Baku to Buy Combat Aircraft from Russia

Baku is poised to buy the Yak-130 aircraft from Moscow

BAKU—A Russian aircraft manufacturer has confirmed that Baku is planning to purchase an unknown number of Yak-130 combat aircraft, further increasing Russia’s sale of military hardware to Azerbaijan.

The Baku-based APA news agency reported Tuesday that last year Azerbaijani pilots trained on the Yak-130, known by NATO as Mitten, and became acquainted with the aircraft’s technical and tactical components.

Earlier this month, Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian expressed Yerevan’s cautious concerns over the increase in Russian military equipment sale to Azerbaijan, saying in an interview with the Buenos Aires-based Clarin newspaper that “It is a very painful subject and our people are worried that our strategic ally sells weapons to Azerbaijan.”

Since 2010, Russia has sold an estimated $4 billion worth of military hardware to Azerbaijan.

RFE/RL citing the UN Register of Conventional Arms, reported Wednesday that Azerbaijan purchased 72 tanks, 34 armored vehicles, 456 artillery systems, 37 attack helicopters and 1,200 rockets and missile systems from Moscow from 2007 to 2013.

The Yak-130, which was manufactured in the 1990s has been in use since 2009, and is generally for pilot training in combat, equipped with guided and unguided missiles.

According to RFE/RL the Armenian Defense Ministry did not comment on this most recent news.


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  1. Hratch said:

    Mother Russia continues to bribe the Azeris into joining the EEU. The only thing left to do is to actually hand over Karabakh to them. As usual, Mr. Putin will find a way to distance himself from the conflict and claim neutrality all the while stirring up more trouble. The same tactic he is using in the Ukraine. If this is not obvious to the Russophiles then I have some prime land I’d like to sell you in Florida….a sunny place for shadowy people.

    • edward demian said:

      Surely, the Russians are not less than bright. From history untill now, the Azery Tatars have always turned against their Russian masters. Should they unilaterally decide to award NK to Azerbaijian, then the Azerys, after a short party will turn to Turkey and even Iran. The only way for Russia to maintain a presence in the South Caucasus is to have a strong Armenia and NK as an Ace in the hole. On the other hand, an Armenian victory that includes territorial gains and control of the Oil pipeline, can only be a plus plus for Russia. As to the huge military purchase, let the Azerys exhaust themselves buying high tech junk, which is already obsolete. A multi- million dollar jet can easily be brought down by a hand held SAM (surface to air missile). Even a shoulder fired one which costs a few thousand dollars. or tank killer drones which are already being manufactured in Armenia.

    • Arn.Sweden. said:

      Well –

      I Think Russias National intressts in the Kaukasus region,
      is the same as Armenias and Irans,
      that is,
      against the Turks.

      Let Russia deal with One Problem/Crisis at a time(Ukrains),
      and Russia will soner or later deal with Her Kaukasus intressts.


  2. dvo said:

    lets show them what we Armenians are made off by financing arms to Armenia. If you love your country and are not “kedzip hay” and does not want Armenia to face a nother Genocide you all should urge your friends and familys to finance Armenia.

  3. AT said:

    Mr. President (Serzh S.]

    Stop pussyfooting around the pink elephant [Russian arm sales] in the room. Please grow a pair and tell Putin to decide whose side he is. We can’t wait indefinitely while Azeris are counting days to annihilate us. You really want to be remembered as the president who allowed the 3rd Genocide? (First 1915; Second 1988].

  4. Vindicated Man said:

    Vielen Dank, Herr Putin. I’m wondering what kind of ally they have become to Armenia…

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      Russia is not a non profit organization, he can’t take the chance to Armenia become a base for the West, would you?

  5. A.N. said:

    Armenia’s unexplanable no-reaction to Russian increasingly militarizing Azerbayjan is extremely sad.!!!!!! A.N.

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      It is to keep Armenia in check, Russia can’t risk it’s safety on behalf of Armenia, people should be realistic about what to expect from Russia.

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      With friends like US and the West who needs anemies, 100 years gone so far and what did the West do? NOTHING

  6. Artziv said:

    Lets face it if they have 4 billion to spend on weapons they’re going to spend it any way. So why not be happy about the fact that they’re spending it with an ally who in turn gives you deep discounts on anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems. Until the brisk business quits translating into deep discounts that maintain parity, I’d reserve judgment, and I’d remain a bit more stoical about it. However, anyone who relies on a bigger ally who’s “national interest” could be defined by whatever subversive interest comes to power, is asking for it. Armenia may be able to rely on Russia as long as Russia is pursuing Russian interests, however, as we saw in World War I with devastating consequences, a subverted and internally occupied Russia can only pursue the interests of the occupier. It’s very clear what defense objectives Armenia should pursue given its neighbors and their history; deterrence through the rapid acquisition of nuclear, chemical, and biological capabilities.
    If anyone thinks this line of thinking is at all extreme, I’d pose the question what has been achieved through a policy of a one sided de-escalation? Has this policy in fact not encouraged more belligerency?

    The larger questions for Armenia is what’s being done to boost the economy so that Armenia can purchase more advanced and more devastating weapons to deal with its parasitic neighbors, and to maintain a viable population? What’s being done to remove or eliminate the enemies from within who suck the lifeblood of the economy? The parasitic oligarchical system established under the fist criminal and chief traitor, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-convince-the-winning-side-that-it-can’t-win, Ter-Petrosian, who sadly still pollutes the Armenian landscape, needs to feel the full brunt of the ire of the rest of the nation. Maybe then we would hardly feel the need to concern ourselves with a few training jets.

    • Armenian said:

      Nothing is being done to boost the Armenian economy; in fact, strides are being taken to ensure that it continues to weak, become less diversified, and increasingly isolated from every country except for Putinstan.

  7. GeorgeMardig said:

    This is a message to Armenians, DO NOT FLIRT AND BRING THE WEST TO MY DOORS:

  8. Arn.Sweden. said:

    They are easily shot down !.

    Every modern Military Machine are more expensive than its Nemesis !.

    Let the Turks waste their money and personel on what they will lose.


    • PNGE said:

      In article, it says ”generally for pilot training in combat, equipped with guided and unguided missiles.” It is training aircraft not fighting. So your points which is easily shot down is not valid. They purchased it to train their pilots.

      • Arn.Sweden. said:

        My post was more comprehesive than you comented on,
        t was regarding all Modern Military Machines.

        By the Way –

        Do you think this training aircraft will not be used in combat in War ?

        I Quote –

        ”generally for pilot training in combat, equipped with guided and unguided missiles.”

        Comment –

        Generally does not mean – ” Especially ” !.


  9. Sokimag said:

    Russia is simply untrustworthy. We can’t have faith in this country. It will back-stab us in the end. We must only put our faith in God. We must develop Armenia to be a much stronger country.

  10. armen said:

    These are trainer aircraft/light fighters. Armenia basically has no airforce so there isn’t much they can do with them. They’re just blowing money on whatever to show off.

  11. Arron said:

    if it weren’t buying them from Russia, they’d buy them from Israel, China or the US. Russia will do whatever is good for Russia. We serve little value to them, and will continue to diminish until we have an economy that makes it matter– exactly how Azerbaijan has developed from an embarrassing 3rd world cesspool to a country that Russia is now tiptoeing around.