Dr. Oz ‘Not Involved’ in ‘Master Plan’ to Deny Genocide

Dr. Mehmet Oz

LOS ANGELES–A “master plan” concocted by the Assembly of Turkish Associations to deny the Armenian Genocide, which hinted at the participation by Dr. Mehmet Oz as one of its spokespersons seems to be hitting a snag before taking off with Dr. Oz’s representatives rejecting any involvement in the “plan.”

“Dr. Oz is not involved in this in any way,” a spokesperson for Dr. Oz said in an email to Asbarez on Tuesday.

The Hurriyet Daily News reported over the weekend that as part of the ATAA’s “master plan” to “respond to the Armenians’ claims on every front” ahead of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Dr. Oz would be part of “famous Turkish-Americans” to take part in 20 one-day conferences at local universities designed to deny the Armenian Genocide.

The proposed conferences are part of “proactive” measures of the ATAA plan, which, according to Hurriyet, also includes the forming of “activist committees” who will visit lawmakers in each state, conduct social media campaigns, keep in touch with traditional media outlets, prepare online courses and organize countrywide networking meetings for Americans.

A “Reactive” component to the ATAA plan will include “immediately countering when claims from Armenians are published or featured in panels, conferences and exhibitions organized by the Armenian lobby groups,” according to Hurriyet. “The ATAA will request from the writers and publishers to include the Turkish claims in their books or documentaries based on the Armenian claims.”

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  1. Armenian said:

    Good thing he recognizes the negative consequences of affiliating with a cause as vile, despicable and racist as that of genocide denial.

  2. Zareh said:

    Oz is already in deep waters with the Feds because of his misrepresentations on his show about diet pills and concoctions.
    Just because he is a famous Turk in the U.S. Does not make him a denialist. The Nobel winner Turk also is not a denialist. There are a lot of Turks who are well educated and have a conscience. Not all Turks are devils. They are just as human as we are. But for one hundred years they have been indoctrinated by their leaders into believing that the Ottomans were incapable or too “civilized” to have committed Genocide. They have been indoctrinated in believing that Armenians took the Russian side during the war and they had to be “dealt with” by limited deportations away from the war zone.
    The facts are well know to all the world governments about the factuality of the Genocide. We will prevail because the truth is on our side.

  3. Danoog said:

    Ha, looks like the Turkish ashags forgot to ask Dr. Oz if he was onboard. Off to a great start, lol.!!!

  4. Vahe said:

    If the Oz family is not involved, then how accurate are the reports on a Turkish plan for 2015, not that anyone doubts that Turks would like to have one?

    By the way, the 100th anniversary lasts from 2015 to 2023 because the Genocide occurred from 1915 (actually 1914 or even 1894) to at least 1923.

  5. Jazmin said:

    how embarrassing for the Turks!!! even the articles they publish are full of lies.

  6. Shlomo said:

    It would be nice for him to be the first famous Turkish / American to admit to the Armenian Genocide it would be a good and nobel thing to do!

  7. Hratch said:

    Dr. Oz has gone to the extent of servicing in the Turkish army to retain his Turkish citizenship, I don’t believe he is as innocent as they make it sound. It’s more of a public relations stunt to deny his connection.

  8. Sosee said:

    It is almost laughable what fools the Turkish “government” and allies are making of themselves. No, I take that back… It IS LAUGHABLE.

  9. Diane M/ said:

    I didn’t believe Dr Oz. would be involved with something like that. I’m glad to hear he responded quickly and debunked it.

  10. Alex Postallian said:

    He is making millions,why spoil it…..Only the REAL DUMB jerky turkeys ARE POLITICAL…

  11. Norin said:

    Smart decision by Ozzy not to associate himself with his delusional and misled countrymen. Only way he can retain his dignity in all of this is to stay as far away from the supposed “master plan” circus as possible. Unless he wants to go down in history as the heart surgeon that tried to cover up the murder of 2 million Armenians.

  12. mike said:

    I am relieved and glad Dr. Oz is not involved. As the most prominent and best-known Turkish-American his non-involvement is a slap in the face of the denialists. I look forward for the Turkish-American head of Coca-Cola to do likewise. I know there are Turkish-Americans who acknowledge the Genocide of Armenians. I wish they would make their voices heard.

  13. BALTAZAR said:


  14. Sokimag said:

    I’m glad to hear this news. Dr. Oz does well to not associate himself with those genocide deniers. He will not harm his reputation and he will keep his Armenian fans.

  15. ltut said:

    Dr. Oz not to be believed, since he lies to American audience on his TV program all the time and is in trouble with the government for it. He denies Genocide or not is not so important to Armenians. However it is important for him, since he can get lot of bad publicity from it.I would like to know what the Armenian plan is for the 100th Anniversary for Genocide. What are we doing???? besides criticizing low life turks.

  16. Tsoghig said:

    I have to also voice my support for Dr. Oz immediately speaking up and denying his involvement in the “master plan.” I give him alot of credit for not getting bamboozled. Shame on the ATAA for even concocting a “master plan.” I am so tired of going to our April 24th protest in DC and having those Azeri’s and Turks shouting back at us. Shame on them. I hope in 2015 we will start to see the smart and aware people in Turkey standing up and force their government to tell the truth on the Genocide.

  17. zarian said:

    I’m surprised you haven’t reported on the Russell Crowe movie “The Water Diviner” it was picked up by the Weinstein company and will probably be released here around April 24th.. The story is about gallipoli and how the ottoman turks are such kind, wonderful people who lost 3,000 men in their whole horrible strategy.. to me this is the real master plan..

  18. ASLAMNIAN said: