Armenian Army Fortifies Positions at Nakhichevan Border

From their newly-claimed positions, Armenian Armed Forces have a direct view of Azeri positions in Nakhichevan (Photo by

YEREVAN–At the beginning of June, the Armenian Armed Forces made advances and claimed strategic positions and hills at the Armenia-Nakhichevan border.

These positions, measuring some 100 square kilometers, which were uncontrolled due to difficulet geographic and climate conditions, were put under the control of the Armenian Army.

This portion of territory is in Armenia proper, but until recently there were no border or army positions.

Azerbaijan’s defense minister General Zakir Hassanov, on June 25, confirmed the new positions of the Armenian Armed Forces during an interview with ANS news agency in Baku.

With this advancement, the city of Nakhichevan is not 18.6 miles (30 kilometers) away from the Armenian border.

Photographs obtained by clearly show that the newly-manned Armenian positions are fortified and have a direct view of Azerbaijani border positions in Nakhichevan.

This recent attempt by the Armenian Army to fortify its positions came after two separate attacks by Azerbaijani forces from the Nakhichevan border, which resulted in the deaths of three Armenian soldiers.


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  1. Garo Yeghichian said:

    Nakhichevan is an Armenian land. Soon or late will be under Yerevan control.

  2. Hagop D said:

    This is OK, but I’m not sure I would call it “great news”, because it has not punished the Azeri Turks for their crime, nor liberated any Armenian territories under occupation by illegal settlers from Central Asia and the UK. This was nothing more than an act of war, plain and simple, so I don’t know why Armenia is honoring the so-called cease-fire itself. Armenia should fire back ten fold at British Petroleum.

    • said:

      This was a brilliant operation that was planned and executed by the Armenian Army in one night with no single shot fired.

      The result is hundreds of square miles of liberated Armenian ancestral lands are back under Armenian control and returned to Armenian farmers!

      In addition, the newly acquired positions allow Armenian Army to suppress any Turkish attack from that direction. Armenian Army can now easily take over the regional capital city which is directly at their feet about 30 miles away.

      When Azeri Turk askeri woke up that freezing morning and saw Armenian soldiers above their heads they just packed and left their tranches!

      • Hagop D said:

        Thanks for the info and footage it was interesting to see Armenia’s ancestral mountains. I agree this was good, but what my concern was, those occupiers fired on Armenia proper and killed troops from the Armenian army, which is not even part of the NKR conflict, thus making it a blatant act of war against a country which is officially not part of the conflict. This means Armenia can openly get involved from now on, even involving the NKR, there needs to be consequences for crimes. I guess this was a good initial step, so it must be considered a victory.

        • said:

          Azerbaijan currently occupies Artsvashen, a territory in Armenia proper.

          On August 8, 1992, Azeri Army crossed internationally recognized border of Armenia and took control of this town in Gugharkunik Marz. More than 3000 Armenians lost their homes and belongings and became displaced.

          The killings and kidnappings of Armenians by Azeri armed forces never stopped along the entire border and continue to this day.

  3. GB said:

    Very shortly coward Axeris will go for hide outs in former Sultan Aliyev home town!

  4. hidi said:

    **** that land belongs to Armenia., it is ours.., no matter how long it takes., it will be incorporated to the mother land., stupid Turks and ugly Azari’s can’t change the history., Period..!!!!

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