Armenia Must Prepare For Possibility of War

An Armenian soldier at his post on the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border


“There is real tension along the Armenia-Azerbaijan frontier”
Armenian Prime Minister Hovig Abrahamian

Given the events of the last three weeks, what the Prime Minister said is an understatement. A score of Armenian soldiers killed, villagers killed, incursions and attempts at infiltration into Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. The onslaught goes on unabated.

The time has come to take all official threats and subversive actions by Azeri Government officials very seriously. Those bellicose declarations and the border attacks are not merely for internal consumption. They are a prelude and justification for a possible preemptive strike with overwhelming power. Azerbaijan is testing the waters: assessing the political fallout for its actions as well as Armenian defense preparedness. It is only a matter of time. Azerbaijan will possibly – at an opportune time of its choosing – undertake an all out invasion, using its massive military hardware which it has amassed.

The stage is set. The OSCE Minsk Group is exhorting caution to both sides, putting the blame for the border violations on both sides, while Russia is ominously silent and Turkey is encouraging the Azeri offensive. In the meantime, the U.S. and Russia are at odds over Ukraine and the Gaza strip and Iraq are being overrun. Azerbaijan may miscalculate that it is the right time to attack.

The ceasefire that Azerbaijan signed when it lost the war, is being violated daily by the Azeri military: over 20,000 violations, Azeri snipers on the front line, incursions by subversive elements, kidnapping of villagers and murder. The Nakhichevan–Armenia border where two Armenian soldiers were killed, became a new front for confrontation, potentially instigated by Turkey.

There is no doubt that these “incidents” are part of a deliberate attempt by Azerbaijan to scuttle the peace process, undermine the cease fire, blackmail the mediators into accepting its terms, and most of all, create a prelude to all out war. Azerbaijan is the “spoiled child” of the West, courted by the U.S. oil companies, coveted by Europe for its oil, wooed for some time by Russia, who has sold Azerbaijan the latest military hardware, estimated at four to five billion dollars. It is also partnered with its big brother, Turkey, and assisted militarily by Israel.

Azerbaijan’s strategy is multifaceted: to keep the ceasefire shaky, keep provoking Armenia into responding in kind, escalating the counterattacks, providing Azerbaijan with an opening to war. Azerbaijan is trying very hard to create an atmosphere of business as usual, a state of no peace- no war, with the ultimate goal to surprise Armenia with a massive surprise attack on all fronts, thus overwhelming Armenian defensive measures.

Russia’s intentions are fluid at best. Is it courting Azerbaijan to bring it into its sphere? Is it arming both Armenia and Azerbaijan to keep them dependent and under its control? Will it sell out Nagorno-Karabakh to placate Azerbaijan? Or, will it annex it to Russia a la Crimea? Finally, will it help Armenia in case of war?

The answers to these questions at this stage cannot be anticipated. Whether or not Russia can be trusted is open to interpretation by the readers of this opinion piece. However, Russia’s silence at the insult leveled by President Nazarbaef of Kazakhstan, in addition to the laconic declarations in Baku by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, do not inspire confidence. It is yet to be seen whether the trilateral meeting between Presidents Putin of Russia, Sarkissian of Armenia and Aleyev of Azerbaijan, will in any way restore calm on the front.

What should Armenia do?

First: Be prepared for war and prepare against a preemptive all out invasion. That means, it needs to strengthen defenses against a sudden attack- a la Israel- during the 67 war.

Second: Bridge the divide between the government and the opposition and create a national salvation united front.

Third: Focus on stopping the exodus of the population from Armenia proper.

Fourth: Stop the pillaging of Armenia’s wealth and resources and the accumulation of foreign debt.

Fifth: Aim to reduce its reliance on Russia and expectations from Russia during a time of need; and look to rely on its own military capabilities and activate diaspora participation.

On the international front, Armenia should turn the page on its foreign policy.

– First, replace its foreign minister who agreed to the infamous Protocols.

– Withdraw formally from the Protocol agreements with Turkey.

– Stop repeats of “football diplomacy”. Withdraw the invitation extended to the Turkish President for the Genocide Centennial.

– Withdraw from negotiations within the OSCE Minsk framework if Azeri murderous transgressions continue and resort to formal recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh’s independence.

– Confront Kazakhstan’s President and expose his insult.

– Disband the diaspora ministry in Armenia and replace it with an Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and diaspora, national security agency.

– Start emergency negotiations with the United States and acquire security guarantees against an Azeri invasion.

– Expose the Warlick proposals as one sided, unwise and dangerous for Armenia.

– Be proactive on the world stage with friends of Armenia and confront those that aid and abet Azerbaijan.

– Highlight the long list of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh soldiers murdered by Azerbaijan.

– Execute the Nagorno-Karabakh army’s new policy of overtaking the Azeri position from which attacks are launched.

– Analyze and pinpoint Azerbaijan’s most vulnerable targets to hit first, in case of war.

– Bring Turkey to court over its blockade of Armenia, and its usurpation of Armenian territory and property.

It is extremely inspiring to witness the overwhelming support of the veterans of the first Nagorno-Karapakh war volunteering with the soldiers on the front lines. Notwithstanding, with all the hardware Azerbaijan has acquired: the warplanes, the drones, the attack helicopters, tanks, and missile systems, it may not take long to obliterate Armenian defenses and destroy what took so long to build. This would then leave Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh vulnerable and defenseless against an all out invasion.

Necessary measures for Azerbaijan:

First: Stop killing our soldiers. Stop spewing hatred toward Armenians. Rehabilitate its abhorrent human rights record and stop abuses in its armed forces. Stop imprisoning opposition candidates and journalists.

Second: Realize that in case of war, it is going to suffer the destruction of its oil fields and pipelines, the major source of its revenue and support.

Third: While Baku itself was spared in the first war, this time around it will be a target of Armenian Forces.

Fourth: The dictatorship of the Aleyev dynasty will be held accountable to its people for the injustices committed and its corrupt pillaging of the country’s wealth.

Fifth: The West will lose interest in Azerbaijan, once its oil fields are burning.

Sixth: Nakhichevan, the other region donated to Azerbaijan by Stalin, will be retaken.

Seventh: The Mingechaur reservoirs on the Azerbeijan side, will be retaken.

What should Armenians worldwide do?
– Help strengthen Nagorno-Karabakh.
– Help inspire change in Armenia so people will not want to leave.
– Consider themselves Armenian Army reservists, and if possible, train and volunteer for service.
– Expose Azerbaijan and Turkey for their Human Rights violations.

