Azeris Launch Large-Scale Offensive; 2 Karabakh Soldiers Killed

Azat Asoyan and Ararat Khanoyan are the latest victims of Azeri violence

Karabakh Army Seizes Large Azerbaijani Arsenal

STEPANAKERT—The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Ministry reported a large-scale offensive by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on the northern Karabakh-Azerbaijan border on Thursday night, which resulted in the death of two Karabakh soldiers. Azerbaijan is reporting that eight soldiers were killed during the assault, which was repelled by the Artsakh armed forces.

wounded soldier Norayr Kamalyan in a Stepanakert hospital

Ararat Khanoyan and Azat Asoyan, both 20, were killed during the attack, while Noryar Kamalyan was injured sustaining injuries to his after he was stabbed numerous times by an Azerbaijani soldier.

Kamalyan recalled the battle, saying that as the Azerbaijani soldiers advanced past the line of contact, he retaliated and found himself in a one-on-one physical altercation with one of the soldiers, who took out a knife and began stabbing Kamalyan’s face and pounded his jaw. Despite having sustained injuries, including a gunshot wound, Kamalyan fought back and was able to force the Azerbaijani soldiers to retreat.

Some of the arms seized by Karabakh army from Azerbaijani commandos

The Artsakh Armed Forces also seized a large cache of weapons, ammunition and other military hardware in what is being called a large-scale commando operation launched by the Azerbaijani forces.

On Friday, the Armenian Defense Ministry claimed that the casualties on the Azerbaijani side wer greater than the eight being announced by Baku. Armenian Defense Ministry spokesperson Artsturn Hovannisian, said the Baku underreported losses.

The Karabakh Army also reported that its forces responded to the attacks by advancing toward Azerbaijani positions to repel further attacks in the border region.


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  1. Hratch said:

    Thank you Mother Russia! Your benevolent stance towards Armenia is forever appreciated. We have always relied on your smarts, goodwill and special ‘Orthodox’ brotherhood to save us from all enemies domestic and foreign. We will continue to do our utmost to make certain all your nation interests and hegemonic policies in the region are fully fulfilled.

  2. Hratch said:

    This is a test balloon sent by Azerbaijan. Now that the Azeris are armed to the teeth, the eventual invasion will start when Mr. Putin gives the nod. This will be the Azeris reward for joining the EEU. The only thing important to Mother Russia is to regain its past glory of domination in the region. Armenia and Karabagh are just negotiating cards for them.

    • leo said:

      azers join the eeu? fat chance. itll never be allowed by their western oil masters

  3. GB said:

    Axerbaijan like any other Muslim state don’t care for their own casualties as long as they kill few enemy soldiers. It is high time, for Artsakhi army to deploy diaspora Armenian volunteers, who are willing to fight against Tatar-Turks!

    • Joe said:

      I have always said that all Armenians should do a 2 year army service.. This way Armenia has a larger pool of combat ready and trained soldiers when these tatars invade, and they will, and many would eventually stay and repopulate that country. Its a win win.

  4. Armenian said:

    Bad news for us, great news for Russia.

    RIP to our lost servicemen. Hopefully your sacrifices will not be in vein, and our people will not push for us to become an oblast.

    • Norin said:

      Hratch and Armenian,

      You keep barking about “Mother Russia this”, and “Oblast that”, how come your western EU/US reptiles aren’t properly condemning this and keep characterizing it as “both sides”. Both of you clowns have a rationale that is in a glass house, stop throwing over emotional stones.

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  6. AraK said:

    Maybe Azeris are evaluating Armenia’s defence system before launching a real large scale invasion. In the meantime our priceless young soldiers are dying on a daily basis.