Aliyev Threatens War via Twitter

A screen shot of Aliyev's Twitter page

BAKU—It’s a first for social media—especially Twitter. Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev took to the social networking site to threaten war against Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

In a series of lengthy tweets, Aliyev, whose country suffered major losses on over the course of the week during attempts to infiltrate the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, told his followers that Azerbaijan would do everything to destroy the “enemy.”

“We will restore all of the occupied and destroyed cities. We will return to this land, we live and will live with this idea,” said Aliyev in one his tweets, adding “We will restore our sovereignty. The flag of Azerbaijan will fly in all the occupied territories, including Shusha [Shushi] and Khankandi [Stepanakert].”

The Twitter rant comes only days before he and Armenian president Serzh Sarkisian are scheduled to hold separate meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi in hopes of resolving the Karabakh conflict.

In more than 60 tweets, Aliyev, dubbed his “enemy” as “Armenian barbarians and vandals,” and declared: “The war is not over. Only the first stage of it is. But the second stage may start too.”

Aliyev Claims “Armenians In Panic”
Aliyev further claimed that Armenians are in state panic that will threaten the existence of what he called their “fascist” country.

“A week ago Armenian occupation forces cowardly attacked our positions under the cover of darkness,” said Aliyev said in remarks on his website, acknowledging that Azerbaijan “suffered losses, our soldiers became martyrs … At the same time, the enemy got an adequate response.”

“Today the enemy is in a state of panic and hysteria,” he claimed. “We know that. We have sufficient possibilities of knowing what’s happening on the opposite side. We have fully gained a military and moral advantage.”

“Today the Azerbaijani army can destroy any facility in Nagorno-Karabakh,” he said.

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  1. SA said:

    Where is the international community? Where is the OSCE? Why aren’t they condemning his speech specifically!

  2. Ed said:

    Armenians should ask twitter to close the account of this fascist whose regime has the same ideology of Nazi Germany and acting like a head of a terrorist organization ! !

    There is a saying “Barking dogs never bite” but this dog may bite since it has RABIES!

    Aliyev’s , hate and Nazi like speaches , his frustration and hate on Armenians is a sign that his fascist regime had planed large ago, to talke some Armenian potions and hostages ahead of any presidential meeting. It seems that a lot of thinks went wrong for Aliyev’s criminal regime . Turkish PM Erdogna is insulting Armenians and Turkish media like the oms from Azerbaijan are all of sudden full of lies about Armenia-

    I think it would be right if Armeian presidnet would refuese to meet this mini Hitler of Baku.

  3. Armenan said:

    This is what the President sounds like… no wonder the people are even more psychotic…

  4. GB said:

    Ishak Aliyev long nose is an obstacle for his eyesight…a day will come when his faithful army will kill him in a water sewer, like baba Qaddafi!

  5. sarkiss said:

    Funny considering that the Azeri media and their poopy pants president are flaring up like a pack of hemorrhoids, it would seem they are panicking and in a hysterical state of rhetoric foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs. The casualties alone reflect the fact a squad of Azeris were caught, not in their defensive trenches, but in the open without sufficient cover being completely vulnerable to troops that are actually in their defensive positions. Azeri news i.e. Tendr.Azz etc.. are unabashed in their blatant propaganda which says much about their state of mind

  6. John Ahmaranian said:

    I am not good at computer. Teach my how to use the Twitter, the Facebook, the Skype… Apparently you are famous in declaring war on these websites.
    There are paper tigers, and you are a Twitter tiger.

  7. light said:

    another dog of NATO and ZIONIST
    calm down you idiot
    you and your lot problem is you never read true history
    who start genociding armenians in sumguit and baku
    your backward people uncivilised barbaric backward savage jihdist
    you don’t even have your own alphabet let alone the culture
    you only have oil for couple of more years and that’s what nato needs
    go and clean 35,000 hecters of polluted land of yours spend the money
    to clean sumgauit full of pollution clean the air the soil the waters
    update the country side do not waste your money on war / arms
    exercise your brain
    not the ego
    sit at the table like a civilised person and have true discussion with history
    why the percentage of deaf and dumb with lo IQ in muslim country is so high?

  8. GeorgeMardig said:

    How can Armenia and the world at large deal with such an insane man,

  9. Shlomo said:

    Aliyev is all show no action a lion with no teeth he is loosing power in Azerbaijan and the people are understanding this fact
    he is a “billionaire” soon to be out of work if he goes to war Armenia will loose again and again !
    The world is with Armenia God gave this land to them Mr. Aliyev!!

  10. Satenik said:

    He wants to “exercise”his brain,but unfortunately he can not find it . Erdogan,his twin brother is having the same problem.

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