Credit needs to be given to our Nagorno Karabakh soldiers, who have shown extreme valor and competence on the front. Nonetheless, they need our support now and if and when war comes. We have to be ready, our survival as a nation depends on it.


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  1. Hratch said:

    Yes indeed, we must prepare to fight against the 4 billion dollars worth of sophisticated weapons.

    • said:

      The key word is “sophisticated” – Azeri weapons might be, but their soldiers definitely aren’t. Sultan Aliyev knows this well because the sophisticated weapons his daddy had did not help their nomadic army and mercenaries last time around. They had a much more significant advantage at that time and lost it big time.

      The sophistication is also questionable. For example, a few years ago Ukraine dumped WW2 arms to Azerbaijan and got paid some of the billions exchange for kickbacks. Azeri generals got money to buy villas, Ukrainian oligarchs got in bed with their beloved NATO, Aliyev had a victory to report to his slaves – everybody’s happy!

      • joe torossian said:

        As long as Azerbaijan is threatening war we should AWAYS take it very seriously. . Armchair war analysis doesn’t work and is dangerous. During the Armenian Genocide many Armenians felt that their Turkish neighbors wouldn’t do such things to them. Look where that lead. Take the threat seriously..

    • Alex Postallian said:

      The weapons are negative,if you don’t have the guts to use them…jerky turkey,little bastard brother azerbaturk.. ALL TALK,NO ACTION…

  2. Hratch said:

    Just a matter of time. Mother Russia has set the stage to hand over Karabakh on the Kremlin’s finest silver platter. In return, she will have complete hegemony over the region and usurp any western influence.

    This is what happens when you place all your eggs in one basket and have that basket be carried around by someone else.

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      Instead of nonstop critisizing Armenia, Give solutions if you have,

      • Hratch said:

        Actually, I’m waiting to hear some solutions from your end on how to get loose from the bear hug. First things first, and the first solution must be on ways to regain our sovereignty from Mother Russia, Then, and only then, can we start looking for solutions to our problems.

        • AL said:

          If it were that easy to gain sovereignty from Russia we would, but we need their protection am I wrong? if I am wrong then why else would we need Russia/

          • Hratch said:

            Because they have us in a headlock and we handed our head to them voluntarily.

          • Harry said:

            Hratch, Azeris have Turkey. Turkey has nato and even Israel. Who does Armenia have ? RUSSIA !

            You sound like a Turkish and Azeri agent.
            We are allies of Russia and always will need Russia.
            Get used to it or pledge allegiance to Turkey.

          • Alex Postallian said:

            The Big Baer,has been the reason,the jerky turks,have not invaded Armenia…The Genocide Cowards are scared to death,of Russia…and they should be….They only attack,UNARMED,WOMEN,CHILDREN,OLD PEOPLE…

  3. Alexander said:

    On the foreign policy you are so dead wrong. you can’t abandon what has kept Armenia safe. Some of those actions are signal for Azeri’s to go to all out war. I don’t know how strong you think Armenia is and how much support it will get from USA. USA/EU cares about resources/influence over a nation and not justice, they might think they care about justice, but at the end of the day they love wealth that they can control (just like Aliev’s family).

    This point: Bring Turkey to court over its blockade of Armenia, and its usurpation of Armenian territory and property.

    Are you dreaming? They are not recognizing Armenia Genocide, how are we gonna take him to court? USA hasn’t recognized at federal level yet, and its been 99 years since the genocide and not sure how long since UN recognizing genocide, I believe since 1940’s.

    The article started good, but some misses. There has been relative calm at the border and line of contact since the trilateral meeting in Sochi, I wonder why? Same old reasons.

    THis point for Azeri’s: Sixth: Nakhichevan, the other region donated to Azerbaijan by Stalin, will be retaken.

    Turkey has said if Armenia attacks Nakhichevan it will go to war with Armenia, and as far as I know Russia will get involved in that case, which might keep Turkey at neutral knowing that RF will get involved so that one is tough to predict. It want be as easy as we think to retake Nakhichevan which will always be Armenia, no matter what some Soviet Georgian did in the past, because of hatred towards Armenians.

    The west doesn’t care about “Expose Azerbaijan and Turkey for their Human Rights violations” as long there is business with them as they want it to be, pipeline on full flow into western markets so their banks, hedge funds and investment banking companies reap the profit quick, oh and pay as little tax as possible.

    • Random Armenian said:

      “The west doesn’t care about “Expose Azerbaijan and Turkey for their Human Rights violations” as long there is business with them as they want it to be, pipeline on full flow into western markets so their banks, hedge funds and investment banking companies reap the profit quick, oh and pay as little tax as possible.”

      Exposing these will not do anything on its own, but it’s part of an overall justifiable strategy that in it’s totality could help. It would strengthen our other efforts. A Turkey that jails journalists will be harder to believe when it comes to genocide denial.

    • bigmoustache said:

      you started out pointing rightfully that the US/EU cares more about financial interests than justice, then you say you think Russia will intervene on our behalf if turkey attacked nakhichevan.

      don’t put ANY faith in the Russians. they are more money hungry and corrupt than any western nation. when Russia and turkey fought in the past millions died. superpowers have learned from WW1 and WW2. they don’t want to fight each other (superpowers). theyd rather fight a weaker third world nation. besides, theres way more money to be made with the azeris than Armenians. they have oil and gas and a bigger population.
      if you truly understand these things in life, the way certain nations and superpowers operate than you should be able to predict how Russia will respond.
      if you want to see the future, look at the past. Russia sold us out before.

      and regarding a potential war with Azerbaijan. never underestimate your enemy, never overestimate your strength and capabilities.

  4. seto zoravar said:

    Well said Sir , i agree with everything , i helped before and i’ll do it again .

  5. Ararat said:

    I agree with most of the points highlighted in this article and suggestions made to accomplish them.

    In my personal opinion, there are two solutions to our problems with our genocidal enemies on both sides. One is a permanent one and the other is a gradual and a definitive one. The one and only permanent solution is the acquisition of nuclear weapons with absolute and full commitment of using them if and when required. Once the Armenians are armed with such weapons, the Turks and Azerbaijanis will begin singing a whole different tune and all the devious hyenas acting as negotiators and peace-makers will kneel down in front of us and shower us with billions of dollars to avoid a nuclear catastrophe.

