Armenian Writing Added to Street Signs in Van

A street sign in Artamed (Etremid), in Van Province, Turkey

VAN, Turkey—Armenian inscriptions have been added to signboards on the streets of the city of Artamed (Edremit) in the Van Province in Turkey, reports.

The initiative aims to stop hostile perceptions of Armenians and create sympathy towards them, said Mayor of Artamed, Sevil Rojbin Cetin, member of the Party of Democratic Regions.

“The Kurdish people have historical-cultural similarities with the Armenian people. Van and Artamed were densely populated by Armenians before 1915. The Kurds and Armenians have lived side by side in Van for centuries. Therefore, we’ll not allow the state to erase Armenian history and destroy the Armenian culture. We have made this step as a sign of respect for Armenians,” the Mayor told Haber 7 news.


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  1. GB said:

    Despread Turks will do anything in order to neutralize Armenian Genocide Centenary recognition by civilized world!

  2. Hratch said:

    Indeed, we have many close historical-cultural similarities, much more so than any Russian or Slavic cultures. Even after one hundred years of separation, the similarities continue. The unnatural Russian influence has distorted the Armenian heritage and culture to its core.

    Without doubt, If Turks had adopted Christianity or conversely if Armenians had been Islamicized, we can safely assume that through acceptance, intermarriage or other means, the Armenian race would have either absorbed or been absorbed by the Turks. Similar to the Caucasian Albanians (Աղուանք) who were absorbed into the Armenian race soon after their acceptance of Christianity.

    • George said:

      Wow you really hate Russians dont you? You always manage to make things about Russia even when the article has nothing to do with Russia.

  3. Vahe said:

    Armenian tourists or should I say pilgrims – (after all we visit Armenia as tourists and embark on a spiritual journey to Turkey) – will flock in with increasing number, hurray !

  4. ED said:

    This is part of a weight denial policy which included Kurds too, Turkey is trying to create a wrong illusion in West Armenia , as if Armenians had been never deported and killed en mass- Such kind of “West Armenia, without Armenians ” doesn’t disturb officials Ankara

  5. Steve said:

    I wonder, maybe a better “sign of respect for Armenians” would have been for the Edremit authorities in 2012 to have NOT used earth taken from the graveyard of the destroyed Armenian monastery of Charahan Surp Nishan at Gevash as filling material to create the central reservation of the highway beside this sign.

  6. edward demian said:

    I think and say that we ought to consider that the Kurds are our potential allies in the region. Because of their numbers, they are absolutely crucial to the future struggle “for the land”. We have cooperated with the Kurds before. There was a short lived Armeno-Kurdish republic around the turn of the last century. They need our entrepreneurial skills and we need their manpower. Together we could be invincible.

    • Armenian said:

      I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions about the Kurds just yet. They too have their own reasons for doing this, so it doesn’t mean that we should immediately call to put our heads together. In this case, silence is more profitable. You never know when the Turks might want to change their tune towards us in order to hinder the Kurds or stop us from becoming too close to them.

  7. gaytzag palandjian said:

    Definitely othis is agame great Turkey plays in order to divert attn of the world .Armenians should stay put and not visit such areas, until-aat least-our commemoration of the Genocide in a few monmths from now over.
    We must Bang into world that we are there DEMANDING JUSTICE!!! we can do this and we shall.regardless of such like ottoman turkish tricks.They will soon do many other such like rapproachement acts.They will even send if not Jemal pashas grandson(again) to Tzitzernakapert, but pasha´s as well.I would not be surprised if their president Gul comes(because our presidnet invited him to lately) and kneels or places flowers at the Monument.Anything that does not involvement of reparations,cash FOR BLOOD MONEY.Latter is my ¨¨suggestion ¨´ to all of my compatriots.Stop bickering for land.Land is there,will not pull the disappearing act. Kurds are on them mainly.
    If anything we must contact their parliament in exile(Brussels) and negotiate or begin to do so now.