Dutch Province of Overijssel Condemns Hateful Turkish Rally

Turkish demonstrators hurled insults and threats at Armenians in Almelo, near an Armenian church where a Genocide memorial was erected. A band of demonstrators dressed in Ottoman military garb are seen in the foreground. June, 1, 2014. (Photo: Tubantia)

ALMELO, Netherlands—The Parliament of the Dutch province of Overijssel adopted on Wednesday a motion which condemned Turkish opposition to the presence of an Armenian Genocide memorial on the private property of an Armenian church in Almelo. During a protest rally by the Turkish community on Tuesday, insulting, threatening and hateful statements were made against Armenians.

The motion submitted by Christian Union (CU), the Reformed Political Party (SGP), Party for Freedom (PVV) and Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) refers to the period of 1915-1918 when millions of Armenians, Assyrians, and Pontic Greeks were brutally slaughtered in the former Ottoman Empire.

The motion dissociates the provincial parliament from the protest rally by genocide deniers and expresses the recognition of the Armenian Genocide with reference to a motion of the Dutch Parliament from 2004. The provincial parliament thereby reassured the Armenian community that it has the right to a dignified memorial place.

In connection with the statements during the Turkish demonstrations on June 1, the Joint Armenian Organizations filed a complaint last week.

The Joint Armenian Organizations, namely the Federation of Armenian Organizations in the Netherlands (FAON) and Dutch Armenian Committee for Justice and Democracy (ANC of the Netherlands), have reported the organizers, speakers and participants of a Turkish rally on Tuesday, June 1, in Almelo to the police, the Federation of Armenian Organisations in The Netherlands reported.

The rally was intended to be a demonstration against the Genocide memorial recently erected on the private grounds of the Armenian Church in Almelo, however, it turned into anti-Armenian chanting and denial of the Armenian Genocide. Roughly 3000 protestors gathered in Almelo from cities all over the Netherlands.

Member of the Dutch Parliament Pieter Omtzigt cited hateful Turkish chants during the rally, including examples such as “Karabakh will be the mass grave of Armenians.” Omzigt also said that members of a military band who wore Ottoman uniforms were a provocation in view of the fact that the genocide was carried out under Ottoman rule.

The provincial government building in Overijssel

According to the Joint Armenian Organizations, the participants of the rally are guilty of group defamation, discrimination, and incitement of hatred toward the Armenian people and community, meaning that Article 137 of the Criminal Code of the Netherlands was violated. Written questions about the demonstration were submitted by Members of the Dutch Parliament Pieter Omtzigt (CDA – Christian Democratic Appeal), Harry Van Bommel (SP – Socialist Party), Joel Voordewind (CU – Christian Union), Kees van der Staaij (SGP – Reformed Political Party) and Raymond de Roon (PVV – Party for Freedom) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, and Minister of Security and Justice.

The questions included concerns about the organization of the rally, which, according to pamphlets distributed on the day, was in part organized by Diyanet, “The Ministry of Religious Affairs” of Turkey, which also offered free transportation by bus to the demonstration.


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  1. Norin Radd said:

    This should be a wake up call to all native Christian Dutch on who they are indiscriminately allowing into their borders. The EU better wake up before it is awakened by the call of Minarets to prayer.

  2. Hagop D said:

    More proof, the Turks don’t belong anywhere in the world but from where they came from: Central Asia.

  3. dvo said:


    Watch this video above, Turkish people young and old were yelling that Artsakh would be Armenia’s next grave.infront of our Church.

    I dont live far from Almelo, this was actuly suprising for those Armenians who tought that the younger generation had changed. This proves that Turks have not changed

    • Random Armenian said:

      Thanks for the link. You can see how they were bused in to the protest. Actually it’s not a protest but a display of hate. Protest usually implies a public expression against an injustice.

  4. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Did they arrive there to kill the Armenians …
    Let them go back and demonstrate
    in their confiscated land so-called savage Turkey…
    Their flags are full of Armenian blood …
    I am happy for the European people to know
    who are those people and how much we suffered from them!


  5. vartan said:

    turks donot have any values and dignity . as they say they are decendent of wolves. so be it they are not humans .they are animals or correctly put it donkeys……period

  6. Վասգէն said:

    These deranged turks are grand and great-grand children of those frenzied turks hundred year ago. They carry the same chromosomes of those criminals.
    we should send a strong message to them using graphic artists and based on the Armenian Genocide pictures of young women, children, and even baby’s naked strewn in the streets of turkey. Let’s put the mising link here, we should discribe with the help of graphic artists that how these corps were abused by theire great grand parants before they end-up dead in the streets.
    This should also shock the europeans as well to remind them that there is no cure for a turk who sais “I am proud to be a Turk”

    • Վասգէն said:

      Let’s put the mising link here, we should discribe with the help of graphic artists that how these corps were abused by the great grand parents of those demonstrators before they end-up dead in the streets.

  7. Vahan Marotian said:

    The Turkish schools in the Netherlands are also under scrutiny, those Turks love Turkey so much why don’t they head back there.

  8. Jazmin said:

    the words “hate” and “Turkey” are almost synonymous– impossible to separate the 2

  9. GeorgeMardig said:

    I thought Turks by having more facts and information outside Turkey would have been different, it seems most Turks are cut by the same mold.

  10. Amos Shamelessman said:

    Just when I think turks can’t get any lower, they prove me wrong.

  11. GB said:

    I wonder how these “civilized” Turks run away from their beloved hometown, all of sudden become professional deniers of Armenian Genocide!

  12. Armenian said:

    Grotesque and inhumane. Shame on them and their despicable cause, but I’m glad the Dutch province took a very solid action against their demeanor and condemned this as hate speech. I’m also grateful to the Netherlands for recognizing the genocide.

  13. Random Armenian said:

    If someone has a copy of the pamphlets from the protest, it would be great to put it up on the web for everyone to see how the Turkish government is using mobs to bully Armenians.

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