    The gradual solution is to permanently move, through repatriation, hundreds of thousands of exiled diaspora Armenians into the liberated territories, preferably those from the neighboring countries. Offer them free housing and various incentives through investments, enlist one adult from each family into the army thus creating another massive and armed front to deal with the Azerbaijani subversive criminals. Create industries, financed by wealthy Armenians abroad and managed by the newcomers, and export their products all over the world through Armenia thus attracting more influx of diaspora Armenians into their liberated homeland. The republic of Armenia must also officially recognize Artsakh’s independence and reunite it with the homeland as part of this plan.

    We must realize, if we have not already, that according to the criminal Azerbaijani leadership, the peaceful resolution of the conflict between the Armenians and the artificial state of Azerbaijan is that Armenians surrender unconditionally based on their stipulated terms which basically amounts to giving up the liberated ancient Armenian territories thus subjecting the Armenian population there to further and complete ethnic cleansing. This must never happen and the last time I checked, in any war, it is the victor that sets conditions to cease hostilities and NOT the other way around. As the old saying goes: To the victor belong the spoils!

    We must also realize that genocidal, fascist and illegal republic of Turkey is secretly entertaining her former Ottoman Pan-Turkic agenda, especially with the pro-Islamic president-elect and genocide denier Erdogan, by covertly conducting her proxy war against the Armenians through Azerbaijan, her artificial brother-in-crime. The same can also be said about the ISIS Islamic foreign fighter attacks on Armenian-inhabited border towns. There is plenty of evidence that these foreign fighters were armed, financed and given safe passage into Syria by full knowledge of the Turkish leadership.

    The Armenians have major and legitimate demands from the Turks, and have had for the last hundred years, and in order to overshadow the Armenian demands and throw the worldwide Armenian Genocide recognition off-course, the Turks have turned up their FAKE brotherly and FALSE kinship with the Azerbaijanis through carefully-crafted and cooked-up slogans, such as “two nations, one state” when in reality the people of these two illegal and artificial nations were total strangers to one another up until 1991 when Soviet Union dissolved.

    We must always keep in mind that the liberated Armenian territory of Artsakh is the first line of defense against the combined Azerbaijani and Turkish criminals. We must also never forget that the ultimate goal of the artificial state of Azerbaijan is to make even more territorial demands, through petrodollars, once they have control of the liberated territories. The borders on both sides are closed. The northern border is unstable and volatile. The only stable open border is with Iran right now. The Azerbaijani scheme is to eliminate that open border as well and turn Armenia into a landlocked island and suffocate it, which is quite in-line with the genocidal Turkish Pan-Turanist (Armenia without the Armenians) anti-Armenian policy.

    We must not only never allow this to happen but we must dig deep and hit back and with utmost ferocity.

    • Hratch said:

      All good and well, but it is much easier to rely on Mother Russia. They will protect our borders, conduct our foreign policy, trade our goods and wares in the EEU and provide migrant worker visas to Moscow. There is absolutely no incentive to do much of what you are suggesting.

    • robert ajemian said:

      one small problem with this vision… the corrupt mafia in power in Armenia. the strengths of Armenia are intellect, ingenuity, wealthy diaspora, clean air and water.
      the mafia has/ is neutering all of these strengths. It is tragic and hopeless. Our strength must lie in the Lord and His justice. And by the Lord I mean Jesus Christ and not the self serving “kiss my ring”goofballs in the black Klan outfits who manage to show up in every single political photo concerning Armenia.With His strength and if He wills it, we might prevail in this age,but it is comforting to know, that if not, true justice will prevail at the Ressurrection.

    • Lusik said:

      SOME HISTORICAL INFORMATION. The escalation of tensions on the Armenian boarders started in the fall of 2012 after erdogan and aliev signed a binding intergovernmental agreement on the Trans-Anatolia Pipeline. Just read the list of countries that are involved in this project. This is a huge coalition, including Greece, Italy, and Bulgaria. Economic coalitions mutate into military coalitions. Religious or cultural values mean little if not nothing in the modern geopolitics. The shareholders of this Project are super-sharks. The contractors who watch the security of the pipeline (meaning for instance, doing a lot of reading of public media as well) are true pros, best-of-the-best. Trans-Anatolia project is attached to the Nabucco-West. This expands the coalition to include Austria and more. Both EU and US support Nabucco-West because it diminishes Russia’s muscle in Russia-Ukraine gas dispute. Originally the main supplier of gas was decided to be Iraq. But conveniently, IS – which is formed and got muscle via support of turkey, created chaos in Iraq and now Azerbaijan became the main gas supplier. Now, think about what is role of IS, when it will end and who is its true creator. Notice that on the same day – September 20, IS released turk hostages and the Trans-Anatolia Project Agreement was signed by aliev and davitouglu.
      NOW ABOUT RHETORICS: Turkey’s energy minister gave the following political value to the project: “We open the project as a peace corridor that is the result of 15 years hard work by Turkey and Azerbaijan. Through the South Caucasus pipeline and its backbone, the Trans-Anatolia pipeline, we connect the Caucasus with the Balkans. I wish every country could understand the true value of these projects and contribute with us”, “With this view in mind, we continue to develop projects with our friends, Azerbaijan and Georgia.”
      Davutoglu’s puts it same way: “Turkey will stand by Azerbaijan’s struggle until the last centimeter (should be centimeter square – my comment) of its territory is liberated.”
      “Turkey and Azerbaijan will work shoulder to shoulder until the wider region is converted into a region of peace and requirements of international law are fulfilled”. This view will become (or already became) the view of the collation as well. This is the reality – the economic coalition draws map of South Caucasus without Armenia. Do you think that US, EU will stop from 100% support of turkey-azeri “ dreams? 100 years of silence should sober us, wake us up.
      WHAT TO DO: be smart, smarter and the smartest. Let us learn staying united longer. For instance, let’s stay united and in peace for securing the commemoration of the 1915’s Genocide. We should not risk it by talking about war. I am not a military analyst; I cannot say what is the level of danger. I would like to hear or read some professional evaluation of current war/peace situation written by an Armenian warlord. What I feel is that Turkey has a plan, its own plan for the Spring of 2015. It has already opened the theatre and we see one stage after another (46(!) “hostages” released, humanitarian disaster – “refuges” crossing its boarder). More plays will come soon, I am sure.
      I read 85 comments – a lot of good heartbeats and great ideas. A lot of critics about Armenians of Armenia – “love” wrong side, don’t pay taxes, like becoming oligarchs. Do you believe that our forum is up to the level of the problem? Do you believe that it is meaningful to post in this forum the Plan – our Plan? It should outwit the turkish-azeri allience.
      So, be smarter today than yesterday. Make informed decisions. Armenians have special trait – we are good chess players, we know victory. Artsakh brought it back to us. Artsakh sealed the Armenian Republics realm. This is what irritates turks and azeris. Armenians have state, government and the state runs big geopolitics.
      WHAT TO DO: Let’s work on two bills for now
      a) Recognition of the Independent Republic of Artsakh
      b) Armenian Genocide Reparation and as a part of that the 2015’s Commemoration in our homeland.

