Sarkisian Rejects Davutoglu’s ‘Just Memory’

Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian speaks to the Armenian community in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES—During an official visit to Argentina, Armenia’s President Serzh Sarkisian met with the Armenian community of Buenos Aires. In a speech, Sarkisian remarked that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s recent proposal for a “just memory” could not be accepted.

“The Genocide has not ended as long as Turkey’s authorities continue to deny what has been committed,” Sarkisian told the audience in Buenos Aires.

“However, the day when Turkey will face its history is not far away,” the President said.

He is convinced that social consciousness in the young, educated generation, who believe it is better to apologize than to abandon the past shamefully, will contribute to the recognition of the Genocide.

“Yes, thousands of Turks do not accept their government’s official policy of denial and express solidarity with the Armenian people. These processes are evident and they force Turkish authorities to take certain steps,” Sarkisian remarked.

“It is not ‘a just memory,’” Sarkisian said, referring to Davutoglu’s recent statements. “We cannot accept this ‘just memory.’ In fact, this is an updated, improved, and re-packaged version of the policy of denial of the Armenian Genocide.”

The President noted that Armenia will continue its efforts in bringing international recognition and condemnation to the Armenian Genocide.

“But we have to respect the memory of our ancestors, not only through keeping our struggle ‘til the end, but also by strengthening our homeland using the talent and capabilities of every Armenian for the benefit of the homeland,” he added.

According to Sarkisian, every Armenian should be proud of the fact that on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, we stand with the existence of two independent states — the Republic of Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

“Even under the blockade and a situation of ‘no war, no peace,’ our homeland is developing,” he added.

President Sarkisian also met with Mauricio Macri, the Mayor of Buenos Aires, during his visit to Argentina.

President Sarkisian referred to the presence of Armenians in Buenos Aires, which serves as a strong bridge between the two countries. According to the President, Armenians who fled the 1915 Genocide in the Ottoman Empire were shown a warm welcome in Argentina. He thanked the city authorities of Buenos Aires for recognizing the Armenian Genocide and for the decision to open an Armenian Genocide Museum in the city, which is “an invaluable step” towards recognition and condemnation of the Genocide.

Sarkisian also congratulated the Mayor of Buenos Aires on the occasion of Argentina’s Independence Day to be celebrated on July 9.

At the end of the meeting the Mayor handed a key to the city of Buenos Aires to the Armenian President.


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  1. Armenian said:

    I don’t like Serj’s attitude on most things and do think he is incredibly detrimental to Armenia’s development, but I will give him credit where it is due, and that is his strong and vocal stance on Turkey’s genocide denial, and his willingness to reject anything that isn’t an overt apology or a solid form of recognition on Turkey’s part. I like that he consistently calls Turkey’s attempts out by name, and it is especially important that he did not blanket all Turks as having the same mentality, and recognized the growing number of Turks who are willing to call a spade a spade and recognize the darkest chapter in their country’s history.

    If there’s anything his joke of an administration can point to as a successful part of his legacy, it can be his firm stance against Turkey’s maneuvering.

  2. Sokimag said:

    The thing is: Sarkisian speech’s is good to hear, but his actions contradict his speech. He does defend Armenia when it comes to Turks, but when it comes to Russia, he is silent.

      • Armenian said:

        Both countries aim to create a weakened Armenia, they just plan on going about it in different ways for different reasons.