Americans for Artsakh Condemns Baku’s Aggression

Americans for Artsakh

WASHINGTON—Americans for Artsakh has condemned Azerbaijan’s recent aggression along the line of contact between Azerbaijani and Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) Republic armed forces and the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

Created in 2003, Americans for Artsakh was established to preserve freedom, strengthen democracy, foster economic development, protect the cultural identity and promote the heritage of the people of Artsakh.

“Baku’s deliberate and ongoing sniper and cross-border attacks are clear violations of the ceasefire agreement it signed with Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia in 1994. With each illegal attack, Baku’s destructive policy perpetuates a dangerous cycle of violence, and postpones a peaceful and comprehensive settlement. These continued acts of violence, such as the death of an Armenian villager in Azerbaijani captivity, in brutal violation of international norms, are entrenching distrust between Armenians and Azerbaijanis, and causing severe damage to the peace process,” AFA said in a statement.

“In recent weeks, the Aliyev regime has also intensified a crackdown on domestic critics. Many of those arrested are proponents of peaceful conflict resolution and civil society-level contacts, which have already been severely curtailed due to the regime’s harassment,” it said.

The AFA called on the international community — individuals, governments, and international organizations — to do more to help secure a peaceful resolution to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

“Considering Azerbaijan’s increasingly aggressive posture, greater pressure on President Ilham Aliyev is needed to stop his country’s state-sanctioned violence against the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, Artsakh,” it said.

The AFA also urged the Co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group to restore the Nagorno Karabakh Republic’s full participation in negotiations as an official party to the peace talks.

“The conflict is rooted in the people of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic’s struggle for their unalienable human rights to live freely in peace and security. For the peace process to succeed, their voices must also be heard,” it said.

“As Americans, we are convinced that our government will continue supporting freedom and justice, and will call on the U.S. Administration to influence the Azerbaijani leadership to abandon warmongering and threats of renewed aggression, as they are unacceptable and damaging to international mediation efforts. During this past weekend’s meeting with Presidents Putin and Sargsyan, President Aliyev expressed the need to solve the Nagorno Karabakh conflict peacefully. He should be held to account to match his words with peaceful actions,” AFA concluded.


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  1. Hratch said:

    In fact, all efforts including April 24 protests should be held under the banner of ‘Americans’ protesting. For every one Armenian flag there should be at least 50 American flags. When the media covers it as ‘Americans’ protesting against Turkey, it will gain wider notice. Since most US based Armenians are citizens it is legally right to say ‘Americans’ are protesting against Turkish and US policy. Same goes for France, England, Germany or Zimbabwe.. When an person is granted citizenship of a country, they have the right and privilege to represent their respective county.

    Protesting in the US, France, Germany or Spain as Armenians and waving Armenian flags is total wrong. It is normal for locals to ignore the purpose and frown on the ‘foreigner’ who are causing unnecessary traffic delays. Armenians would react the same if a crowd of Sahrawis held up traffic yearly by protest against Morocco in Yerevan.

    • Mabuballah said:

      Very good point! To begin with, consider AFA. “AMERICANS for Artsakh” carries more weight in the press than would, “ARMENIANS” for Artsakh or for anything else, for that matter, would it not? There is another added benefit which you all would consider: calling it “Americans for …:” by its very nature Invites others outside the community of ethnic Armenian Americans to participate; i. e., Armenians in spirit. This is a crucial step for increasing this (or any other) group’s influence.

    • said:

      Wow! This is the first time a comment from this poster makes sense to me… Could it be not a coincidence that there were no usual rants about how “Mother Russia” can do no good?

      Back to the subject, as they used to say in the good ol’ USSR – “they are gonna punch you in your face, not in your passport.” Translation: the majority of the WASP demos part of this great democracy are racists and it does not matter to them that the American Armenian demonstrators are US citizens in 5 or more generations.

      • Hratch said:

        If you would put your Russophile sentiments aside for a moment, you will notice that all the ‘rants’ against Mother Russia actually have some merit. It is no secret that Tsar Putin is out to re-establish the past glory of the USSR. And it’s no secret that he has established an authoritarian government that answers to no one. So how is it that you and your ilk believe that they will do anything contrary to their interests? Helping and protecting little old Armenia for the sole sake of helping and protecting little old Armenia is an absurd belief. The raison d’etre of Mother Russia is to further their hegemonic agenda. And whether today, tomorrow or in 25 years Armenia becomes irrelevant to their scheme, do you still think they will work to protect Armenia’s interests? The only solution to this mistake is to start today on cultivating new diplomatic channels and alliances.

        Putting all your eggs in one basket and then having that basket held by someone else is exactly what we have done. Corruption, greed and blind allegiance to any one entity is a perfect recipe for complete disaster.

  2. Fedy said:

    Amateur dilettante Russophobes are flooding the comments pages. They seem to derive paroxysms of supreme extasis by Russia bashing. Little they realize that Armenia exists thanks to Holy Russia. Take Russia out of the equation and who will have Armenians to look up to ? Turkey ? Azerbaijan ? Iran ? ( it could be a possibility since historically Russia inherited the present Armenia from ancient Persia) the USA and their democracy exporting B52 bombers ? , Israel ? or yes ,maybe Zimbabwe ? Fortunately Armenians in Armenia know better and blessedly Armenia has a powerful military establishment to defend the borders and not rely on diasporan armchair keyboard clacking “political scientists”. All those diasporan Russophobes who spew venom and scorn Russias alliance with Armenia thave never set foot on Armenian soil.