  6. Ara said:

    The diagnosis is obvious. The proposed remedy is reckless. It prescribes provocation and severance of ties at a time when Armenia is weak.

  7. Anthony said:

    If a cause of war does start russia will support armenia even letting the ukranian crisis as well Russian forces may move near the north of azerbajian and do some strike-Predicted
    If there is any way armenia can push is ATLEAST pasture Nachivan and go all the way past ganka and maybe azerbajian would be pretty much screwed please Iranian support for Armenia for the south so if a war does come armenia might lose a lot of men our soldiers but they will do it for mother armenia.

    • Random Armenian said:

      I would not presume to know what Russia would do in case of war. They most likely do not share the same intrests we do. Karabakh is a floating bargaining chip as far as Russia is concerned. We see Arstakh as Armenian, but does Russia?

      All Russia might be interested in if war renews is going back to the ceasefire status quo.

      And Turkey would step in for Nakhichevan. They see it as under their protection and Russia may not want Armenia to take Nakhichevan.

      • Armenian said:

        Not at all. Russia could care less if all of Artsakh was given to the Azeris. As long as it gets to keep its base in Gyumri, add another one in the Caucasus, and get Azerbaijan to stop supplying gas to Europe, we’re just another chip to wager with. We serve no purpose to the Russians other than something to throw under the bus to woo someone else.

  8. vartan said:


  9. ara said:

    well- we will blow them up and let them know what will hit them- we will take all their lands as it is and was ours-they are dirty pigs-they are dead sheep not worhty of life-Armenia reigns

  10. Reader said:

    The best defense is offense. Armenia should destroy Azerbaijan’s oil, gas, and rail lines now. These lines pass near the Armenian borders. This will first of all stop their revenues that fund the arms buildup, but most importantly will make Western companies think twice about investing in any new such infrastructure projects in the future. As hard as it may be, Armenia must take the initiative to act first on its own terms.

    • Random Armenian said:

      And you think there won’t be backlash against Armenia from Europe and even Russia? Russia wants to control or influece oil and gas transits. I doubt Russia would allow Armenia to act on its own by destroying those pipes. In the event of an Azeri offensive, then it might be acceptable.

    • dvo said:

      why do you think Azerbaijan,Turkey,Georgia defence ministers met a few days ago to agree to help each other if the enemy hits their pipelines,railways and others.

  11. Serozh said:

    “- Start emergency negotiations with the United States and acquire security guarantees against an Azeri invasion.”

    Ya, great idea. Would that be the same United States that arms Turkey to the teeth and stood idle while Turkey invaded and occupied half of Cyprus? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  12. armen said:

    1) Make a billion dollars
    2) Make a trillion dollars
    3) Invent a new natural resource within Armenia to mine or drill for

    Armenia will inevitably lose any war that starts 5-10 years from now, when depopulation and economic malaise imposed by association with Russia will have had time to take effect. Shots don’t even need to be fired, a ghost town nation has no grounds to win additional territory from Azerbaijain, Turkey, or otherwise.

    The writer of this piece represents the old guard of thinking. That we somehow will not only thrive in Armenia, but take back lands lost long ago. Instead we should be thinking of optimizing for the current situation. A population of 2 million people has enough territory as it is– we should maximize results for who, what, and where we are. Trade genocide reparation claims for duty-free access to a Turkish port, with a direct roadway to Armenia. Trade the buffer districts around NKR for NKR. Forget reclaiming symbols, or trying to malign the Turks/Azeris in the public stage.

    • robert ajemian said:

      very wise-
      we also should figure out a way to increase population- resettle Artsakh with all refugee Christians from middle east and then get a breeding program going like the Hasidic Jews or Muslims- maybe introduce old testament polygamy and/or weekly national date night where Charles Aznavour music is pipped over all broadcast stations. Don’t laugh, I am completely serious. Of course we need a vibrant economy to support this new population, so overthrow the oligarchs and bring in western leaders who repudiate “money as god” value and are dedicated to the people (in the model of Uruguay’s president)

  13. Zareh said:

    Blow up the fcuking pipelines now. Armenia has enough reasons to preemptively blow their pipelines. Preemptive strikes are accepted military strategy if the vulnerable country feels unsafe and under the threat of war. Armenia should not wait until the enemy strikes with a surprise. The attacker with the surprise element has always the advantage in war. Yes, Armenian defense lines are always vigilant however an overwhelming massive attack will put our defenses in jeopardy.
    I know some strategists think this is exactly what Axerbaijan is looking for, so they escalate to a higher level and all out war. However once their pipelines are busted then their markets will tank, the flow of dollars and pounds will stop, the West will panic and force Azerbaijan to a conciliatory policy.
    The wild card is Putin. Putin can not afford losing Armenia especially with the Russian base in Gyumri. He can not not interfere. He knows if Armenia loses the war then Armenia will cancel all agreements with Russia and allow NATO troops to come in. I am sure Putin will not allow that. Iran will certainly back Armenia because a win for Azerbaijan will embolden the Azeris in northern Azerbaijan to seek unity with Azerbaijan which will undermine its sovereignty. Georgia will also get screwed as the pipelines generate a lot of income.
    I say again and again, blow up the pipelines before they attack. Attack the Mingechaur power generating facility and attack Nakhitchevan. Let us reserve the element of surprise to us.

  14. Darwin Jamgochian said:

    Dual citizenship! Something I’ve been in favor of for the last 20 years. The despicable treatment of Raffi Hovannesian in the presidential elections belies the true feelings of Yerevan in respect to the diaspora. There would be no Israel today had they acted in the same way. Armenia you want to save the mother land? You had better wake up!

