Armenian Yazidis Blame Erdogan for Genocide of Iraqi Kin

Iraqi Yazidis, fleeing from persecution by Islamic State militants in their home region of Sinjar, walk toward the Syrian border

YEREVAN—Speaking at a press conference in Yerevan on Tuesday, the Chairman of the Yazidi Union of Armenia, Aziz Tamoyan, said Yazidis in Iraq are facing a genocide, voicing deep dismay at the lack of interest shown by world leaders toward the plight of his co-ethnics and the possibility of their extermination.

Another Armenian Yazidi leader Bro Hasanyan traced the predicament of his co-ethnics in Iraq to the actions of Turkey and former prime minister and newly elected President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose efforts in aiding and abetting Islamic State fighters led to their presence and power in Iraq.

“A genocide is being carried out against the Yazidis in the 21st century and the President of Turkey Erdoğan, former President of Iraq Talabani, and the President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Barzani are responsible for it,” Hasanyan said.

Meanwhile, on the same day as the press conference, the government in Stepanakert announced that Artsakh is ready to welcome Yazidis fleeing persecution in Iraq.

Davit Babayan, the spokesman for Artsakh President Bako Sahakian, referred to the Yazidis as “brotherly” people facing genocide at the hands of radical Sunni insurgents, RFE/RL’s Armenian service ( reported.

“The Armenian people cannot be indifferent to what is now being done to the Yazidi people,” Babayan told “The Yazidis are the only people who have become an integral part of the Armenian people.”

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is therefore willing to take in Yazidi refugees, he said. “Artsakh has many socioeconomic problems,” he said. “But if there are such applications we, as a state committed to democratic and humanitarian norms, will try to help those people as much as we can.”


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  1. Norin said:

    This is an incredible gesture by Arztakh leadership, helping save lives by accepting refugees will allow many of these people to be saved from certain doom at the hands of those savages.

  2. Hratch said:

    We should welcome the Yezidis only on the condition that they do not proselytize after taking root. We understand their suffering and as humans we’re obliged to help.

    The burden of taking in refugees should not be carried by Armenia alone. Since they are ethnically Kurdish, other Kurd hosting countries such as Iran should also set up relief camps to accommodate them.

  3. zarkim said:

    Turkey has been encouraged by NATO and America/allies including Israel to fund, train and shelter terrorists. So who should we blame?
    Turkey is a dangerous country. Erdogan like the other Azeri leader dance to both American and Russian tunes by spending money with both. So they have paid their protection money and think they are safe.
    American administration and allies are responsible for these atrocities and the truth will come out when Putin decides to do something about it. Until then Turkey will roar like a lion (thanks to the Americans).
    Americans are too busy with the killings of their black kids and their financial troubles. Do not hold your breath waiting for them to take responsibility for their actions in Syria and Iraq.

    God bless America (World’s police)

  4. Karo Mavian said:

    The Tayub Erdogan is a Problem person.I have seen his behavier on the Turkish Parliament,He is not normal person like former President GYUL.He is not s moral men like in the movie of Gladiator se
    s the Emperor of Rome Markus Aurelious to Maximus.

  5. Alec said:

    As an Armenian I’ve always wondered why Armenia and/or Karabakh has not been openly welcoming to the Assyrians? There is a Assyrian community in Iraq and Syria–2 countries that have been at war for several years. They have always been good with the Armenians, suffered equally, and continue to live with the Armenians both in Armenia and throughout the diaspora.

    • Mabuballah said:

      Amen — as long as all come as true refugees, in fear of their lives and in genuine supplication to their host countr(y/ies) with no other agendas. The Armenian diaspora communities could also do more to appeal to other sympathetic souls who would gladly support their efforts (and whose added support is badly needed).

    • Ani said:

      Agreed. My father is Armenian and my mother Assyrian. Proud of both of them. I’m sure that they would be welcomed if they chose to come. They are good Christian people. Both sides of my family were victims of the Genocide. Only the little ones survived to become my grandparents.
      We should unite!

  6. Arusiak Minasian said:

    the government in Stepanakert announced that Artsakh is ready to welcome Yazidis fleeing persecution in Iraq. I am so happy for Yazidis . Wellcome to Armenia. Here you will be protected and loved!!

  7. Zee said:

    it is a noble gesture. but i cant help but be skeptical about letting in other minorities especially of other religions. they are kurds after all and of another belief, i prefer to keep artsakh armenian as a matter of national security. maybe temporary residency but that is all. armenia is finally armenian for once after our horrible history, it must be preserved , wont happen if this stuff starts happening again