolution of their disputes.

The two southern Caucasus nations have a serious territorial dispute over the Nagorno Karabagh territory and border clashes and loss of life among troops have been growing in frequency over the past year.

Armenia claims that five of its soldiers were shot by Azeri snipers early last month and that tensions are increasing on the border.

“France is mobilized in its role as co-president of the Minsk Group, to promote mediation on Nagorno Karabagh,” the French Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

The Minsk Group also includes Russia and the United States.

Paris calls on “the parties to refrain from statements that go against the establishment of a climate of confidence” and “invites the parties to actively contribute to this,” spokesman Romain Nadal said in a briefing.

President Francois Hollande visited the region six weeks ago and met with local officials and leaders and reassured them of French support to move forward with negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the dispute.

On Wednesday, July 2, in accordance with the arrangement reached with the authorities of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, the OSCE Mission conducted a planned monitoring of the Line of Contact between the armed forces of Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan in the northern direction of the Talish village of the NKR Martakert region. No violations were recorded.


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  1. dvo said:

    France and other countries should urge Azerbaijan to stop its agressieve policy towards Armenia by states a thousend times a year that they will declare war on Armenia.

    Armenia does not create tensions, Armenia simply protects its borders from a country who wishes to retake Armenian lands.

    Imagne if Armenia warned Azerbaijan for war, the world would condem Armenia.
    But Azerbaijan treated a dozen times that they will declare war on Armenia, and yet the world is silent.

  2. Ruby Minas said:

    How irritating are these messages “France Urges Armenia, Azerbaijan to Reduce Tensions”
    What does it mean reduce tensions, who is igniting the tension, the stupid zombie aliev who has so much stolen money from his people and is anxious to use the arms bought with that money.
    Armenia is loosing young soldiers almost everyday for a long time since these stupid azeris feel like shooting and killing Armenians and countries like France & U.S.A. all they are doing is sending chilish messages which don’t get anywhere

  3. Hratch said:

    Just like I predicted. The west now knows Russia’s game plan in the southern Caucasus and are trying to thwart Mr. Putin’s diabolical schemes.

    After Mr. Putin’s defeat in the Ukraine, he is determined to push the west out and gain complete hegemony over the region. To gain this leverage, he is courting the Azeris by providing military weapons and cover for their recent violations. In addition, he is trying to lure them into the EEU with incentives of possible back deal on Karabakh. Armenia is completely at Russia’s mercy. We have virtually given all our sovereignty and independence to them. They will use and abuse us for all their interests. The only way out of this bondage is to embrace the west as it tries to stop Mr. Putin from manipulating its weaker nations. This is Armenia’s chance to alter its course.

  4. Artin Djerdjerian said:

    F.France….France was one of supporters of Turkey for the Genocide.. F.France……

  5. Fedy said:

    We are in a state of undeclared war with the turks. This business of reducing tensions is pap on the cob. There is a low level, at this stage, state of war escalating slowly into a crescendo of tension and exchanges. If we are in a war we will lose soldiers, the enemy will also lose and many more than us. Enough of this balderdash BS bravado of having given our sovereignty away. Know you limitations and only then start crowing like a cockerel. Some people want the Russians ( Russophobes to the marrow bone)out, well kick them out and then let’s see how long you can stand on your own feet , or who will come to your assistance to ” guarantee your sovereignty”.