    • said:

      Citizenship means not only rights but also responsibilities. You know, like paying taxes and serving in the Army, for example. How many of Raffi Hovannesian’s four adult sons served in the Armenian army? I doubt that they even pay taxes…

      • joe torossian said:

        At least he doesn’t seem to steal his people blindly like the thug clan currently in control? Not only that it seems his intentions are admirable: Equality and prosperity opportunities for all. The thug regime is only interested in lining of their pockets and crushing any decent. The last President walked away with hundred of million in his pockets. Did he win the Armenian lottery?

      • Random Armenian said:

        The same goes for the rest of the Armenian leadership. How many of them pay taxes and have their kids serve in the army?

  15. Alex Postallian said:

    If the little bastard brother of jerky turkey,thinks,jerky going to help….The COWARDS(jerky),are afraid of the BIG BAER…….Russia……

  16. light said:







  17. Vahe said:

    This article is superb – the best – and the author’s suggestions are on target.
    Armenians can no longer simply say “We will win the war if Azerbaijan starts it.”
    It may have to strike pre-emptively.

  18. Sokimag said:

    Armenia must aim to be a holy nation. But the thing is the RPA government of Armenia stands in its way. There is no way Armenia will become truly holy and powerful if those “politicans” continue to rule on our land. The current armenian government is toxic to progress.

    Good article Hrant. I’m sure if the current armenian government was good it would have done all those things that you list. But they don’t care. All they want is power and money. If they got power and money, they are happy regardless of how much the people in Armenia suffers.

  19. Josef said:

    And buy such weapons like Tos-1, Smerch, Iskander. And Armenians living abroad should buy it, because they are too rich and should support Armenia much more. Armenians love Armenia very much, but they also love so much their own pocket. For example bad armenian girl Kim Kardashian can donate 20 or 50 mil. dollars, for her it s no problem!!!

  20. bigmoustache said:

    ** Were being run by old soviet types who arnt very politically savvy. Every accomplishment Armenians have achieved internationally has been through diasporan organizations like ANCA, AYF, ARF, etc… Armenian born in the west are better at politics and pr that’s aimed for western audiences.

    as long as these dinosaurs are running our country we will be at a diminished potential. just wish we could have a president who has military experience AND is politically savvy. because armenias number 1 threat is security

  21. Arn.Sweden. said:

    There is a saying –

    ” Action always beat Reaction ” !.

    Pearl Harbour is a perfect example.

    May God lead and less Armenia in War !.


    • Arn.Sweden. said:

      There is a saying –

      ” Action always beat Reaction ” !.

      Pearl Harbour is a perfect example.

      May God lead and BLESS Armenia in War !.

      The B fell in my former comment.


    • Random Armenian said:

      Umm, Japan lost the war. Pearl Harbor actually got the US into a war with them instead of incapacitating the US navy in the Pacific.

      Not sure what your point is.

      • Armenian said:

        There is no point– like most of the decisions made by the Armenian government.

      • Arn.Sweden. said:

        My point is that Armenia cant afford and wait for a Blow from Her enemies.
        You dont have to Wait for it,
        to justifie Your Military action.
        Armenias enemies intent are spoken out every day by them.

        Armenia should strike first and continue her strikes untill Her enemies is defeated.
        To take and Hold the initiative in war is of most importance.

        That the Finns did against Sovjet in the 2nd World War,
        and not as now,
        in the case of Israel,
        Lose the Momentum and initiative to the Gazans.

        To take the initiative and Hold it makes a David defeat a Goliat.

        May the GOD of Hosts Bless Armnia in War.


  22. armen said:

    If we touch those pipelines, which are truly owned by the West, we will be declared an “axis of evil” state and all foreign aid will stop, not to mention the imposition of restrictions on diasporans transferring money into Armenia from Russia, Europe and the US.

    If you want to kill Armenia overnight, have it bomb an Azeri pipeline. They’ll rebuild it and get international sympathy, we will be viewed as subversive terrorists in the way of a global economy.

    The reality is the west hates Russia, and Azerbaijan is their cheap oil and gas source. A large ego developing in Azerbaijan, where it starts to believe it does NOT need Russia anymore, is the only guarantee we have that Putin won’t sell us down the river. And I don’t think that’s far off– Isreal’s weapons are very good, and a Russian attack on Azeri gas will bring in NATO (via the two-faced Turkish state).

    • Arn.Sweden. said:

      Chamberlaining hesitation will bring much worse to Armenia.

      Only Armenia can take care of Armenias intressts,
      and victory in war is prefereably to anything else.


    • Random Armenian said:

      I agree with this. Preemptively blowing up the pipelines will have consequences these war hawks do not see. Pipelines can be repaired. It won’t permanently stop the flow of oil. They think there won’t be backlash from the west who depends on this. Isreal gets a large part of their oil from the Azeris too.

      But damage to the pipelines in case Azerbaijan restarts the war could happen accidentally 😉

      • GB said:

        Pipelines will be controlled by Armenian forces, and the flow of oil will be controlled by Armenian administrative army units! Israel will deal with Armenia with much more pleasure, than Turkic herds!

        • messanger said:

          I have monitored your comments. And Always you are dreaming. How can Armenia control pipelines? impossbile lets say ok. While Armenia controls it, Does Azerbaijan pump oil from those pipelines? They prefer stocking rather than pumping via Armenia. or Do you think Turkey accepts the oil comes from Armenia? All people need is being realistic.

  23. GeorgeMardig said:

    Next round around Armenia should hit where it hurts most, blow up OIL and Gas instalations

  24. GB said:

    If a war break up with Tatar Turks, then Armenia like Israeli army must finish the job completely without Russia’s and NATO’s interference, for our future generation… we had enough of those worthless Turkic herds!

  25. Edvard said:

    I think Armenia needs a secrete plan to target the infiltrators before they try to take our side out. We need to strengthen military presence on the borders where villagers are and move villagers into more interior parts at least for the time being, at least few miles away. Armenia needs to answer Azeri violations everytime they do something. We need to target them before they get to us. And stay on alert. And as the author says: Armenia has the diaspora to support them. We are not a small nation of 3 million but a large nation of 10 million. We have strong people out there who can help country deal with its short coming. Both sides, Armenia and Azerbaijan assume they have some control over the situation, but war will result in death and destruction for both. If it does happen then we Armenians have to be prepared to deal with it accordingly.
    There is a war in the horizon, but Azeris are not without weakness as long as our military and government know exactly what targets would plung them into darkness so they can’t function. Their hydroelectric plants, Baku oil fields, major industrial areas. We must have the necessary missiles and weapons to have the range to reach these targets if Azeris are coming full force.

