Artsakh Solider Killed by Azeri Sniper

An Armenian soldier stands guard at the border between Artsakh and Azerbaijan

STEPANAKERT—Armenian military serviceman Movses Gasparyan, 20, received a fatal bullet wound from a shot fired by an Azerbaijanis sniper on Friday at 3 p.m., reports.

Gasparyan was fatally wounded at a military base stationed in the south-eastern region of the line of contact between Artsakh and Azerbaijani armed forces.

An investigation is being carried out to find details of the incident, the Karabakh Defense Ministry said. Azerbaijani authorities are denying their involvement in the shooting.

Incidentally, Artsakh armed forces reportedly intercepted a commando raid on the town of Kelbajar on Thursday and captured an Azeri serviceman. Artsakh officials released photos of weapons and an Azeri flag they say were found on the Azeri serviceman’s person.

The Karabakh military reported the arrest of Shahbaz Guliyev in a statement issued on Thursday, RFE/RL’s Armenian service ( reported. It said the 46-year-old was a member of an Azerbaijani “reconnaissance and sabotage group” that was neutralized by its forces in the Kelbajar district sandwiched between Armenia and Karabakh.

The announcement of Guliyev’s capture coincided with an official confirmation that a 17-year-old Armenian resident of Kelbajar, Smbat Tsakanian, went missing a week ago. Officials in Stepanakert did not rule out a connection between his disappearance and the alleged Azerbaijani infiltration.

Tsakanian’s father Mekhak told the “Haykakan Zhamanak” daily that the young man was alone in their house near Nor Erkej village when he and other family members left it on July 4. He said they did not find him here when they returned home the following morning.

“I am 100 percent sure that Azerbaijani saboteurs kidnapped my son,” said Mekhak Tsakanian. “They broke into our house and stole food and other stuff.”

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry insisted on Friday, however, that Guliyev is a civilian, rather than a member of a commando unit.

“Shahbaz Jalaloglu Guliyev, a resident of the Terter district taken hostage in the Kelbajar district, does not serve in the armed forces of Azerbaijan,” the Defense Ministry in Baku said, RFE/RL reported citing the Regnum news agency.


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  1. hidi said:

    **** The Azari hyenas.., they are cowered ‘s…, and Russia sales them there junk weapons .., so they can use it against Armenia & Artsakh.., and Russia claim other wise..? really…? who ales are they going to use the arms for., Russians..?

    • said:

      Movses was actually a Russian Armenian who came from Russia to serve in Artsakh Army.

      A year ago Azeri Turk snipers killed Gor Kazaryan, another Russian Armenian soldier who went to Artsakh to defend its borders.

      Lets not forget that advanced sniper weapons, gear, and training are provided to Azerbaijan by the US Department of Defense f r e e of c h a r g e. This is an open source information published on Pentagon’s contracts site. If you pay taxes, now you know how Uncle Sam spent your hard earned $$!

  2. Hratch said:

    And Mother Russia simply looks the other way. Mr. Putin is salivating at the idea of making an excuse to hand over Karabakh to the Azeris on a silver platter.

    • George said:

      Putin is a master of international law and a brilliant strategist and he only laughs when fools like you pretend to know everything there is to know.

    • Ararat said:

      I think the term “Mother Russia” used in regards to Armenia is a fallacy. Russia is primarily concerned about its own interests and any action, or lack of action, Russia takes that seemingly may benefit Armenia in the short run is because it will benefit Russia even more in the long run.

      The relationship between Russia and Armenia is strategic and they both need each other and Armenia must take steps to make this clear to Russia. In other words, Armenia must behave in a manner towards Russia that leaves Russia no doubt that the relationship between the two countries is a two-way street and that Armenia is Russian partner with veto power. Armenia must earn this respect from Russia if it has not already.

      Armenia, surrounded by historic enemies, needs Russia militarily to bring a balance of power in the region and Russia needs Armenia strategically to keep its decades-old adversary NATO at bay and out of its backyard as well as it needs Armenia as a foothold in the South Caucasus for close proximity and access to warm waters.

