Pope Francis to Hold Mass for Armenian Genocide Centennial

Pope Francis

VATICAN CITY (Prensa Armenia)—Pope Francis will hold a Mass for the Armenian Genocide centennial in the Basilica of San Pedro on April 12, 2015, as announced by the Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires Mario Poli during a mass in the Armenian Catholic Parish of Our Lady of Narek on Sunday.

“The Pope replied to the invitation from the Armenian Catholic Church a year ago through the Patriarch Nerses Bedros XIX to celebrate a mass for the recognition of the Genocide,” stated the pastor of Narek, Pablo Hakimian, when asked by Prensa Armenia.

During the meeting with the Patriarch of Cilicia of the Armenians Nerses Bedros XIX Tarmourini in June last year, Francisco also received the daughter of a surviving family of the Armenian genocide, he heard her, took her hand and said: “It was the first genocide of the twentieth century.” This gesture drew criticism from Turkey, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement considering that “the expressions of Pope Francis are absolutely unacceptable.”


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  1. ahmet sikici said:

    Pope doesnt have effect on Turkey because his believe not true for islam world

    • Ararat said:

      We already know how Turks and their Muslim religion think about the Christians. All the proof is right in front of our eyes and that is why out of millions of the most ancient Christians in the world in Turkey, the occupied land of these Christians, only a few thousand are left.

      We know about your mass extermination and genocide of 1,500,000 indigenous Armenians to steal their lands. We know about the murder of 750,000 Assyrians who don’t even have a homeland anymore and are scattered all over the world. We know about your attacks and murder of hundreds of thousands of Greeks and burning their cities and towns.

      We also know about the cult disguised as Islam which is nothing more than a fascistic and militaristic ideology.

      Tell us about something we don’t know. Tell us how you feel as a Turk living a lie all these years on somebody else’s land, using the alphabet they created for you, admire the magnificent architectures they created for you and the music they composed for you?

    • Kira said:

      Who cares about what you and your “islam world” thinks. The rest of the world will be watching and learning about what your vile excuse for human being ancestors committed: GENOCIDE.

      Thank you very much Pope Francis, God bless you.

  2. Masis said:

    I extend my gratitude at the Pope’s stance.

    What the Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs ought to do before even being given a right and a forum to comment:

    1. Accept the Pope and demonstrate a tolerance for Christianity.
    2. Comment on the Mullahs that ignite ISIS to plunder and kill and how acceptable that is.
    3. Determine if it’s acceptable to suppress and intimidate their own people who sympathize with the Armenian Genocide.
    4. Determine if it is acceptable to coerce, blackmail, bribe, and intimidate people to recant the Armenian Genocide.

    After the Ministry’s responses to the above have been submitted and reviewed, we will respond to its comments. I further ask that Asbarez quote the Ministry only after it has furnished the above responses.

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  4. connie kasparian said:

    ty pope francis as an armenian born in the usa 2nd generation, i am so happy you are honoring the armenians who have perished, with a mass. the turks havent admitted they did this deed, even tho it isnt this generation that walked millions of armenians into the desert over religion and politics..i grew up hearing the stories, and saw pictures of a family i never met.

    if the world had cared hitler would have never murdered all the jews in world war two.
    we all have to pray for a world with peace…the truth is the truth and i want to thank you again. god bless you.

  5. Sokimag said:

    This pope is a true friend of the Armenians. He deserves praise from us Armenians. Armenian church should definitively get closer to the Catholic church. Armenian apostolic church needs to have stronger ties and more unity with the Catholic church.

  6. Alex said:

    All I can is “Thank you Your Holiness.”

    In many aspects you have set examples for all people irrespective of race, color and religion. May the leaders of my country follow your example and bring justice for the Armenian, Greek and Assyrians.

  7. Joe said:

    My friends it’s not what they do publicly on grand stages are important. it’s what they do or will do behind the scene, that is more important.