    I just don’t see why Russian intervention is the right thing. Russia sold Azeris weapons to kill us and they are playing a two faced game. Any of the large countries turkey, Iran, or Russia which have borders with Cacuses would like to be involved to come back and get bragging rights for control.

  26. Edvard said:

    Also to add to my previous comment: War is more like Chess, as Alexander the great won the war against Darius not with the biggest Army but with the best plan suited with the available resources.
    Essentially Armenia will need good soldiers and special unites. I hope they already have special unites that can do more than solders can. There is no time to train one. And finally, we need our patriotic and national spirit to preserve our nation to not give the enemy the assumption that we will grant them what they want. The enemy has already began its campaign to weaken our national morals and test our will.

    • Armenian said:

      This would be ideal, and would work IF the government of Armenia looked out for their people and their long-term best interests. It’s obvious that they don’t do that, and have succeeded in breaking peoples’ spirits to the extent that people simply end up leaving. Armenia’s government simply does not care about anything other than themselves.

  27. SWW said:

    Why not make deal,that Armenia trade disputed area for Nakhitchevan so all land be continually connected and more area be next to their friend Iran. Who is a factor, because Az. and Iran don’t get along very well either. Turkey wears blinders, one time after WW1, they decided to get rid many groups that wasn’t ethnic turks. Because they only made up about three fifths of the population. A group of young military turks wanted to purify the country of other groups. At first, because Kurds were of the same faith. They used them to help. But later turned on them as well, because they weren’t Turk either! And they still are trying to rid any remaining people. How? By taking away their property and closing their worship places, their faith schools, ethnic teachings, causing them leave from heavy persercutions, with help from local Turks, who will take their homes and land, to other countries. Its they same old world story, Tribalisum.

    Russia wants the old USSR to live again. Which will never happen! Putin is living in the past. They can’t afford to upset the west or whats consider the west.Russia not really the east{ I thought Asia is the east?} they are tied more to Europe and its ecomenidy

    USA? Where should I begin? Our two cents worth will be emty words any way with token actions, maybe a speech from Obama about how sad we are about it.

    • Ararat said:

      Trading one piece of an ancient, now liberated, Armenian territory for another should never be contemplated and, needless to say, it will never work. Our enemies has a very large appetites for the Armenian homeland. You give them some and they will come for more because their ultimate goal is the elimination of Armenia altogether.

      Trading the liberated Armenian territory of Artsakh for the occupied Armenian territory of Nakhichevan is like trading one family member for another. What has to be done instead is to free and liberate all your family members to become whole once again.

      • Armenian said:

        Is it really worth fighting for a piece of territory that hasn’t had a significant, majority Armenian population in centuries? Say you won Nakhichevan, which in itself could cost tens of thousands of lives, do you think the Turks and Azeris are going to give up that easily? Come on, let’s stop the saber-rattling and think about things for a minute. Yes, there is no doubt that Nakhichevan had a significant Armenian presence, but is it worth hallowing out the rest of Armenia for that? My answer to that is, “no”.

        • Hagop D said:

          It is absolutely worth the struggle for the very last inch of Armenian land, no matter where it is and who is occupying it. If we are interested in an “Armenia” as a viable nation, your suggestion is not even an option. There is no peace with Turks and especially Azeris. We must prevail, or die trying, that is, if we want our country. What is your logic? The central Asian invaders can occupy our lands, but we can’t undo that damage? Nakhichevan has no choice but to reunite with Armenia, that is the first step in securing Armenia’s long-term security against a genocidal Turkey. And not that Russia is the greatest thing ever, but since Turkey and Russia are assigned the task of overseeing Nakhichevan, only Russia has the power to allow us our rights.

        • Ararat said:

          The last time the Armenians had presence in ancient Armenian province of Nakhichevan, with over 50% Armenian population, still under the occupation of the artificial state of Azerbaijan was in late 1970s. The Turkish-occupied Western Armenian provinces, depopulated of the indigenous Armenians through mass-extermination and genocide in 1915, have had no Armenian presence for a century already.

          Does that mean we should also forget about those provinces, Western Armenia that is? After all, there has not been any Armenian presence there for nearly three times as long as Nakhichevan has been devoid of Armenian presence due to Azerbaijani racist anti-Armenian policies?

          Given this mindset, wouldn’t the Armenian Cause and the pursuit of justice for the Armenian Genocide victims be hollow as well? My answer to that is YES.

          • Armenian said:

            Thank you Asbarez for arbitrarily blocking my response to this for no reason at all. Much appreciated.

            As far as your comment goes, then I say, okay, go fight for all of it and lose all of Armenia in the process. You don’t seem to understand that we are internally and externally a very weak country. Our mindset is weak; we’ve isolated ourselves and all we understand is Russia. I bet we’ll even pin all of our hopes on them, thinking they’ll damage their relations with the Turkic tribes for our sake. You’re not going to win wars with a demoralized, decreasing and alienated population, especially against a country like Turkey that values nationalism and their fabricated sense of identity a la the cult of personality that is Ataturk more than they value human life– not to mention that they’re armed to the tooth and outnumber us significantly. If you’re not willing to change Armenia’s internal hurdles (oligarchy), you’re not going to be able to do anything on the external front. You and most Armenians don’t seem to understand that we’ve been outdone and out-smarted long ago, and can’t keep looking for more territory while totally neglecting what we already have.

            You talk about how Nakhichevan was emptied by the Azeri authorities, yet you seem to have no comment on how rapidly Armenia is being depleted of Armenians by Armenian authorities. I’m not saying what they did is right, because it’s not, but engaging in conflict there does us absolutely no favors and is going to cost us lives and a war that we’re bound to lose.

            I am of the realist opinion that there is no justice in the world, especially when countries like Turkey have taken active steps in securing their “gains” no matter how illegally they were made. You sit here and demand justice, yet you don’t seem to realize that unless a large amount of country’s will gain in administering it, it won’t be done. Evolution exists even in geopolitical affairs. You can’t be lackluster and expect things to fall into your lap, or your more powerful neighbors to suddenly give up and surrender to you. This is not the way the world works. To me, it’s a miracle that Armenia is still on the map, and I am against any attempt to jeopardize our presence in the world and further, and that includes unnecessary conflicts with neighbors. Karabagh is an obvious exception because politically there is enough room for us to legitimately claim it as other nations have claimed other territory in the past. However, we need to make the most of what we have and learn to thrive with what we can thrive with. Instead of looking to gain more land that will, in a hypothetical scenario, Armenia’s xoroshi oligarchy will exploit, depopulate and eventually sell to Russia, let’s work on making Armenia a place for all Armenians. It’s not like we’re doing a terrific job with the territory we have now that we’ve set our sights on other territories.