      I believe if Russia ever loses Armenia it will lose the entire Caucasus region because Georgia wants to join NATO for sure and the artificial state of Azerbaijan, because of the membership in NATO of its closest ally next door and the only Muslim NATO member in the world Turkey, would want to follow in Turkey’s footsteps as well as Georgia’s in absence of the Artsakh conflict.

      So, naturally it is quite beneficial for Russia to maintain the status quo in Artsakh because, on the one hand, it keeps Armenia militarily dependent on Russia thus validating its presence in Armenia and in the region, while on the other hand, making money hand over fist from Aliyev’s oil revenues selling him mostly outdated military technology thus giving him the illusion that Russia can be a “friend” if he plays his cards right and at worst Russia is a neutral party to the conflict.

  3. Urardatsy said:

    For how long we should sit back and watch the God damn Azeris kill our soldiers and innocent civilians?…. the more we do not react to the enemy’s blatant and unprovoked aggression, the more the enemy will interpret this as a weakness on our part….we are encouraging them to increase the scope and frequency of their attacks by remaining silent…. Only a short and quick pre-emptive strike by Armenia and Artsakh will shut up the enemy once and for all?….to teach them the same lesson as we did in the early 1990s?… seems that they have forgotten that lesson and we should remind them of it one more time…. it is very obvious that the enemy is trying to provoke a war by its actions…. Our patience is running thin and the enemy is going a step further every time….Eventually we will have to react….Why not do it now with a pre-emptive strike?

    • dvo said:

      wth hell who told you we are silence, do you watch the news stop saying Armenia is not answering believe me Armenia is answering those kills by killing hundreds of them the last weeks Armenians captured and killed dozens of them, Armenia cant announce they killed the Azeris on the news

      • Urardatsy said:

        It seems that the news you are watching is totally different from the news that the rest of us watches……I find it amusing when you say “Armenia is killing hundreds of them”….I wish this was true…..However, neither I nor anyone else have heard such news….where did you see such information?…….it seems that you either have access to “top secret” information that the rest of us don’t or you have a very fertile imagination……Your response should be treated as ” wishful thinking” that causes false and unfounded self confidence which is a very dangerous thing.

    • hidi said:

      **** I agree with you., we should not be so passive about the aggressive Pitt bulls.., every time they do this we do nothing., and guess what ..? this makes them bolder the next time., it makes me sick.!!!
      **** Long live strong and independent Artsakh……

    • Gurgen said:

      A short and pre-emptive strike will cost the lives of thousands, possible tens of thousands of Armenians. Are YOU prepared to go and die, or if you have any kids here in LA are you willing to send them to be sacrificed? I didn’t think so therefore stop asking for war. The next Artsakh war will have very large casualties on both sides because both Armies have been arming for the last 20 years. We should never ask for war, but if it comes from the enemy ONLY THEN we should use this to our advantage.

      • Urardatsy said:

        The short and pre-emptive strike that I am referring to is something similar to what Israel did during the 6 day war and has repeated it on several occasions since then. The results were that Israel had about 20 deaths while the 4 Arab countries suffered losses in the thousands and lost a big chunk of their territory…..if a pre-emptive strike is planned well and executed as it should, then it can have fantastic results, otherwise the choices are very dim. We will watch our soldiers getting killed one by one every day.

      • armenian chrsitian said:

        I AM PREPARED TO DIE….however the Armenian population will also suffer and for this reason I wait until word comes around that the Armenian government doesn’t care anymore….why live for fake jew money.. If I can die defending my peoples right to exist….

  4. Ararat said:

    I don’t really believe the enemy wants war and that is because I think they are incapable of waging war on us. If they could, given all their hateful and racist rhetoric as well as their hollow bravado, they would have done it already.

