Putin, Sarkisian and Aliyev Meet on Karabakh

President Putin, center, mediates talks between Armenian and Azerbaijani president on Sunday in Sochi

Leaders say conflict should be resolved peacefully

SOCHI–Presidents of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan met at the Russian president’s summer residence on Sunday and pledged that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict must be resolved peacefully.

“I am glad to state that the President of Azerbaijan drew attention to the necessity of resolving the problem peacefully, and the President of Armenia has agreed. This is, in fact, very important, because there is no greater tragedy than the death of people,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said, according to reports on the Armenia president’s official website.

President Putin met with his Armenian and Azerbaijani counterparts – Serzh Sarkisan and Ilham Aliyev – in his residence in Sochi to discuss the current situation in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh enclave in the South Caucasus.

“We should show patience, wisdom, respect to each other to find this solution,” added Putin.

During the Aliyev said that “the UN adopted four resolutions demanding an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Armenian occupation forces from Azerbaijani territory. Unfortunately, these resolutions have remained on paper for over 20 years”.

“I hope that in the near future we will find a peaceful, negotiated solution that will be in line with the norms and principles of international law and in line with justice,” Aliyev said.

Sarkisian in turn asked the Azerbaijani leader whether official Baku had fulfilled the resolution that Aliyev keeps pointing to.

“The Azerbaijani side constantly refers to four resolutions of the UN. My rhetorical question to Mr. Aliyev is: What paragraph of those resolutions has been fulfilled by Azerbaijan?” Armenian president said.

He added that Armenia fulfilled the requirements and exercised its influence so that no hostilities could take place.

Sarkisian also said that in the 1990s the sides reached an opinion that there can be no military solution to the conflict.

“And if we accuse each other again, I think the conflict will not be resolved for a long time,” added Sarkisian, stressing that “the resolution of this issue stems from the national interests of Armenia,” added the Armenian president.

Sarkisian and Aliyev both said that the conflict could be resolved through “compromise” solutions proposed by the OSCE Minsk Group and within the parameters of that initiative,

“We hope that soon, by means of negotiations, by peaceful means, we shall find a solution to comply with international law and with justice,” Aliyev said.

Putin on Saturday held one-on-one meetings with Sarkisian and Aliyev.

Meanwhile, tension on the Karabakh-Azerbaijan and Armenia-Azerbaijan borders continued, with both sides claiming casualties.

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  1. Marshal said:

    Azerbaijan wants to distory Armenia?
    Coca-Cola has a longer history then Azerbaijan!
    This is what happens when you give uneducated
    Backward people oil, money and power they think they
    Are something like Hitler or Napolean what A joke!

  2. GB said:

    UN vote that Sultan is talking about, voted by 56 OIC most corrupted Islamic nations (minus Iran). Most civilized world stayed out of this ridicule UN resolution.

  3. Hratch said:

    “We should show patience, wisdom, respect to each other to find this solution,” added Putin.

    In other words, if we do it slowly enough like the frog in the pot, Armenians will never feel it coming.

    • John Kassabian said:

      Time is on our side, as Azeri oil production drops, and weapon systems become obsolete.

      • Hratch said:

        Sure, once their oil runs out and their weapon systems become obsolete, they’ll just end up where we are right now. But in the meantime, they have oil and 4 billion dollars worth of weapons. What do you have today that is of any interest to anyone including Mother Russia?

  4. Hratch said:

    The funny thing about this charade is that Mother Russia is actually being taken seriously as an honest broker. Instead of sitting at the head of the table, Tsar Putin should be in sitting in The Hague discussing defense strategy with his lawyers for the murder of 298 people blown out of the sky……What an unjust and hypocritical world we live in.

    • John Kassabian said:

      I have not seen any evidence regarding Russia shooting down that jet, Hratch. Could have happened as you say, however do you remember when the USS Vincenss shot down an Iranian Passenger jet in the 80″S?? Do you live in the States? Then don’t bring up the jet. As we have blood on our hands too.

      Did you seriously think Russia would sit back after the US staged a Coup and over through a pro Russian government in the Ukraine? If the USSR had won the cold war and staged a Coup in Mexico City, and Pulled Mexico out of NAFTA how would the US respond ? We would already be in Veracruz by now.

      As far as an honest broker?? Who would you choose the US???

  5. GB said:

    Putin laughing at this show case slowdown between Axerbaijan and Armenia. One thing that Putin is fully aware of it that Armenian Nation of the world is watching his “fake” peaceful activities!

  6. Jack said:

    There is something odd with that photo. Either Putin has shrunk to an elf, or a very poor photoshop of him.

  7. Armenian said:

    It’s pretty obvious that he’s taking the first steps in planting Russian soldiers in the region so that he can eventually hand the whole thing back into Azerbaijan in an exchange for their cooperation and participation into the Customs Union.

  8. Armenian said:

    I’d also like to add that the photo itself is very telling. Russia maintains a healthy distance between the two countries, and avoids all of the negative ramifications of its actions, while the two autocratic and undiplomatic leaders threaten each other, suffering and death over and over again. The two parties directly involved end up clobbering each other while the bystander looks on and reaps the benefits of the conflict the two of them leave behind.

  9. GeorgeMardig said:

    @Hratch, GB, Armenian, you guys if you have ideas or solutions how to solve these fu…kn problems spit out, Armenia is dealing with a dick head Aliyev who is corrupt, ignorant, backed by the west with their own interests and with very little desire to solve it. Instead of non stop critisizing them, why don’t you for a change use your concentration on more constructive way, only negative critics will lead to NO where.

  10. petrov said:

    There are a number of commentators, notably Hratch, Armenian ( more like turk impersonating an Armenian) who do nothing but spew forth nauseating comments aimed at Armenia’s destruction because she has friendly relations with Russia. Instead of spewing forth inane, vapid, clueless hyperbole, please sit down and pen some constructive comments and solutions. And if you feel that Russia will ultimatley take over Armenia as a colony, please put forth your antidote for such an eventuality. Attacking Russia like a feverish drunkard helps no one.

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