            Seriously, get real.

          • Hratch said:

            Natural selection has brought us to this point and still we don’t get it.

          • Arn.Sweden. said:

            Times are coming,
            when Armenia does not stand alone against the Turks.
            The Kurds will Rise( some 15-20 Milions ),
            and bouth Serbia and Iran will also be in war against Turkey.

            Just you wait and see !.


          • Armenian said:

            Serbia? Was that an arbitrary country you just threw out there? Why would Serbia go to war with Turkey? What makes you think the Kurds are going to help us? The Kurds seem like very politically savvy people, and they have positioned themselves very well and are most likely going to get their own state in the near future. Where does Armenia come into the equation? With all due respect, what planet are you living on?

          • Arn.Sweden. said:

            Do you realy think that sombody Guilty has Peace of mind ?
            Its the same with National Conscousnesses.

            Turkey will venture out on military adventures even into the Balkans,
            and Face the Serbians.

            In short !.


        • Lusik said:

          Armenian, You Say:
          ” If you’re not willing to change Armenia’s internal hurdles (oligarchy), you’re not going to be able to do anything on the external front. You and most Armenians don’t seem to understand that we’ve been outdone and out-smarted long ago, and can’t keep looking for more territory while totally neglecting what we already have.”
          A) Both internal hurdles and external front are equally important. None is prior to another. And Armenian government is not worse that any other!!! All governments are corrupted, corporal, have no plans for their nations. Everything is “global”. Because appetites are “global”. But, I am sorry, don’t you want to see western lifestyle in Armenia. Don’t you also go “global”?
          B) Armenians are not “looking” for just new territories – we are not kurds. Do not confuse us with others. Armenians see their territories (Mount Ararat, for instance) and will never imagine not having it. After all, what few centuries of waiting mean to nations who have life span of thousands years.
          D) Armenians are not outdone and are not outsmarted – the very fact that we discuss this issue is the proof. You contradict yourself – Armenians are not outsmarted and outdone – Armenians have a state after few centuries of turkish and 70-years of bolshevics empires. They both disappeared. Armenia came bak after distraction of first empire and became independent again after distraction of the second. Now you tell me who is the victor?

  28. Fedy said:

    Russia will never give up Armenia, and that includes Artsakh. The next geographical configuration in the Caucasus will have transformed present borders and Armenia will share a common border with Russia. Take Armenia out of the Caucasus and Russia’s influence in the region is Kaput. Russia needs Armenia more than Armenia needs Russia. Armenia is the key to Transcaucasia and russia’s only natural ally.

    • Armenian said:

      That’s nice, and mostly true but why didn’t Armenia’s government stress this when they were trying to sign the Eastern Association agreement?

  29. arziv said:

    How can Russia possibly dispense with Armenia ? Her position in the area would become vulnerable without Armenian partnership. As for trying to forge relations with the USA, these are pipe dreams. As long as Turkey and Azerirbaijan form part of the American-Israely zone of influence, Armenia can not possibly look up to the USA. Or do Armenian want to become an American appendix, or a proxy turkish province ? Azerbaijan is already claiming almost all of Armenia as territory belonging to them. These claim are outrageous and ill grounded, however it betrays the real recondite and ulterior intention of the turkish state if the opportunity to smash Armenia presents itself. In the present circumstances the Russian partnership is the best Armenia can bargain on. Armenia is the pivot in the Caucasus to further and strengthened the Russian position.

    • Armenian said:

      Russia doesn’t need Armenia because Armenia prematurely gave everything to Russia and have made itself an oblast in everything but name. Not only that, but we have very, very loyal Russian-minded Armenians who will always and forever be cheerleaders for the Russian cause; they are the ones who will use scare tactics and intimidation against their own people to push an agenda. For this reason, Armenia has no more cards to play to keep Russia in check. If Russia forbids us from doing something, we can’t do it (i.e, European Union). Do you understand that much at least? Your argument may have been credible back in the 1990’s IF the government of Armenia hadn’t given everything to Russia. Now, it holds no value.

      Russia is not going to kick itself out of Armenia because its presence there has been completely and totally secured. It knows that even if Armenians start protesting or picketing, at the end of the day, the government of Armenia will always take the side that best interests Russia, and not Armenians. Russia capitalizes on the fact that the Armenian government is the biggest group of aninknaser bandits who will sell out their own mothers to the highest bidder and would love for our “model” to be duplicated in all of the ex-USSR republics. The military base in Gyumri will not close–even if the Russians ended up turning their backs on us, they will still get to stay because you gave them that right for another ~30 years, no questions asked. (Another idiot move)

      Russia needs Azerbaijan now more than it needs Armenia. Russia already has Armenia in the palm of its hand, and it owes us nothing. If anything, we’re a sacrificial lamb to them, and they will depose of us the moment Azerbaijan can offer Moscow something that is more lucrative. Armenia is not a threat to Russia; however, as more and more countries in Europe are looking to Azerbaijan to supply them with oil and gas, Russia now sees it as a threat that must at least be subdued. If Azerbaijan were to exchange gas supplies to Europe with Moscow’s exchange for NK under the condition that Russian troops will be stationed there as peacekeepers, then guess who’s going to be the first casualty? Russia gets a new base, Azerbaijan gets another territorial gift from Russia, and Armenians are left with nothing but strings that bog it down to the Kremlin.

      • Arn.Sweden. said:

        Neither Russias National intressts nor Irans nor Kurdistans are in harmony with the Turkish Ones.
        Armenia is a Key in the Kaukasus according to those Russian Intressts,
        as well as Irans and Kurdistans.
        and Armenia will be the Key player when Kaukasus will be a battleground for a coming War.


      • 26th said:

        There is nothing Russia could give Azerbaijan that could get it to give up the TANAP or stop BP or Chevron from trying to undercut its oil and gas monopoly. Azerbaijan’s whole economy is based on energy export to Europe, allying itself with a generational long-game being played by the Western powers. Politically, Aliyev needs a faceless external enemy like Armenia more than he needs Karabakh or a protracted war. When you say Russia needs Azerbaijan what you mean is that it wants to neutralize it as an energy transit hub.

        That does not mean that Armenia automatically benefits from Russia’s gas-grudge, but it certainly does not mean we can antagonize Russia or play hard to get as you’d have us do.