    The thing is that they don’t want or can’t afford to have peace either, because if they did then it would mean, to their brainwashed and illiterate public, they have given up or capitulated and this would be a major blow to their psyche and fictitious history.

    Despite the fact that they are spending billions of dollars to build up their military by robbing their own impoverished people out of their natural resources, while Armenia and Artsakh are keeping up with that buildup by getting what they need from Russia either free of charge or at cost, they still need to be three times more powerful than the combined military capabilities of Armenia and Artsakh in order to even remotely attempt to take a decisive action against us.

    Add to that the fact that our heroic fighters took their hearts away some twenty years by humiliating their army by practically wiping out over half their military personnel and infrastructure. No matter how powerful you may be militarily, not that they are, you still need the heart to fight and also given the fact that they could lose miserably for a 2nd time, with much more severe consequences and humiliation, it is no surprise to me that the next best thing for them to do is to keep making empty threats and bark like stray dogs without the ability to bite.

    So what does all this mean? Well, I think their donkey-in-chief Aliyev needs to give his people the illusion that he is doing something about this, by refusing to remove snipers from the front lines and killing innocent Armenians here and there, in order to keep his people preoccupied, while he continues to rob them of billions in oil revenue and building his and his family’s financial empire outside the country before his time is up.

    They know not only we can contain them, because we have done it already for twenty years, but we also have the ability to hand them yet another humiliating defeat with more loss of territory, so they will continue building up their military for a surprise attack that will never materialize. In the meantime, Russia keeps getting more and more prosperous economically, by giving them false hope, by sucking them out of billions of dollars to get rid of their old military technology. In that regard, the relationship among the United States, Israel and the Arab states come to mind!

    • armenian chrsitian said:

      don’t ever doubt the turks my friend….they killed millions of us from the 1800s to 1920s and they were winning all those wars….now let it sink in that we won the last war against those mongols….what do you think they will do to us now?? if they did all they did while they were beating us in war…technically speaking not sporadic clashes where we may have won….we lost and they still killed millions of us…so when we win..if they can they will whipe us off the map

      • Ararat said:

        What wars are you talking about? The Armenians have never fought a war against the Turks during those years, 1800s to 1920s, which you mentioned other than the battle for the survival of what was left of Armenia in the Spring of 1918 against Ataturk’s invasion of Eastern Armenia. The Armenians won the battle by stopping and defeating the Turks at Sardarabad.

        Yes they did kill millions of defenseless Armenians but as part of a government-sponsored and pre-planned mass extermination and genocide NOT as part of any war. Fighting wars implies two armies facing each other. The Turks had the army and the Armenians were under Turkish occupational forces.

        I don’t just doubt the Turks but I strongly believe they are a nation of cowards. If you study their bloody history you will realize they always outnumbered their enemies probably 100 to 1 and often times they planned surprised attacks mostly killing unarmed civilians. They learned these merciless and inhumane tactics from their ruthless Mongol masters.

        The Turks have NO chance against the Armenians if they ever dare to fight us on a level playing field. We will decimate them to the last Turkish coward. They talk tough because they have big guns which they acquired from their NATO masters in the last several decades while Armenia was still under Soviet occupation.

        All things considered equal, how much of a chance do you think a coward Turk has against any Armenian carrying in his heart the vengeance of 1,500,000 of his murdered countrymen? I say ZERO chance!

  5. Hagopian hagopian said:

    I’m tired of reading these stories every week. When is the Armenian forces going to retaliate???
    Enough is enough every Armenian soldier is worth 100 azeri life.

    • dvo said:

      I am tired of armenians like you what do you want Armenië tot anounce they killer Azeri’s it does not work that way believe me armenia is retaliating, stop stating this non true things.

      Will you go to war in case if a new war?

  6. Ara said:


    • armenian chrsitian said:

      I cant live in Armenia now…but once I am well established in the US I will have a summer home in Armenia.. its to foreign to me as someone whos lived his whole life in the US…however if they start a war again…for real war….and attack Armenia…. I will be on the first flight to Moscow