        You’re right: Armenia is weak and small and the oligarchy has utterly mismanaged its affairs. And yet if there is a single country in the entire world that is willing and able to serve as guarantor of our security and intervene on our behalf it is Russia. There was nothing stupid in facing this reality from day one. NATO let an axe-murderer free at its own pan-a$$ kissing military training exercise and yet you think any Atlanticist country would lift a finger in protest if Armenia was invaded. In the world as it is today Armenia has to be Russia’s yes-man. To pretend otherwise is pure narcissism. The fact is, we can try to make ourselves more useful to Russia but we cannot be ungrateful to Russia, like it or not, we have to grin and bear it. The moment we try to play hardball with Putin he’ll laugh in our faces. Wake up mate. Armenians bungled the USSR and now have to live with the unpleasant consequences.

  30. John Markarian said:

    Thank defenses will be key to protect the NKR from an Azeri attack.. Armenia and the NKR need better anti-tank defenses such as the Chinese HJ-10 missles and HJ-12 both of which are fire and forget antitank missles meaning that they will find the target without further assistance from the person launching the missles. The older missles need the operator to keep the tank in it’s sight until the missle hits the tank. The US Javelin and the Israeli spike missles are also similar. The Azeris already possess the Spike missle. Armenia also needs better tanks because the Soviet tanks don’t store ammunition in an armoured storage box which modern western tanks use making them very vulnerable when hit.

  31. hirair said:


  32. haig said:

    ” The one and only permanent solution is the acquisition of nuclear weapons with absolute and full commitment for using them if and when required.”
    Agree! We should pursue the israely path!The unique way to deter our “friendly environment”.
    Easy to talk! Impossible to accomplish.

    • Arn.Sweden. said:

      You err !.

      Armenias Personal Enemies could do the same and they would if Armenia did.

      Nuces can only be used and intimidate against those who could not respond with the same,
      that is the so called Doctrine of MAD.

      So – ! – back to Square One !.


      • Janapar said:

        You err !.
        The so called Doctrine of MAD is where both sides have the weapons, hence the word MUTUAL.
        Nuces that can only be used and intimidate against those who could not respond with the same would be called just plain elimination by one side.

        • Arn.Sweden. said:

          Read before you leap out into Print !.

          I Quote You –

          The so called Doctrine of MAD is where both sides have the weapons, hence the word MUTUAL.

          I Quote myself –

          Armenias Personal Enemies could do the same and they would if Armenia did.

          As an answer to-

          haig says:
          August 23, 2014 at 5:11 am
          ” The one and only permanent solution is the acquisition of nuclear weapons with absolute and full commitment for using them if and when required.”

          Comment – well is any nesessarry ?


  33. Lus said:

    Long live Russian-Armenian brotherhood! May God bless the Russian Federation!

    • Hagop D said:

      Silly comment, Avetis. Russia is absolutely necessary for Armenia’s security, but if that mythical “Russian-Armenian brotherhood” existed, so-called “Azerbaijan” wouldn’t.

  34. MZB said:

    Excellent reportage!
    Let us be attentive because enemies are everywhere the past is the greatest witness.

  35. Baron's said: much hog wash…the fact is there is a war coming and we better be ready for it…stop the fucking nonsensical bullshit people and get ready to fight the war cause nobody is gonna help us.

  36. seto zoravar said:

    Here is what we should do , we should never be afraid to go to war regardless of how strong the enemy may be , don’t depend on Russia but use them if we can , at the end of the day it is our land and it would be our war , look how fast ISIS took lands from Iraq and Syria like the size of Belgium and as of today with all these superpower countries they did not even try to take those lands back being afraid from the consequences , believe me , when we go to war too many countries will have to get involved not because they love us Armenians but because they also have to face the consequences of the war , including Turkey .

    • Lusik said:

      Can not compare:
      A) ISIS advances are due to the political vacuum and chaos that was there due to the to-be-or-not-to-be confusion about asad’s destiny.
      B) The land is oil reach – it both helps to recruit jihadists and forces west to act quickly.
      C) There is a chance to remove asad by “fighting against ISIS”. Today is excuses bombing in northern Syria. Tomorrow there will be an excuse for bombing asad’s palace.
      D) Turkey is like a lazy crocodile who does not want to make a move if the move will be done by somebody else – the pray eventually will be his.
      So, do not compare Armenia with anything else. Ironically, we are unique in all senses and may be this helps us to go through thousands years of solitude.

  37. Alex Postallian said:

    Watch the Coward jerky turkey,with back door methods,afraid of the Big Baer(Russia)It has to be sneaky,tactics,and big mouth,inane talk,BUT….NO ACTION..They will try to get our bribed diplomats to intervine,do their talking..Its really a shame,we look like we are on the take…

  38. Janapar said:

    The future is clear.
    -ARM/NK starts building strong permanent border constructions with the monetary and physical help of Russia, of course, because they are Armenia’s strongest trading partner.
    -With the prospect of being seen as loosing NK for sure, as it has been 20 years and it sure looks like its Armenian land, AZ must reply militarily.
    -Due to the sad state of the ARM military, the Russian troops in ARM will ‘assist’ ARM.
    -With the mobilization of the local Russian military already in country, the world finally wakes up to the ARM/AZ conflict. While not seen as another Ukraine, the world will nonetheless want Russia to stop interfering but it cannot because poor little ARM will be overrun.
    -Hard to say but I do not think Russia is ready to use this excuse and carry the fight right into AZ yet.
    -AZ chickens out
    -UN troops called in to patrol the border. NK is Cryprus forever more. Pipelines stopped whenever Russia needs them to.

  39. edward demian said:

    Russia lost Azerbaijian. The only reason that the Alyevs are buying weapons from Russia, is because they can hide the massive graft going on. Weapon purchases and deliveries are open to scrutiny in the West. Not so in Russia. How else do you think that the Alyev family became Billionaires in the last 20 years? On his Salary? There is a rake off in every business deal. and the biggest rake offs occur in Military contracts which are Secret. All this will come to light, and the Population of Azerbaijian will roast the Alyevs in public one day. You want to hurt Azerbaijan? Make money and have some fun? Just divert and sell every drop of water that is now draining into Azerbaijan and pipe and sell it to the Iranians. Turn Northern Iran into a garden-spot, Turn Azerbaijan into the Gobi Desert with Oil and Caviar. Watch Azerbaijian be drained of its population, and walk to Baku.